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    Thumbs up Layla kiss Kaval

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    that was awesome then he had to kiss magarita
    it was crazy

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    i guess it is because macool boyfriend is ted dibiase why she didnt kiss kaval[

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    Btw who is layla dating

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    Mabe john morrison

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    I think john cena should teach tuganomics at the wwe nxt lol

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    Michelle McCool is actually married to Mark Calaway (The Underaker)!
    Layla isn't known to be dating anyone at this time.

    Source: Michelle McCool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    ok man thnks ohh iremember i saw it on facebook
    ohh and ted dibiase is dating maryse
    hey can u ask a wrestler when u see them when they are coming to my home country because there are a lot of fans here that wants to know them

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    Jamaica? You should probably just keep an eye out for tour dates on the WWE site.
    They'll be there more often than Belfast, which is in Ireland.
    Best idea would be to keep an eye out here: WWE: Schedules
    Any events upcoming will be listed there.

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    ok i wish i was u lol
    but anyway men nice pics with those wrestlers

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    There's a smackdown show in November in Belfast, so I'm going to see if I can get a few more, with a higher quality camera. ^_^
    And Fozzy (Jericho's band) are playing here in October!

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    great men good luck hey take a picture with randy and email it to me [email protected]



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