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    Exclamation Kurt Angle - Man or MACHINE?

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    I've just finished watch TNA No Surrender 2010 pay-per-view, and I am in AWE.
    Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy was the longest match I've seen on TNA in years.
    It ended with a 20 minute time limit. But Bischoff gave them another 5.
    Still no end. So another 5 was added on. STILL NO END.
    The match had to be called a no-contest in the end.

    During the first 20 minutes, Angle got hit with a Swanton Bomb outside the ring. This dislocated one or two of his ribs (source: JB on Twitter).
    He continued this match, throwing suplexes, doing moonsaults, hitting frog splashes, using ankle locks etc. Not to mention getting hit with another 3 Swanton Bombs and countless other moves by Hardy.
    In the last 5 minutes, he also had his head cut open very deep, and put in a Boston Crab.
    Imagine having a broken rib, and having your whole body bent in half, while your face is in a pool of your own blood. This is what Kurt Angle had to do.
    Yet STILL the match ended with no one being pinned or submitted.

    Keep in mind, this is the same Kurt Angle who won the gold wrestling at the Olympics for wrestling WITH a broken neck.

    How does he do it!? What kinda of pain threshold do you need to have to survive all that punishment!?

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    Yea he is a great athlete he is both machine and man

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    while I - for some reason I don't even get myself - cannot really find any sympathy for Kurt, he definitely is a hell of a wrestler and deserves all the respect in the world. His match against Hardy just showed that once again, but you could have known long before



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