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    Default John Cena Injured

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    Current WWE Champion John Cena is working through a number of injuries these days. Sources indicate that Cena has neck, hip, and elbow problems that have been bugging him for awhile now. It should be noted that despite these nagging injuries, Cena is rarely one to complain.

    Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    I was wondering if it would be in the WWE's best interest for him to sit out after putting Alberto Del Rio over before his injuries get worse and potentially damage the WWE in the long run let alone lose the availability for the WM 28 match. Right now with the Truth feud, however, would be a terrible time to lose Cena. With Morrison still MIAed and the sheer lack of faces right now, this would be the best time to prepare for the temporary solution before writing off Cena. In the meantime, the WWE could be building up underutilized talents like Drew Macintyre, Chris Masters, and of course, Zack Ryder as potential faces along with pushing Kofi and Rey. Also if Alberto Del Rio "injures" Cena at MitB or something he would easily be put over as a main heel on RAW. After all, some injuries just can't be walked off. Views please...

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    Oh So Sad.....................

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    Del rio isn't going to feud with Cena he has a date with the big show when he get back. that's the way it goes with del rio he hurts someone and then feuds with them until the WWE writers feel that it's time for another feud that's the ways it been from the start with him first it was mystero and then it was christian now its the big show. i think that if there was a feud between cena and del rio something would have happened all ready he's not the most patient guy in the world have they even set the MitB matches up yet? I would think that Cena will get a break just because he's the WWE universes #1 superstar and it would do any one any good if he was out for an extended amount of time
    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.

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    They could easily extinguish that feud (the Big Show/Del Rio one).
    It's been known since coming to RAW that the WWE were planning a Del Rio/Cena feud, and after Capitol Punishment, it could be the right time to do, especially with Cena still holding the belt.

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    Its not a good news for wwe fans but I hope that he will able to come in Capitol Punishment.



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