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    A couple of months ago Jinder Mahal started in Smackdown, he's been given a push at his debut. At first he was on every week Smackdown with a match with midcard players and won all of them ( with the help of Khali)...
    As some people may know he has been introduced to remplace Ranjin Singh who was promoted has head writer... But since his debut he got the start push but then it all vanished...
    IMO he could be a good werstler, not a top guy but a player who can compete for midtitles and have a shot or two at the WHC.

    I thing the 'E are planing a feud between Khali and Mahal since Mahal is saying that he can dishonored Khali's family (especially his sister)

    What do you thing of Mahal ? And for you what the WWE can do with him ?



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