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    Default Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Channel, Rumored WM28 Matches, SmackDown On Tuesdays

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has answered several fan questions on his Twitter account, @JRsBBQ. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote on Tuesday morning about:

    SmackDown Moving To Tuesdays:

    "Will WWE move Smackdown to tuesdays live on Sy Fy? Heard nothing official but personally I like the idea. Live TV hard to beat. So, TBD."

    WWE's New Cable Channel:

    "WWE Network moving forward briskly. Not sure of details but tv biz buzzing & interested. 'Assume' nothing other than it's gonna be a hit."

    What He Thinks Of TNA Wrestling:

    "Have many friends there & wish them no Ill will & only success."

    Rumored WrestleMania 28 Matches:

    "Amazing how many folks think I actually known the WM28 card here in September. I'd guess NO ONE KNOWS the card. NO ONE."

    What He Thinks About Zack Ryder's Potential:

    "Working diligently to become a player & I hope that he makes it."

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