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    Default Imagine The Title Picture for 2012 around the rumble....

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    So here is my..

    WWE Championship Cm Punk
    WHC Championship Kane/Undertaker
    Divas Championship Maryse or she should win it at the Rumble
    WWE Tag Team Titles...Ziggler and Swagger
    US Championship Zack/Mayson (I can imagine jomo but he leaves wwe)
    IC Championship Sin Cara (maybe cody but that would be too long title run)

    What about you guys?

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    Kane as WHC? Nooooooo.
    Taker - HELL YEA!!

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    WWE Championship Cm Punk
    WHC Championship Christian
    Divas Championship Michael Macool/Maryse
    WWE Tag Team Titles...Miz-R Trurth
    US Championship Drew Mcyntre
    IC Championship Cody Rhodes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komani View Post
    Kane as WHC? Nooooooo.
    Taker - HELL YEA!!
    None of Both. Taker will only return for Wrestlemania not for Title and Kane nooooooooooooooo.

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    WWE Champ - I think Del Rio will retain at Vengeance and Punk will be the next no1 contender and win the tittle.
    WHW Champ - I agree it could be Kane because no one can defeat the big men (Show or Henry) at the momment. My guess is that Henry will retain at Vengeance and that Kane will return and win the tittle.
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