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    Default Hugh Jackman to star on Sept. 19 WWE Raw SuperShow

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    Hugh Jackman to star on Sept. 19 WWE Raw SuperShow

    Heís battled renegade mutants, conquered Broadway and exterminated bloodthirsty vampires. And now, Hugh Jackman prepares for what may be his wildest role yet: celebrity guest star of WWE Raw SuperShow.

    The acclaimed actor, best known for his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise, takes over WWE Raw SuperShow Monday, September 19, less than 24 hours after Night of Champions, live from Clevelandís Quicken ***** Arena. And he canít wait.

    "In two weeks, I'll be climbing into the ring on Raw to hang with the Superstars and the give the WWE Universe an exclusive first look at my new movie, Real Steel. Donít miss it,Ē said Jackman, who stars in the upcoming sci-fi action flick , in theaters October


    If...u like...PLZ reply..

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    To Promote his New Film

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    Wow! Wolverine is here!

    Sorry About Your Damn LUCK!

    Watch your money!
    And your alcohol!
    Cause when the tide rolls out and the ships go down,
    You know you're gonna take a fall.

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    Jackman was actually pretty cool in the latest RAW episode. xD

    I liked how he teamed up with Ryder.



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