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    Is The Triple H New Generel Manager of Raw.If you are not Answer? I say two word for you

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    No, the new GM is most likely Abraham Washington, the talk show host from WWE's ECW show.
    The GM is using multiple catchphrases of other wrestlers to keep the crowd guessing, such as Stone Cold, DX etc.
    And on RAW, they were not hinting at Triple H, they were hinting at Shawn Michaels, since he lives in the city that RAW was in.

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    Oh, I had totally forgotten about Abe Washington. That would be really cool

    Did the references to retired wrestlers always appear in their hometown? Would be a cool feature, actually...also, Rowdy Roddy Piper was referenced too:
    "Just when you think you've got the answer, I change the question"
    (I actually had to google that, like it nevertheless^^)

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    What about BILL GOLD BERG. i heard he'll take place in wrestlemania 27 against the undertaker and may be it is possible he'll start next year from royal rumble if it will be. i make you sure it will be a great contest between these two wrestlers and wwe would have a great business.

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    Doubt it's Goldberg. He wouldn't be the type to sit back, and control things. He'd be out there, spearing the life out of the Nexus. Though he did mention wanting to be in another Wrestlemania, so he MAY come back.



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