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    Default My Fantasy Booking for the IC !!!

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    My Fantasy Booking for the IC !!!

    Smackdown starts and Cody Rhodes comes to the ring to tell us how great he is and no one can defeat him. Teddy Long comes out and tells him theres gona be a 10 men Gountlet match to determin the Chalenger to his IC Ch.

    The show continues and the match starts at the min. 40.

    First Entry (1). Jinder Mahal. Second (2). Ted Dibiase Jr.
    ----------------They brawl for 6 minutes and Ted wins with the "Dream Stream" (or whatever its called).
    Entry 3. Kurt Hawkings. (v. TDJ)
    ----------------They figth, Ted looks a bit tired and taken down easely by Hawkings, he then goes to the top but misses, Ted capitalizes with a Roll Up for the win. (min. 9)
    Entry 4. Tyson Kidd. (v. TDJ)
    -----------------Kidd enters euforically, hits a few hard kicks had Bam, Ted is Out cold. Kidd wins. (min. 11)
    Entry 5. Yoshi Tatsu. (v. TK) (comertial break)
    ----------------They have a quick wrestling brawl that ends with Tyson dropping a Big Elbow drop from the Top Rope. (min. 16)
    Entry 6. Drew McTyre. (v. TK)
    ----------------Beats the hell out of Tyson and "Future Shock" to the next oponent. (min. 20)
    Entry 7. Santino Marella. (v. DMc)
    ----------------Drew starts hitting him hard. Irish wip and Big Boot for the 3 count. (min. 21)
    Entry 8. Mason Ryan. (v. DMc) (commertial Break)
    ----------------They meashure straingth Mason having the upper hand in each case, Drew starts running in and out of the ring, and Mason gets tired in the outside, Drew comes from behind hit him on the knees drop him a cuple of times hit him with the "Future Shock" outside, and enters the ring to the count 10 only for Ryan to be DQ. (min. 29)
    Entry 9. Sheamus. (v. DMc)
    ------------------They have a few chop exchanges, and Sheamus gets the upper hans, "Brogue Kick", but Drew kicks out, Drew gets up slowlly and "Razor's Edge" for the win. (min. 34)
    Finnal Entry (10). Jack Swagger. (v. Sheamus)
    -------------------They brawl a bit hitting both good moves, the reff gets knoked and Drew (who is still outside) gets involved, Swagger holds Sheamus and a Big Boot of McTyre end in the face of Swagger, and Sheamus Wins. (min. 40)

    Result, (Cody - Sheamus fued for the IC Ch.) and (Swagger - McTyre "fued" that ends up in Drew joinig Vicky's Stable, and eventually becaming tag ch with Swagger.)

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