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    Default Was Edge stale by the time he retired?

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    Five years ago, when I first started posting on wrestling forums (other forums) Edge was actually highly vilified in the IWC. I am a huge fan of Edge. Loved him since 2004ish. People would talk crap about how he can't wrestle and his promos are "below average" or some crazy shit like that. I always said "**** no you guys are crazy he's the future" and people dismissed me.

    This was my favorite period for Edge. He had incredible amounts of heat. He was absolutely untouchable on the microphone and his feud with Cena was gold. I've always felt Edge was a GREAT in-ring worker and could be mentioned with some of the greatest of all time as far as believability and entertainment. Always had pitch-perfect psychology, always.

    When Edge walked down the ramp at New Year's Revolution, his gimmick as "resident covetous psycho" was over. Now he was the champ that shocked the world. He was the Ultimate Opportunist. He didn't care about prestige and honor, he just wanted the ****ing thing by feat or by cheat. Then he got traded to SmackDown! and the charade continued. He would lie, cheat and steal his dead best friend's wife to stay on top with the WHC.

    I'm going to cut to the point. In these five years as champion, I feel like Edge (my favorite superstar of the era) got really, REALLY stale. Every promo he cut it was like I'd already heard it ten times. He never even really changed in La Familia. I quit watching SmackDown! Then they turned him babyface and then heel back and forth TNA style in his last year and it sucked. He's a ****ing heel.

    What do you think? I feel like it was time for him to retire, as great as he was.

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    I agree, Edge was best being a heel, being the ultimate oppertunist.
    Even though I'm gonna miss him, heel or face, I hope he'll go work backstage or something



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