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    Default CM Punk 2nd & New Theme Song - "Cult Of Personality"

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    2011: CM Punk 2nd & New Theme Song - "Cult Of Personality" (WWE Edit) (w/ Intro) + Download Link

    Title: "Cult Of Personality"
    Artist: Living Colour
    Composer: Vernon Reid

    Download Link
    mp3: CM Punk 2nd - Cult Of Personality (WWE Edit) (w- Intro) by Living Colour.mp3 *

    *The download link does not contain the same edit you can hear on the video, it's the actual WWE Edit with the Intro in a higher quality and the correct ending.

    iTunes: iTunes - Music - Vivid by Living Colour

    Theme Count
    1st: "This Fire Burns"
    2nd: "Cult Of Personality" (WWE Edit) (w/ Intro)
    Enjoy and Comments about what your favorite about theme and ill post it next week ENJOY



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