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    Drew broke christian hand and the doctor said he is not going to be the same again so whats next for the future of christian and for the scotts man

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    No. It is only darama to make the suspense

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    it could be bit of drama cuz wwe is full of scripting and acting but durin of his(christen) match drew put him a body slam on steel stairs

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    x_x They're just recycling the whole "Drew/Hardy feud", only replacing Hardy with Christian.
    I am a McIntyre fan, but I feel they could do more with him. As for Christian, I can see him being released from the WWE soon.
    I know you're going to say "No, Christian has been with WWE for years, they won't release him", but they had the stupidity to release Shelton Benjamin, an AMAZING athelete who shows so much in-ring ability, especially in the Money In The Bank matches...
    Why did they release Shelton? Because they couldn't find a way to use them in storylines. And the same is going for Christian lately. He's been a jobber.
    So I wouldn't be surprised if he was gone in the next two years.

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    nothing will happen to Christian he will be gone for maybe 3 weeks and then back



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