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    Default What character do you think does the WWE want CM Punk to portray?

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    I'm not going to talk about the crowd reactions immediately because I feel that is a somewhat different aspect altogether and sometimes doesn't even depend on the character that a wrestler portrays. I am here going to talk about the character Punk has been portraying in the ring ever since his shoot promo, and by that I mean that I will be mostly talking about the stuff he has been doing inside the arena.

    I just saw the contract signing segment between Punk and HHH and I observed that HHH gave a very face-like promo. He talked about how Punk has been shitting on his wife as well as the company for some time now despite his efforts to co-operate with him and enough is enough. He talked about not taking shit anymore which was again a face like thing to do.

    I do not think that the WWE wants to promote Punk as this antihero babyface that most of us think he is. There is more to this. Let me take you back to the contract signing between Cena and Punk. HHH told Punk back then that he was full of shit and had only resigned for a bit more money. HHH told Punk again on Smackdown on Tuesday that Punk only accepted the change he was fighting for if he ended up on top. Punk did not exactly refute either allegation in both cases. He changed the topic with a counter-allegation which looked as if he was trying to shy away from discussing those topics. Not exactly a tough antihero-like thing to do.

    There is just one thing that I feel is in favor of Punk as an antihero babyface. That he was screwed by Nash at SummerSlam. I think that how the WWE will explain that part of the story is going to be the pivotal thing that decides which way the Punk character goes. They could make him an antihero there and then or they could just make it appear as a heel getting some come-uppance. Let's face it HHH is a face as of now, Stephanie McMahon is a face right now, it could be done.

    There are just two more points that I want to address that will invariably be brought up in the course of this thread. They are a) Punk insulting authority figures and b) Crowd reactions. As I have already mentioned, HHH and even Stephanie are faces currently and Punk insulting these faces is just another heelish thing to do. Just insulting any authority figure does not make you an antihero face by default.

    The other thing is crowd reactions. Punk has been getting cheered but it certainly won't be the first instance of a heel getting cheered. Wrestlers have been getting reactions which are not in accordance to their characters for a long time now and we know that that does not really change their characters. Cena gets booed every week but his character is still that of a babyface. If he were heel, we would not be getting so many Cena turn heel threads every week. So why should it be different for Punk?

    So, what do you think? Is WWE trying to turn Punk into an antihero babyface or is he just going to be a strong heel in the longer run?

    I personally think that the answers will be much clearer post Night of Champions but that Punk hasn't turned into a babyface yet.

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    I think that CM PUNK can act as a heel and as a babyface. Just like now. Watch Randy Orton. He is a heel, but sometimes he is a babyface. The last few months he acts more as a babyface to me than a heel.
    In the past many great wrestlers were both bad and good. So I think CM PUNK will attack both babyfaces and heels. It doesn't matter to him. This is what I think about it.



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