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    Post Brock Lesnar: Will the Former Superstar Ever Return to the WWE?

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    Ever since Brock Lesnar left the WWE to pursue other projects, rumours have swept the WWE Universe and the IWC about when and if he will return. These rumours have generated a lot of fantasy bookings from the many contributors here on this site.

    Many wanted to see a match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar is still very much in the minds of the people who are passionate about wrestling and many would like to see him ditch the octagon for one last run in the squared circle.

    I do not see Lesnar coming back to the company, and I’ll explain in this article the reasons why.

    Before I do so, I’ll just give you a brief history on Brock Lesnar’s WWE career.

    When Lesnar debuted under the management of Paul Heyman, one of the greatest managers/promoters of his decade, he was presented as an unstoppable mass of muscle that would obliterate the roster on his way to the top.

    He debuted in 2002, on an episode of Monday Night Raw, and immediately went on to accomplish many things in his WWE career.

    Just two months after his debut, he won the 2002 King of the Ring tournament (this was when it was still held in high regard) and two months after that, became the youngest WWE Undisputed Champion in history.

    He won the 2003 Royal Rumble and had a stellar match at WrestleMania XIX with Kurt Angle. His last match came at WrestleMania XX, where he faced Goldberg.

    This match, however, was far from the grand exit one would have expected from such an accomplished athlete who had achieved more in his two years with the company than most wrestlers manage in their whole lifetime.

    With chants of “you sold out!” and “hey hey hey goodbye!” Brock Lesnar’s last act in the ring was receiving a stunner, and he hasn’t been seen since.

    After a failed attempt at a career in the NFL, Brock Lesnar turned to what many would call his true passion—MMA fighting in UFC. This leads me nicely onto my first reason why I do not believe Brock Lesnar will return to the WWE.

    Brock Lesnar enjoys competing in the UFC, that much is a given— if he didn’t, he wouldn’t do it. He quite clearly prefers it to WWE, due to it not being a full-time schedule. He made this abundantly clear in an interview for TWP magazine, reported on;

    “There's really no time. I think the biggest thing is there's really no downtime for the human body to recover, and more importantly, for their mind to recover where you're constantly on the road.”

    Jim Ross has also backed up this claim of not wanting to be on the road all the time in his blog;

    “This I do know....Brock Lesnar will NEVER return to a full-time travel schedule for ANY job and that includes WWE.”

    If we are to take this into account then that pretty much debunks any theory that Brock Lesnar would return to the WWE as his main job. However, it does not completely rule out a one-off appearance, but I think that would come down to a matter of money.

    The Ottawa Citizen posted an article which shows how much Lesnar can gain financially from competing in UFC, a company that has a much less demanding schedule than the WWE, and whose popularity is rising by the minute;

    “He was also the highest-paid mixed martial artist in the world, according to ESPN, earning approximately $5.3 million in 2010.”

    I refuse to believe that Vince McMahon would even graze that total to bring Lesnar back for a certain feud or a one-off match—therefore, why would he bother returning?

    Though he may miss it, the money he can gain from the UFC far outweighs a one-off appearance for the WWE just to make some fans happy. Other athletes and fans may disagree, but it is just my take on things.

    Rumours of Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE spike when he got involved in what was pretty much a look of personal dislike with The Undertaker. People immediately jumped on this and claimed it was an angle.

    Despite all people involved saying it was just personal and there was not a plan set in stone for the return of the “Next Big Thing," it did not stop the Internet being flooded with speculation.

    The Sun reported on this development not long after it occurred;

    "Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, answered: 'It's kind of a personal thing. I think maybe he needs to train a little harder.'"

    The Sun also reported on how the Internet sites were awash with rumours due to this one stare.

    “The former UFC and WWE champ just greeted his former colleague with an icy stare, leaving an intense visual which instantly set people talking.”

    However let’s remember the stare between Nash and Big Show at the Royal Rumble of this year. Granted, that could still develop into something, but I can’t see it happening myself. People should have probably just taken it as a stare, instead of assuming Brock Lesnar would face The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

    Who would you want Lesnar to feud with in WWE?
    CM Punk
    Triple H
    John Cena
    The Undertaker
    John Laurinaitis
    The Undertaker is pretty much set to have his last match and I personally, would be disappointed if it was with Brock Lesnar, especially seeing the Match of the Year we received instead of this rumour.

    It is no secret that Brock has battled with diverticulitis, a gastrointestinal ailment that can potentially poison the body. Surgery is usually performed if it is too late for antibiotics and external remedies. I know he fights in UFC, but I feel like saying, why would he risk further injury and discomfort by performing a grueling WWE schedule?

    WWE wrestlers usually continue regardless of the injury they may have picked up, but in UFC, a fight can be delayed or stopped if one becomes too endangered. If he performed a one-off match in WWE and someone botched a move, rendering him paralyzed, his whole career is over, especially in the UFC.

    The final point I would like to make about the reason Brock Lesnar won’t return to the WWE is regarding his imminent return to UFC. ESPN has reported on this just today, taking a quote directly from Lesnar himself:

    “I feel like a new man, healthy, strong, I feel like I used to feel," Lesnar stated in a video released through his sponsors. "Right now, one day at a time for me. My future, I believe there's still a bright future in the UFC for me."
    The fact that he sees a bright future in the UFC shows to me that he hasn’t given a return to the WWE a second thought. He wants his UFC title back; he doesn’t want the WWE title.

    Just the whole interview talking about his return makes me realize he has absolutely no interest in returning to the company that made him famous, and allowed him to pursue a career in UFC.

    According to, Brock Lesnar may be making an appearance in the upcoming video game WWE ’12:

    “Some blogs are reporting that an ‘inside source’ is saying that THQ, the publisher of WWE ’12, has already produced design art that included Brock Lesnar.”

    This does not in any way suggest that Brock Lesnar will be rejoining the WWE roster as is explained further on in the article;

    “There appears to be no MMA vs. WWE conflict since THQ holds the licenses for both WWE and UFC.”

    So it is looking like the only way the people who want Lesnar back are going to be able to see him wrestle is to buy the WWE ’12 game!

    After reviewing all of the evidence, it is clear to see that Brock Lesnar has expressed little to no desire to return to the WWE and its hectic schedule.

    I also think that ship has sailed and that Brock will stay with the UFC for the rest of his career, though he may return in the same vein as Kevin Nash—on a legends contract, despite many believing he should not be classed as such.

    What is your opinion on the matter? Will Lesnar come back? Even for one more match? Please let me know in the comments section below. Your opinions are always appreciated and I do my best to reply to everyone who comments.

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    Do you think Brock Lesnar will return?

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    don't think so

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    no, he come to wwe just for business

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    Yeah he's gonna come he said in an interview he cant go long in MMA.. He will come back to the E once his time is done in MMA



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