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    Default Backstage Updates on Kevin Nash in WWE, Recent WWE Attendance & More

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    In Canada, the August 8th WWE RAW had 345,000 viewers and the August 15th post-SummerSlam show had 525,000 viewers, which is a big number.

    Below are recent WWE live attendance figures:

    * RAW on August 19th in Regina drew 3,500 fans for $130,000.
    * RAW on August 20th in Saskatoon drew 4,400 fans for $172,000.
    * SmackDown on August 20th in Tacoma, Washington drew 4,000 fans for $120,000.

    Kevin Nash made it clear last week at RAW that he was not going to do his promos by reading from a script. Nash tried doing it that way the first time and got lost. Nash said he would only take bullet points from now on and Triple H backed him up on it.

    On a related note, Nash was joking to his friends about CM Punk, making fun of how small he was when Nash picked him up for the powerbomb a few weeks back.



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