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    Default Austin, Rock, Nash & Others Tweet On Punk-Cena

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    Here are some comments from numerous WWE talents on the CM Punk-John Cena match via Twitter:

    The Rock: "Congratulations to new WWE Champion @CMPunk. Gonna be a helluva run for you. I hope our paths cross."

    Steve Austin: "@CMPunk and @JohnCena had a big time pro wrestling match. I loved it. And I loved the finish. Congrats to both guys. Great stuff."

    "WOW!!! What a Tremendous reception for @CMPunk! That was a 10 out of 10. Hell Yeah!"

    Trish Stratus: "What's so wrong w/ leaving the company as champion, right @wweuniverse? Hehe! Great match-the 'to be continued' is what's got me #mustseetv"

    Sean Waltman: "That was f**king unbelievable. Glad I decided on a later flight in order to see that. Hats off to both guys and to WWE for doing it right. Now I can get on my flight a happy man. Thanks @CMPunk and @JohnCena . Thanks to Chicago for making that so electric. Best bldg in world."

    Jim Ross: "Really solid, compelling, old school wrestling match between @JohnCena & @CMPunk. Making me proud."

    "MITB delivered! Last match was excellent. Hope everyone who watched enjoyed it."

    When a PPV delivers, especially the main event, & then the show goes off the air w/ more questions than answers I'd say that's a good nite.

    From start to finish, MITB arguably was the best wrestling PPV of the year. Highly entertaining, great crowd & gutsy in ring work. Bravo.

    Kevin Nash: "MITB better than any mma ppv I've watched. Punk continues to gain my respect and Jay is the F**KIN man,WWE at it's best"

    Mick Foley: "I don't think I've ever been jealous of a wrestler's character before. Money, yes, character, no. @cmpunk has changed that. Damn. Damn!"

    Howard Finkel: "I've seen just about everything possible in my 36 this industry, but nothing like I witnessed 2nite! I love this business so much!"

    Zack Ryder: "Congrats to my first ever Broski of the Week @CMPunk!"

    Seth Rollins: "We're still a wrestling company and that was how professional wrestling is done."

    Joey Styles: "I can't believe this. Our WWE Champion doesn't work for WWE and John Cena is or will be fired. OMG! Holy Crap!"

    Chris Jericho: Heard MITB ppv was excellent and Punk-Cena was off the charts. Glad to hear! What a great time to be a WWE fan. Sit back and enjoy this guys! As great as Punk was and is during the whole angle, don't discount Cenas work in all this. Contrary to what some say Cena is a GREAT worker".

    Bret Hart: "Very good PPV tonight w/everyone working hard. Great storytelling in the main event & throughout the show. Kudos to everybody"

    Matt Hardy: "heard there was a helluva wrestling show on tonight. Very happy to hear the people were given what they want-it's good for business."
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