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    re Show: 24-Man Battle Royal

    The Battle Royale is being broadcast on, but is not being shown as the pre-show for the PPV. They had all the wrestlers come out to the same generic music, and had their names read off as they came down the aisle. Joey Styles and Tazz called the action. I am sure I will miss a few eliminations, as they are using a pretty small screen on to show the action.

    As soon as the bell rang, Festus went nuts and attacked everyone. Deuce was eliminated by a Festus kick, then Domino was tossed out by Festus with a hiptoss. Great Khali tossed out Hacksaw Duggan, to a chorus of boos. Stevie Richards was eliminated by a double jumping knee by Elijah Burke. Kane grabbed Burke and tossed him over the top rope. Miz was eliminated by a Jamie Noble head scissors.

    Mark Henry backdropped Shannon Moore and Jimmy Yang at the same time. Trevor Murdoch eliminated Jesse Festus tossed out Murdoch by dodging a charge. Festus was eliminated by Lance Cade. Brian Kendrick used a flying bodypress and took himself and Lance Cade over the top and out of the match.

    Mark Henry launched Kofi Kingston over the top rope to eliminate him. Chuck Palumbo tossed out Jamie Noble, who stood on the bodies of wrestlers on the floor to avoid elimination, only to be kicked back down (and out) by Palumbo. Khali then eliminated Palumbo. Everyone remaining in the ring teamed up to eliminate Khali.

    Snitsky tossed out Hardcore Holly, and I believe Mark Henry tossed out Tommy Dreamer, although it was hard to tell from the angle they were using. It came down to Kane, Mark Henry and Snistky. Henry eliminated Snitsky, and we were down to two. Henry pressed Kane over his head, but Kane floated over and hit a kick to the head to send Henry over the top rope. Kane is the winner.

    Winner: Kane

    WrestleMania Opener:

    We have jets flying over the Orange Bowl in a packed house as Lillian Garcia introduces John Legend to sing America the Beautiful.

    The opening video sequence is done and we have a ton of fireworks!

    Belfast Brawl
    JBL vs. Finlay

    JBL is introduced first, arriving in the limo per usual. Mid intro we are shown the video compilation building up to the match. We cut back to see JBL in the ring and then promptly cut back to the video compilation.

    Now we have Finlay being introduced as we cut back from the compilation. Finlay comes out with Hornswoggle and they make their way to the ring. Finlay charges the rest of the way as he walks the very long entrance ramp. JBL kicks Finlay as he slides in and the brawl starts outside the ring with JBL throwing punches Finlay sends JBL into the steel steps and rolls him back in the ring and now we have a bell. Finlay drops a seat across the sternum of JBL and goes outside to get some weapons.

    Finlay slides in and JBL grabs a trash can lid and clocks Finlay across the face then delivers a short-arm clothesline. JBL outside to get the steel ring steps. He tosses it over the top ropes to the inside of the ring.

    Finlay turns it around grabbing a cookie sheet and clocking JBL and getting a two count.

    JBL delivers a big boot to Finlay’s head to turn the tide. He follows with punches to Finlay I the corner. Hornswoggle slides in and clocks JBL with a kendo stick to the back and promptly runs out of the ring. That allows Finlay to be able to clock JBL with the shillelagh.

    JBL has a big welt where the kendo stick caught him on the back. Fans behind Finlay now as he pulls out a table and slides it in to the ring. He props it up in the corner and whips JBL who reverses and sends Finlay back to the original corner, Finlay reverses again and hits JBL with a big short arm lariat. JBL slides outside of the ring to retreat and grabs Hornswoggle and clocks him with a punch. Finlay out after him and rams JBLs head into the announce table about five times.

    Back inside the ring and JBL slides outs de the other side of the ring. Finlay charges and dives through the ropes to the outside of the ring but gets clocked with a trash can lid in the head mid-dive. JBL drags Finlay back inside the ring and gets a two count. JBL grabs a trash can and absolutely clocks Finlay in the head.

    JBL setting up for the clothesline from hell but gets clocked with the trashcan on the rebound. Finlay hits the Rolling Samoan Drop. Two count. He then sends JBL headfirst through the table in the corner and drags him to the center of the ring. Two count for Finlay. JBL up and bounces off the ropes, delivers a Clothesline from Hell. And just like that scores the pinfall for the victory.

    Winner: JBL


    We're backstage with Kim Kardashian, she says that up next is the Money in the Bank ladder match. Kardashian starts to go over the rules but Kennedy interrupts. He says that he is going to win for the second year in a row.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin

    John Morrison from ECW comes out first, Carlito is out next. Shelton Benjamin then comes out followed by CM Punk. The object of this match is to capture the briefcase hung above the ring. The person who captures the briefcase wins the match and a World Title shot that can be cashed in within 365 days of winning it. It looks like all three announce teams will be calling the action.

    Kennedy is out next as he walks under the two ladders at the end of the ramp and gets on the apron of the ring. He peers at the briefcase hanging above. WWE United States Champion MVP is out next. Michael Cole makes note that he is the longest reigning US Champ in the history of WWE. Chris Jericho is the final participant to ringside. The smoke from the pryo blurs the picture, almost to the point where you can't even see the massive crowd.

    The bell rings and the ring clears, everyone is going for a ladder. MVP is in the ring alone, he gets a ladder that is pushed in the ring and goes on the offensive with it. Chris Jericho is now in the ring with a ladder. MVP runs at him but Jericho connects. Now it's John Morrison and Jericho. He throws a ladder at Jericho and knocks him down. Morrison goes to the top rope and connects a moonsault with a ladder off to the outside. INSANE!!!

    Kennedy is back in the ring with Chris Jericho. One ladder is setup, another in the corner. Jericho looks for the Walls of Jericho on Kennedy but inadvertently sends Kennedy up the ladder. Now Morrison is in, battling with Kennedy on two separate ladders. Shelton is in on another ladder.

    Shelton, Morrison, and Kennedy are all three battling on ladders but Benjamin connects a sunset flip combined with a powerbomb and suplex on Morrison and Kennedy of the ladder. Another INSANE spot! Carlito comes in as three ladders fall on him. CM Punk starts to climb one of the ladders and gets his hands on the briefcase. Kennedy comes in for the save. He fights him off but Shelton comes back in and starts climbing.

    Punk counters and hits Go To Sleep on Shelton. Kennedy connects a fireman's carry onto Punk onto a ladder. Carlito, at the top of the ladder, is knocked off my MVP. MVP assaults Kennedy and goes for a knockout kick on Carlito but Carlito counters with a ladder to the leg of MVP.

    Carlito climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring, gets one hand on the briefcase but Shelton fights him off. Spinning heel kick from Shelton onto Carlito. Shelton is all alone as he starts to climb the ladder. Kennedy and Carlito dump the ladder Shelton is climbing, sending him through another ladder on the outside. INSANE as Kennedy and Carlito look on in astonishment. Jericho comes in and starts to fight them but MVP comes in and knocks them off. Morrison is in the ring standing, he sets a ladder back up in the middle of the ring.

    Morrison gets to the top but he is met by Jericho. Jericho applies the Lion Tamer on Morrison at the top of a ladder. Kennedy comes in with another ladder and sets it up. Jericho releases his hold and fights Kennedy. CM Punk jumps on Kennedy's ladder, Carlito on Jericho's ladder. Jericho is able to fight everyone off but Carlito gets back on him. Two ladders setup with Carlito and Jericho fighting. Carlito connects the Back Stabber on Jericho off the ladder. MVP is the only man stirring by two ladders.

    MVP starts to climb a ladder, here comes MATT HARDY! Hardy climbs the top of the ladder and delivers a Twist of Fate. The crowd erupts! Hardy leaves ringside. Jericho is the first to his feet. We are back with 7 men but Matt Hardy has returned. Carlito and Jericho start to fight as Carlito is sent face first into a ladder.

    John Morrison, out of nowhere, climbs a ladder but Carlito knocks him off and to the outside. Jericho fights off Carlito and starts to climb a ladder setup. JR says he is looking to win the match he created. Carlito climbs the ladder and spits apple on Jericho. Carlito has the briefcase but Kennedy gets to the top and knocks him off.

    CM Punk stops Kennedy. Jericho nails a Code Breaker on Carlito with a ladder. Jericho climbs the ladder, everyone else is down. Punk stars to stir. Jericho kicks him in the face, he follows with some right hands. Punk won't stop climbing, the fight is at the top of the ladder! Both grab the briefcase as Jericho grabs a hold. Punk gets him off as he goes to the top and grabs the briefcase. CM Punk wins at 14:01.

    Winner: CM Punk


    We cut to backstage shots of John Cena, WWE Champion Randy Orton, and Triple H. All three look extremely focused for their bout tonight. JR talks about the memorable night for Triple H last night at the Hall of Fame. We go to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, cue video footage from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

    Hall Of Fame Class Of 2008:

    We're back live at the Citrus Bowl with Howard Finkel introducing the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008. Cue the Hall of Fame music as the inductees come out of the entrance way. Here are the formal introductions:

    Jack & Gerry, The Brisco Brothers
    The Gordon Solie Family
    Rocky Johnson - he does his trademark shuffle
    The Family of High Chief Maivia. The Rock's mom and grandmother, but no Rock.
    Mike Graham, Eddie Graham's son.
    Mae Young who Mike Graham has to hold up.
    Ric Flair's children
    Ladies & gentlemen - the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2008!


    We're backstage with Todd Grisham and the Master Of Ceremonies for tonight's BunnyMania match, Snoop Dogg. Snoop says that he is excited about tonight. They cut to a shot of Festus who is standing beside Snoop. Santino Marella comes in the segment and tells Snoop that he is going to be there 'at the Playboy' match. Snoop grabs a ring bell, Santino tells him not to turn his back on him, Snoop rings it and Festus goes nuts and chases Marella off.

    Snoop says he got the bell from a friend as Mick Foley walks in the segment.

    SmackDown vs. RAW Match
    Batista vs. Umaga

    Lilian introduces William Regal and Theodore Long who are in the ring. Batista comes out first. Theodore Long introduces 'The Animal' Batista. Michael Cole from SmackDown and Jerry Lawler from Raw will be calling the match. Cue Umaga's music as The Samoan Bulldozer makes his way to ringside. We cut to a shot of Michael Cole then back to Batista, then to a shot of Umaga looking at Batista who is in the ring. Cue the bell!

    Batista starts with several right hands, they don't affect Umaga has he whips Batista into the ropes. Batista counters and Umaga goes to the outside to regroup. Umaga gets back on the apron but is met by right hands by Batista. Umaga gets back in with right hands of his own. Umaga shows his athleticism by connecting a spinning heel kick on Batista. He connects a kick to the jaw of Batista, who is on the apron. It sends him to the outside, Umaga follows. Umaga puts Batista back in the ring. He jumps on The Animal and gets a two count.

    Umaga whips Batista into the turnbuckles, he goes to work on his back. Umaga whips him to the other side. Batista is down, Umaga sizes him up. Umaga connects a right hand on Batista as The Animal starts to battle back. Umaga counters with a stiff blow to the throat of Batista which causes him to cough. Umaga locks a nerve hold on The Animal. The referee checks for submission.

    Umaga releases the hold and nails a scoop plan on Batista. Umaga is clearly in control as he gets on the middle rope across from Batista. He dives off for a head butt, but he misses Batista. Batista tries slam Umaga but Umaga lands on him for a two count. Umaga screams and slaps Batista in the chest. Umaga re-applies the nerve hold on Batista in the middle of the ring. The referee checks for submission as Umaga wrenches back.

    Batista is able to get back to his feet and tries to fight back but Umaga hits a Samoan Drop. Umaga gets a two count as Umaga voices his displeasure with the count with a scream. Umaga tries to drag Batista but when he looks away Batista starts clawing his way back into the match. Umaga counters and goes for the Samoan Spike, Batista blocks it. Umaga dives at Batista but Batista avoids it. The Animal hits a spinebuster. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, he got it, falling backwards, but he got it! Batista Bomb on Umaga! Batista gets the three count and the pinfall. Batista wins at 7:07.

    Winner: Batista

    Floyd Mayweather was shown hanging out backstage with his posse. They went over the Tale Of The Tape for his match with Big Show, noting how ridiculously lopsided it is.

    We go to Joey Styles and Tazz talking about Big Show vs. Mayweather. Cue the highlights from the 24-Man Battle Royal as Styles and Tazz talk about it..

    ECW Championship
    Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane

    Armando Estrada is in the ring and announces that the following contest is set for one fall and is for the ECW Championship. He introduces ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero first. Joey Styles announces this will be the first time ever the ECW Title has been defended at WrestleMania.

    Kane sneaks in the ring from the back, he surprises Chavo. Kane nails a chokeslam and gets the three count in 0:08!!!

    Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Kane

    After the match Kane gets out of the ring and leaves with the ECW Championship.


    We're back live at the Citrus Bowl with Raven Symone in the ring. She says that she is so happy to be here to help WWE grant wishes with the Make-A-Wish program. Symone announces 50 kids from 50 states as the camera pans the 'Circle of Champions'.

    We go to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, they talk about Raven and then the Ric Flair career threatening match. Cue Ric Flair tribute video.


    We're backstage with Mike Adamle. He is with Ric Flair who lets out a WOOOOO! Adamle tells Flair that it could all come to an end tonight with his match against a guy that they call 'Mr. WrestleMania' in Shawn Michaels. Flair says that his game plan is to be the man! WOOOOOO!

    Career Threatening Match
    Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

    Shawn Michaels' music as he makes his way down the ramp with his cowboy hat on with his usual ring gear. Michaels says his prayer on his knees and the pyros explode. You all are going to have to bare in there with me through this one. We are witnessing history!

    Michaels gets in the ring and does his font double bicep pose. He climbs the ropes and pumps up the fans. He looks surprisingly calm with emotions in tact. He takes a deep breath and awaits The Nature Boy.

    WOOOOs from the crowd as the camera pans the crowd. Here he comes, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. His fur robe on, Flair struts down the ramp. He stops the strut and resumes his walk to ringside. He stops again for a pose, fireworks go off. JR says that tonight we celebrate Ric Flair as he walks to the ring with conviction, pride, and confidence. Charles Robinson from SmackDown is the referee. Flair gets in the ring, camera flashes go off.

    Flair is holding back tears as he takes off his robe. Vintage Flair as he runs his hands through his hair instead of locking up with Shawn Michaels. Michaels sends Flair to the mat, the crowd boos him. Flair locks in a hammerlock, Michaels reverses it, Flair sends Michaels to the ground but Michaels locks in the hammerlock. Flair counters but Michaels hits some elbows. Flair gives Michaels an arm drag take down and struts the strut.

    Flair lets out a WOOOO as the two lock up. Charles Robinson orders a break but Flair and HBK start shoving each other. Michaels slacks Flair in the face, he busts his lip. Flair is bleeding from his mouth as he tells HBK 'first blood' Hard back hand chops from Nature Boy onto Michaels. Michaels counters with back hand chops of his own, Flair counters and starts chopping. Flair whips Michaels into the ropes and connects an elbow to his face. Flair hits his knee drop across Shawn's forehead.

    Michaels goes to the top but Flair takes him off by slamming him from the top. Flair climbs to the top, HBK tries to do what Flair did but Flair pokes him in the eye. Flair delivers a cross-body off the top for a two count. Flair ends up on the outside as Michaels hits a baseball slide. Michaels goes for a moonsault from in the ring to the outside, he overshot it and BADLY landed right on the Raw announce table. Michaels is possibly injured as Charles Robinson checks on him on the outside. Flair gets back in the ring as Robinson starts the count out.

    Michaels somehow is able to get back into the ring. We see a third replay of Michaels' moonsault, he crushed the announce table. Flair hits a belly-to-back suplex on Michaels. He gets a two count. Flair gets Michaels to his feet, he hits a right hand and another suplex. Flair gets a two count and a near fall. Flair staggers to his feet and kicks Michaels in the ribs. Flair sets Michaels up and nails some back hand chops. Flair gets a monster standing vertical suplex. Perfect!

    Flair gets a two count. Michaels kicks out and Flair gets another. Flair whips Michaels in the corner, Michaels kicks him but it doesn't stop the back hand chops. Michaels and Flair exchange chops. Flair whips Michaels into the ropes, he counters with a neckbreaker onto The Nature Boy. Both are down. Flair gets up and HBK drops him over the top rope to the outside.

    Michaels does another huge moonsault off the top, this time he connects onto Flair on the outside. Michaels' body is taking some incredible punishment. At the count of 9 both Michaels and Flair get back in the ring. They exchange blows.

    Michaels and Flair trade some back hand chops. Flair whips Michaels into the ropes, he springs off and hits a forearm on The Nature Boy. Charles Robinson starts the double count out but Michaels gets up. Flair gets up as HBK hits an inverted atomic drop. HBK goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow onto Flair in the middle of the ring.

    Flair grimaces in pain on the mat as Michaels dials up Sweet Chin Music. Flair finally to his feet, Michaels won't pull the trigger on the super kick. Flair locks the Figure Four Leglock. Referee Charles Robinson checks for submission. Michaels is able to turn the hold over, getting Flair to the ropes. Referee calls for a break. Both men to their feet as they exchange a chop a piece. Flair sends Michaels down as they change two counts in a bridge like maneuver.

    Michaels is able to get a near fall but Flair kicks out. The crowd seems quiet as they take in this masterpiece. Michaels connects some back hand chops on Flair in the corner. Chop block from Flair sends Michaels to the mat. Flair grabs the left leg of Michaels, he goes for the Figure Four, Michaels counters with a cradle but only gets a two count. Flair counters and locks the Figure Four in again! Robinson checks for submission then nearly gives Flair a three count because Michaels' shoulders were down. Michaels grimaces in pain and finally gets a rope break. Flair stomps on Michaels and starts 'stylin and profilin' Out of nowhere Flair walks into Sweet Chin Music. Both men are down but Michaels is able to get an arm over Flair. Robinson counts to two!

    Flair is down in the ring, Michaels gets to his feet and dials up Sweet Chin Music again. Flair is flat on his back as the band is tuned. Michaels goes over to Flair and tells him to get to his feet. Michaels dials it again to the crowd's count. Flair won't get up as Michaels' screams get louder. He lifts Flair up but gets a classic low blow that Charles Robinson doesn't see!

    Flair gets a two count. Flair struts and gets some WOOOs from the crowd. He takes too long and Michaels is able to lock in his inverted version of the Figure Four. Flair tries to get to the ropes. Flair screams in pain as he makes a desperation attempt to get to the ropes. He nearly gets there but he gets the bottom turnbuckle cover instead. Charles Robinson goes to fix the cover when Flair poked Michaels in the eye. Flair gets a two count cradle on Michaels.

    Flair, on his knees, gives chops Michaels to his feet. Out of nowhere Michaels hits a big right boot! Michaels gets to his feet, fighting back tears, can't dial up Sweet Chin Music. Michaels puts his head down as Flair gets to his feet. Flair tells him to bring it on... Michaels says:" I'm sorry, I love you" than nails the Sweet Chin Music! Michaels gets the three count at 20:26.

    Winner: Shawn Michaels
    Flair's Career is Over

    Michaels hugged Flair right after the pin and walked directly back to the dressing room. Both men are extremely emotional. We go to replays. Flair cries in the ring as he gets to his knees. The crowd gives him a loud ovation. The camera goes to a shot of Reid (Flair's son) who is in tears. Flair gets out of the ring and kisses each one of his children then his wife. In tears, he waves at the fans in attendance and smiles as he walks towards the ramp. Not a sound from JR or Lawler as Flair raises his hands. He walks back to the ramp to a loud ovation.


    We're backstage with Todd Grisham who appears slightly choked up. He introduces World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge says, you know Todd we've already seen one career end but we're going to see more history tonight. Edge talks about watching his hero Hulk Hogan as a kid but how on one day when he was watching, Hogan lost. Edge says that moment took his innocence. Edge says tonight he crushes the kid's spirit that thinks The Undertaker will go 16-0.

    We're back live at the Citrus Bowl as fireworks and pyros explode, Jerry Lawler calls it the halftime show.

    The BunnyMania Master of Ceremonies Snoop Dogg is introduced first. He is in what looks to be a Kawasaki Mule but it's customized as a Mercedes. He leads the charge as the Lumberjacks (the other divas) follow him. Snoop Dogg gets in the ring and gets on the mic. He says for his main man Ric Flair, give me a WOOOOO. The crowd gives a WOOOO as Snoop Dogg introduces the Lumberjacks. He says they're beautiful, they're the WWE divas! He introduces Ashley and Maria first. Cue Maria's music as they come out together.

    Cue Melina's music and out comes Santino Marella with Melina and WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth and Melina walk down the ramp on each arm of Marella.

    BunnyMania Lumberjack Match
    Ashley & Maria vs. The Glamazon & Melina

    Ashley and Beth Phoenix start things out. Ashley hits some right hands on Phoenix and actually gains some momentum. Not for long as Beth goes on the offense, Ashley is able to get the tag and Maria comes in and kicks The Glamazon into her tag partner. Melina is tagged in. Maria sends Melina to the outside, the lumberjacks do their job and put her back in the ring. Maria connects on some of her offense as Snoop Dogg looks on. Maria picks Melina up as she walks over to her corner, Ashley tags herself in. Ashley connects a clothesline on Melina.

    Ashley hits a facebuster on Melina but it doesn't affect her much. Melina sends Ashley to the outside. The lumberjacks throw her back in the ring. Melina tags in Beth as they double team Ashley. The Glamazon locks a bear hug on Ashley then tags Melina in for a double team maneuver. Melina got the cover but Maria broke it up. Melina gets whipped into Maria's corner, Maria hits a right hand. We've lost lights. The lights are out folks.

    The emergency lights kick on as Maria nails a cross body on Beth Phoenix. Maria got a bulldog on Phoenix (whose butt is hanging out) and a two count. Beth, sent to the outside, gets double teamed. Ashley goes off the apron onto the outside. In the ring Maria goes for the cover on Phoenix but Marella pulls her off. Lawler gets up from the announce table and hits Santino with a right hand. Meanwhile in the ring Beth Phoenix nails a fisherman's suplex for the three count.

    Winners - Beth Phoenix & Melina

    After the match, Snoop Dogg hits a clothesline on Santino Marella. Snoop helps Maria to her feet and kisses her. Snoop's music plays as the referees escort Marella to the back.

    Power Failure At The Citrus Bowl

    During the BunnyMania match there was a power failure at the Citrus Bowl as all of the lights went out. The match was completed with the emergency lights which were not near as good. The triple-threat Raw main event is up next as they are currently showing a promo video.

    WWE Championship
    Triple Threat Match
    Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H

    We're back live at The Citrus Bowl with a band playing the Cena's Theme on the entrance ramp. John Cena comes out and runs down the ramp and into the ring. He is sporting his #54 college football jersey. 52% of people that voted in the AT&T Mobile vote voted for Cena to win. Orton only had like 7% with the remaining going to Triple H.

    The power is back on as Triple H makes his entrance. WWE Champion Randy Orton is the last out of the three to enter.

    No disqualifications, no count outs. Cena goes on the offensive quick, nailing a suplex on Randy Orton and following with several right hands. Triple H tosses John Cena out of the ring. Now The Game attacks Orton, throwing him to the outside. Triple H smashes Orton's head off the ECW announce table. They fight on top of it.

    It is still awfully dark although there are lights on. Triple H whips Randy Orton into the ropes and locks a sleeper hold. Cena is able to get both Triple H and Orton on his back, Triple H gets off and Cena slams Orton. Triple H sends Cena to the mat as Orton attacks Triple H. Orton stomps away at both of the challengers. Orton drops a knee on the throat of Triple H. Orton goes to the outside and climbs to the middle rope. Cena meets him there but Triple H joins in. Cena, on Triple H's shoulders, is knocked off by Orton. Orton nails a sunset flip like maneuver and a two count.

    Orton looks on at Cena who is on the apron. Orton connects some right hands on Cena. Triple H gets on the apron, Orton hits both challengers with a double DDT. We have lights! Orton stalks both of his opponents and man is this easier with the lights back on ! Orton goes for the RKO on Cena, but Cena counters, sending him onto Triple H. Cena goes off the top rope onto Orton. He goes for STFU but Orton gets out of the ring.

    Cena chases Orton around the outside, Triple H is still down on the apron. Orton sends Cena into the ring post. Orton gets on the apron but is greeted by Triple H who is standing in the ring. Triple H goes to work on Orton's knee. Cena is down on the outside. It's Triple H and Randy Orton in the ring. Triple H drives the knee of Orton's into the mat. Cena gets in but The Game sends him down as well. Out of nowhere Orton hits the RKO on Hunter!

    Cena and Orton are down in the ring, Triple H on the outside. Cena locks in the STFU on Orton, the referee checks for submission.

    Triple H, on the outside, connects a very stiff right hand on Cena to get him to break STFU. The Game gets Cena on the outside and throws him into the steel ring stairs. Triple H gets back in the ring and goes for the Figure Four on Orton. Triple H locks a version of an Indian Death Lock. Cena comes back in out of nowhere.

    Triple H gets thrown back to the outside. Cena locks STFU back on Orton. The referee checks for submission. Triple H gets back in the ring and struggles with Cena to get him to release the hold. The Game applies the Crossface on Cena!

    Triple H wrenches back on the Crossface, the referee checks for submission. Cena screams in pain but makes it to the ropes, the referee calls for the break after 3.

    Cena gets back to his feet, he and Triple H exchange hard right hands. It's a street fight in the ring with tons of right hands. Cena springs off of the ropes and picks Hunter up and slams him to the mat. YOU CANT SEE ME from Cena, 5 knuckle shuffle on The Game. Cena picks up Hunter for the F-U but he counters with a kick and a Pedigree attempt. Cena countered out. Cena whips Hunter into the ropes but Hunter nails a facebuster. Back and forth for a moment but Hunter hits a spinbuster on Cena.

    rton, on the apron, gets a chop block from Triple H. Cena goes for the F-U but Hunter counters and hits the Pedigree!!! Hunter gets a two count, Orton in for the save. Out of nowhere Orton kicks Hunter in the head and covers Cena for the win in 14:10.

    Winner: Randy Orton


    They showed Big Show walking toward the ring in preparation to face Mayweather. They aired a video package on the build-up to Show vs. Mayweather.

    Anything Goes Match
    Big Show vs. Floyd "Money" Mayweather

    Big Show, billed as 'The Largest Athlete In The World,' is introduced first. It is interesting to note despite Big Show being a SmackDown superstar, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are doing the commentary.

    Money starts raining from the sky as rap music fills the speakers. It's not his 50 Cent theme song and Curtis is not with him. Mayweather makes his way to the ring with his entourage. Mayweather takes what seems like forever before he gets in the ring. Mayweather has gloves on but they are more like UFC gloves although I'm not an expert in that area.

    The bell rings as Big Show and Mayweather circle one another. Mayweather goes for a shot on Show but he moves out of the way. Mayweather delivers some body shots to Big Show who is in the turnbuckles. Mayweather then lands a right to Big Show's jaw. Mayweather, as cocky as ever, connects several blows to Big Show's face. A member of Mayweather's posse hives him a drink of water. This does nothing but piss Big Show off. He pulls a member of Mayweather's posse in the ring and gives him a chop.

    Back to Big Show and Mayweather, Big Show finally gets a hold of him. Mayweather is able to get away. Big Show lifts Mayweather up by his throat, Mayweather nails some right hands. Mayweather, holding on to Big Show's back, appears to be trying to choke Show out. The crowd boos loudly as Big Show appears to be fading in Mayweather's sleeper type hold. Big Show is on his knees as the referee checks for submission.

    Big Show finally breaks the hold, he stomps on Mayweather's fist. Mayweather's posse complain to the referee, saying that 'he can't be doing that'. Big Show tells the crowd to be quiet as he chops the chest of Mayweather. Mayweather grimaces in pain as a gentlemen who JR and Lawler are calling his handler says that Big Show can't be 'doing that'.

    Big Show has a sadistic smile on his face as Mayweather kicks Big Show in the midsection. Show hits a side slam on Mayweather. Big Show walks on Mayweather's body, putting all 400+ pounds on him. Lawler asks if $20 million was really worth it. Big Show drops an elbow on Mayweather. The crowd chants for Big Show to finish him. Mayweather's posse pulls him out of the ring and start to take him to the back. Big Show follows, pushing members of the Mayweather posse down.

    Big Show gets Mayweather and sends him down on the ramp. Big Show continues his assault on the outside. Big Show rolls Mayweather back into the ring. He goes for a chokeslam but a member of the Mayweather posse interferes. Big Show sends him down and goes for the chokeslam. Another Mayweather handler interferes, this one with a chair. He gets a chokeslam. Mayweather grabs a chair and takes it to Big Show.

    Show blocks one of the chair shots but Mayweather is able to hit a low blow on him, sending him to his knees. Mayweather connects on several chairshots. Mayweather takes off one of his gloves and replaces it with brass knuckles. He connects with a right to the face of Big Show. Big Show hits the ground as the referee counts him out at 11.41

    Winner by knockout: Floyd Mayweather

    We see the official logo for next year's WrestleMania XXV which will be held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

    In the Arena:

    We're back live on pay-per-view with Kim Kardashian in the ring. She says that WWE has set a Citrus Bowl attendance record with 74,635 people at the show.

    Video recap of the Undertaker vs. Edge feud is shown.

    WWE Championship
    Edge vs. Undertaker

    Undertaker makes his long and slow walk to the ring first. Edge bursts through the smoke in the entrance way looking as determined as ever. Theodore Long wheels Vickie Guerrero to the top of the ramp. Edge and Vickie kiss as The Rated R Superstar makes his way to the ring. Teddy wheels Vickie back to the locker room.

    Edge has not taken his eyes off of the World Heavyweight Championship since he emerged from the locker room. He hands the belt to the referee, the referee holds it up and we are ready to go!

    Undertaker does his 'throat slit' trademark sign as Edge pushes Undertaker. Undertaker connects a clothesline and sends Edge to the outside. Undertaker follows but Edge gets in the ring and tries to go to work on Undertaker on the apron. Undertaker counters, sending Edge to the mat. Taker gets back into the ring. Hard right hands from the Undertaker onto Edge. He whips Edge into the turnbuckles but Edge counters with two feet to his face. Vintage Undertaker shines with a 'rope walk' and a two count. Undertaker locks in on Edge's arm and some mire 'rope walking.' Massive arm drag from Undertaker.

    Undertaker sets Edge up in the turnbuckles, he takes a run at him but Edge slides out of the way, sending Undertaker to the outside. The referee starts to count him out. At seven Undertaker gets back to the ring but Edge sends him back to the mat. Resume the count out. At five Undertaker gets to the apron but Edge connects a baseball slide.

    Edge gets out of the ring and goes to work on Undertaker. He goes in the ring and clears the count, he goes back to the outside, and back in again. Undertaker is staggering on the outside as the referee starts another count out. Undertaker finally gets back in the ring. Edge goes after him with right hands. Edge buries his head into Undertaker's midsection. Edge stomps away at Undertaker's face. Edge is in complete control of the Challenger.

    Undertaker counters with right hands but Edge is able to counter with a cross body. Edge uses some hard right hands and hits a perfect dropkick. Edge to the top rope, Undertaker gets up and throws him off. Edge takes a hard bump to the outside, and than dives over the top rope onto Edge! The crowd pops as both men are down on the outside near the bottom of the ramp.

    Undertaker sets Edge up who is laying in the ring with his head on the apron. Undertaker nails a vintage leg drop (Coachman called it a drop kick). Undertaker gets a two count on the Champion. Undertaker gets Edge back to his feet, goes for the Last Ride but he couldn't get Edge up. Edge connects a boot to Undertaker's face. Edge gets a two count.

    Now on the outside, Edge picks Undertaker up and throws him to the outside. Undertaker is down in the front row of the crowd. Edge grabs a hold of Undertaker and rolls him back into the ring. Edge gets a two count. Edge locks a half Boston Crab on Undertaker. The referee checks for submission.

    Undertaker finally is able to break the hold but Edge immediately goes back to work on the leg of the Undertaker. Undertaker gets back to his feet and the two exchange right hands. It's a brawl as the right hands are exchanged. Undertaker whips Edge into the ropes. He connects a splash on Edge. Undertaker hits Snake Eyes but Edge counters with another excellent drop kick. Two count from Edge onto Undertaker.

    Edge goes off the top rope but lands in a chokeslam attempt. Edge counters out, but Undertaker tries again. Edge counters again, this time with a DDT. Edge gets a near fall two count. Edge goes for the Speer but runs into a boot from Undertaker. Chokeslam on Edge but it is only good for a two count!!!

    Rope walk' attempt from Undertaker but Edge counters. Sitting on the top rope, Undertaker is defenseless at Edge's attack. Edge gets on the top rope and hits a superplex. Both men are down, but Edge gets up for the cover. Two count. Edge nails a couple of right hands on Undertaker. He goes to work on him in the turnbuckle. Undertaker counters and goes for the Last Ride. Edge counters again with a neckbreaker and a two count.

    Edge whips Undertaker into the ropes, but Undertaker counters. Finally Undertaker hits Last Ride. Coach says we're going to have a new World Heavyweight Champion, but Undertaker only gets a two count. Undertaker does his trademark 'cut throat' signal as he picks Edge up. Edge counters with another neckbreaker. Edge gets a two count. Frustration fills the eyes of the World Champion.

    Undertaker whips Edge off the ropes and nails a stiff right boot. Time to 'rope walk' again with Undertaker. This time he connects on Edge. Edge ducks Undertaker's kick attempt but he knocks out the official. Edge ends up taking control of the match. He leans over Undertaker and talks trash to him but Undertaker grabs him by the throat. Edge hits a low blow with the official knocked out. Edge knocks the camera man at ringside down and grabs the camera. He brings it in the ring and hist Undertaker with it.

    Somehow Undertaker is able to get to his feet. Edge goes for a Tombstone but Undertaker counters and hits the Tombstone himself. Undertaker makes the cover as a new official runs to ringside. It's Charles Robinson but he can't get there quick enough. Two count!!!

    Ryder and Hawkins come out but Undertaker takes care of them. Undertaker turns around and gets a Spear from Edge. Undertaker kicks out of a two count! The crowd is coming alive. Edge hits another Spear!!! Wait, Undertaker locks his new inverted triangle submission hold!

    Edge try in anyway to reach the ropes but finally taps! Edge taps, Edge taps, Edge taps!!! Undertaker is your new World Heavyweight Champion!

    Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Undertaker

    Fireworks go crazy as Undertaker celebrates in the ring with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And the show went off the air

    SoURCE :

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