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    Thumbs up ** SPOILERS ** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results - Mar 21, 08

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    Pre-Show Notes:

    - I am told that there is a briefcase on a cable hanging above the ring.

    Dark Match:

    Vladamir Kozlov b. Jamie Noble with some type of inverted clothesline maneuver.

    WWE SmackDown: (Air date 3/20)
    Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi

    Batista comes out to a huge pop from the crowd to open the show.

    (1) Batista b. Deuce & Domino in a total squash match. Batista hit a Batista Bomb on Domino to get the win.

    A backstage segment airs with Cherry talking trash. ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. Undertaker is announced for later tonight.

    Teddy Long announced that tonight's Diva competition between Cherry, Eve, Michelle McCool and Victoria will be an arm wrestling match. The arm wrestling table was setup in the ring. Victoria beat Eve, Michelle McCool beat Cherry. Michelle McCool beat Victoria. Victoria is the diva eliminated by the fans. Victoria attacks Michelle but she is able to counter and Victoria gets knocked to the outside.

    (2) Big Show b. Andy Douglas, Chase Stevens, & an unknown wrestler in a total squash match. Big Show nailed a right hand on Chase Stevens to get the victory.

    (3) World Heavyweight Champion Edge b. Funaki in a squash match. Edge mocked Undertaker by picking up Funaki and hitting a Tombstone.

    The briefcase above the ring on the cable was for MVP's VIP Lounge which is up next. Chris Jericho is announced as the guest. The segment features a lot of verbal sparring. Jericho plays with MVP's name calling him a zit, loser, and a jackass. MVP ends up climbing the ladder and Jericho pushes him off.

    (4) Kane vs. Chuck Palumbo ends in no contest. The Great Khali comes out and gives Kane a hard chop and then a tree slam to both. Mark Henry comes out and takes out Khali. He hits a splash on Palumbo and the World's Strongest Slam on Kane. Big Daddy V was not featured in the segment.

    (5) WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison b. Jesse & Festus to retain. Jesse takes a pretty big beating before Festus gets the tag and cleans house. Festus ends up getting thrown out of the ring. The Miz scored the pinfall on Jesse after he hit the Reality Check.

    (6) The Undertaker b. ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero in a non-title match via submission. Undertaker dominated throughout until he ended up choking Chavo out. After the match, Edge hits the ring along with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Undertaker attempts a chokeslam on one of the Edgeheads but Edge hits the Spear. All three beat Undertaker up in the ring with chairs.

    The following will probably not be shown on television:

    Batista comes out to make the save. Undertaker and Batista re-gain control as Undertaker gives Edge a Tombstone.




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