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    Cool Smackdown Spoilers for 18/4/2008

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    Smackdown Spoilers for 18/4/2008
    Highlight Reel with Batista. Jericho talks about how Batista would have loved to have been the man to retire Flair, Batista gets pissed and hits Jericho with the Batista Bomb and leaves.

    - Matt Hardy came down for commentary. Dreamer was in the ring awaiting MVP. MVP defeated Dreamer.

    - Chavo (with his bodyguard) defeated Jamie Noble

    - Big Show defeated Mark Henry via DQ after Khali came down. Post match Khali slammed the Big Show, was quite the sight live!

    - Cherry defeated Victoria. This match was long and boring; the crowd did pop huge for the finish though.

    - The Russian dude defeated Leroy Kidcade. Kidcade got a huge pop when they announced he was from London.

    - Batista and Undertaker went to a count-out finish. The crowd were almost 100% behind Taker, Batista got a lot of boos all night. Edge and his geeks were at ringside. After the match, Taker pulled Edge over the rail and beat on him. The geeks came in, so did Chavo and his bodyguard but Big Dave and Taker fought them off. Vickie came out to so much heat and made a re-match for the World Title next week between Batista and the Undertaker.

    aww thanks payal, luv ya too.

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