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    Exclamation Stop SOPA and PIPA - Help Us !

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    Let me explain some basics about two new bills being considered by our lawmakers in Washington.

    First there is SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) a bill that's in commitee being considered by the House of Representatives. Then there is PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) being considered by the Senate. Both bills are intended to deal with copyright infringement and online piracy. The target is mainly software, music, and movie download and streaming sites.

    The intention to stop piracy is likely a very good one. Part of the reason why these bills exist and have some support. Large corporations like the movie and music industry want these passed asap.

    SOPA has been delayed in committee due to opposition to the bill from internet leaders such as Google. The bill can still be reworded and voted on in the future and thus it's still a threat to internet freedoms.

    PIPA is even more dangerous to the internet as it's being voted on January 24th. That's one week away. So no time can be wasted showing support to oppose this bill.

    Now without going into a vast post about legalese and the wording problems with these bills I will just get right to the point.

    If either bill is passed it can stifle internet freedoms by shutting down sites without due process. The government will have additional powers to seize domains that it feels violate PIPA/SOPA. It's a shoot first and ask questions later process. We can't have that in America. It's not the intent of our judicial system to allow government this power. Many believe the bills violate our First Amendment freedom of speech rights. But do we want to wait till it's passed and fight in the courts for a repeal? Or do we want to oppose this now and make sure it never gets passed in the first place.

    I encourage every American citizen opposing these bills to contact their local representative in both House and Senate expressing your opposition.

    Here is an excellent website to begin your research and prevent this bill.

    What are you waiting for?


    Please note even if you are not American, sign this petition to stop the act as this will effect you as well. If you are not part of the US, just use the information below.

    First Name: Enter anything you want.
    Last Name: Enter anything you want.
    Zip Code: 60016, 60193, 60173 (Enter any one of those)
    Email: Enter your email.

    Thank you and please help stop this.

    Watch this video as it explains what will SOPA and PIPA do.



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