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    Default How to rip DVD to ISO Image and Burn ISO to DVD or CD?

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    Many people may have bulks of DVD discs and get trouble to find the DVD they are seeking for, or download many ISO files from internet and try to backup these ISO image files. And this step-by-step guide will exactly show you how to rip DVD to ISO image files so that you can backup your DVD on PC and manage your files easily. Meanwhile, this guide also is a demo tells you how to burn ISO files to DVD or CD so you can backup your important files.
    To do these, we need third part software to help us; here we take Wondershare ISO Burner as an example. This software can rip your favorite DVDs (including protected DVD with CSS, RC or RCE) to ISO image files and burn ISO images files to DVD/CD. Furthermore, you will get some tips of using this ISO burner to easily rip DVD or burn DVD. You will get the following three parts in this guide.
    1. How to rip DVD (including CSS, RC and RCE protected DVDs) to ISO image files?
    2. How to burn ISO image files to DVD/CD?
    3. How to make management of your ISO image files?
    Before stating this guide, Please download Wondershare ISO Burner , run and install it.
    1. How to rip DVD (including CSS, RC and RCE protected DVDs) to ISO image files?
    With only the following 4 steps, you can easily rip your favorite DVDs to ISO image files for storage and playing on your PC.

    Step 1: Import DVD files
    Clickto import DVD files in the pop-up window.
    Step 2: Select DVD file
    You are allowed to select DVD-Rom or DVD folder in “Tpye” drop-down list.
    Step 3: Select target path
    You are allowed to specify target path of target file in “Save as” textbox.
    Note: Both Source File Size and Target File Size will be automatically listed by the application. So you should make sure that there enough space in target path you have specified.
    Step 4: Start conversion
    CLICK to start converting ISO file.
    Tip: The temporary file will be automatically generated by the program during the process of conversion. You are allowed to specify the Buffer Directory and make choice about whether to delete the temporary file.
    2. How to burn ISO image files to DVD/CD?
    With This ISO Burner, you can easily burn ISO image files to DVD/CD disc including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, CD-RW,CD+R, and CD-R.

    to open “Add ISO” window.
    Step 2: Select ISO file in the “Add ISO” window.
    Step 3: CLICK
    to add ISO file. The selected ISO file will be automatically listed in the file list window.
    Step 4: CLICK to start burning after inserting a black DVD/CD disc.
    3. How to make management of your ISO image files?
    After adding ISO files into the file list window, you are allowed to have a good and full control of your ISO files by sorting, customizing file information etc in an easy way.
    You are allowed to sort ISO files by genre or rating on the left of the main interface.
    You are also allowed to edit file information such as the name, rating, year, language etc on the file information editing panel on the bottom of the main interface.

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