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    Talking 10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop

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    1. Picnik

    Arguably, Picnik is the most popular web-based photo editor. Why? Because it’s now integrated with Flickr.

    2. Splashup

    Very polished interface. Tools and palettes are modeled after Photoshop. And it has layers!

    3. Phoenix

    Part of the Aviary suite of creative apps, Phoenix also offers layers and compositing.

    4. Photoshop Express

    Adobe was a little late to the web-apps game, but this is a pretty good first try. I like the free 2GB of space. Unlike the real Photoshop, this web version has no ability to layer or composite images.

    5. Snipshot

    Nice, simple, and clear interface, with no ads at all.

    6. flauntR

    flautR offers a cornucopia of image tools, boasting thousands of photo effects. If you want to make your photo look like a cheezy painting, this is the place.

    7. Pic Resize

    Another ad-free editor. I love the huge buttons.

    8. Pixenate

    Hmm… looks like Pixenate was “inspired” by Pic Resize. The icons and ads are annoyingly awful, but the app works.

    9. FotoFlexer

    Another simple interface. This one enables you to composite and “layer” images but without using a traditional layers palette. Instead, you can drag the photos and “push” them back or forward.

    10. Phixr

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