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    What Becomes a Legend Most A Biography of Richard Avedon by Philip Gefter
    epub | 29.44 MB | English | Isbn:0062442716 |
    Author: Philip Gefter | PAge: 660 | Year: 2020


    The first definitive biography of Richard Avedon, one of the most monumental and influential photographers and artists of the twentieth century, from award-winning photography critic Philip Gefter.
    In his acclaimed photographs, Richard Avedon captured the most iconic figures of the twentieth century in his starkly bold, intimately minimal, and forensic visual style. His work for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and The New Yorker transformed ideals of women's fashion, culture, and femininity and became the defining look of an era. Yet, in Avedon's lifetime, he was condescendingly dismissed as a "celebrity photographer."
    What Becomes a Legend Most is the first definitive biography of this legend-an intensely driven man who endured personal and professional prejudice, struggled with intense insecurities, and mounted an existential lifelong battle to be recognized as an artist. Philip Gefter builds on archival research and exclusive interviews with those...
    Category:Professional Photography, Fashion Photography, Biographies of Artists, Architects & Photographers

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