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    Default Mridu Khullar Relph - Higher Paying Freelance Clients

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    Mridu Khullar Relph - Higher Paying Freelance Clients | 1.36 GB
    Want to get higher-paying clients who love what you do, pay you to keep doing it repeatedly, and are a delight to work with?
    Over several hours of deep dive learning, plus unlimited e-mail support from me, I'm going to show you how to get your marketing DONE every day, with ease and efficiency.

    I'm going to help you take the overwhelm and the resistance out of your marketing efforts so that you can finally see your freelancing career grow consistently and have FUN as you do so!

    We'll be looking at:
    - how to create time for marketing in your week
    - how to do it easily, efficiently, and with the best results
    - how to weed out the low-paying clients and focus on higher-paying ones
    - the daily habits you need in order to grow your client base consistently
    - finding editors and clients who are the right fit for you and your goals
    - doing more of the writing that you love and enjoy
    - getting assignments and receiving money weekly
    - getting it all done by utilizing your natural skills and talents
    - letting it be FUN!

    Because isn't it time you stopped making it so damn hard?
    If you're ready to grow your freelancing career, take the fear and resistance out of marketing, and start working with people you respect, this course is for you.


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    Default Glenn Ackerman - Energy Awareness Training 2020

    Glenn Ackerman - Energy Awareness Training 2020 | 3.24 GB
    You will:
    - Clear out and release all the stress of the week
    - Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings
    - Let go of all your anxiety, worry and fears

    - Reduce and delete emotional distress
    - Remove success blocks and self-sabotage
    - Feel empowered and energized
    - Increase your self-confidence and personal power
    - Dramatically increase your recovery from any addiction
    - Experience the energy/ecstasy/empowerment process
    - Feel the presence of higher power
    Using the latest research and tools in spirituality, recovery, energy medicine and personal development, Glenn has created an amazing experience where you can relieve your stress, let go of negative or stuck energy and low-vibration frequencies, and then experience a profound shift as he raises your energy to a very high vibration. In this state, you will experience total bliss as you connect to your full potential self and become one with Divine power. Here, you are unlimited and anything is possible, so manifesting the life that you desire becomes easy and effortless.

    Content of the Energy Transformation Program:
    - What is high vibration and low vibration energy?
    - How can you tell the difference between high vibration and low vibration energy?
    - How can you detect holding patterns or a lock-in state of low vibration energy?
    - How can you dissolve low vibration energy
    - How can you resonate with and attract high vibration energy?
    - How can you begin the work of energy transformation in your life? (1. meditation, 2. breathing, 3. mental, and 4. relaxation exercises)

    Benefits of the Energy Transformation Program:
    - You'll develop energy awareness and energy consciousness
    - You'll be able to determine how much of yourself is high vibration energy versus low vibration energy
    - You'll be able to understand how both low vibration energy and high vibration energy affect you
    - You'll be able to determine which experiences from your past are currently attracting low vibration energy into your life
    - You'll be able to identify holding-patterns of low vibration energy that are currently preventing you from expanding and growing
    - You'll learn to release low-vibration holding patterns
    - You'll learn to resonate with high vibration energy and attract more high vibration energy into your life
    - You'll learn practices which will allow you to work on yourself on a daily basis wherever you are: meditative practice, breathing practice, relaxation practice, and mental work


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    Default Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K

    Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K | 2.99 GB
    Write Converting Copy, Get High-Paying Clients & Kickstart Your Dream Writer's Life in 8 Weeks

    What You Get:
    9-page PDF we've NEVER released before

    Over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates you can start using to attract, filter and close paid clients.
    This is broken out into 4 "Phases", as follows:
    1. Completely Cold Client Template
    2. Semi-Cold Client Template
    3. How to Get a Client on the Phone
    4. 27-Step Phone Sales Script to Close a Client on the Spot

    WEEK #1: Trust the Process (It Works)
    - The 1 thing that sets apart our most successful students
    - How to triple your rates overnight with ZERO stress
    - Why "thinking small" is better than big goals (& why momentum is your ultimate friend)
    - The ONLY benchmark you should be measuring yourself with (hint: it's not money)
    - Try on these free "new clothes" to INSTANTLY skyrocket your self-belief (Gary Bencivenga did this)
    - Ning's "Go Gangster" secret to harnessing your inner fire. and why timing is everything

    WEEK #2: How to Land High Paying Clients Even if You Have ZERO Experience
    - How Ning's girlfriend - who had no experience - blew past the objections most high-paying clients have with new copywriters
    - Why branding matters
    - Forget the laws of "normal" jobs - they do NOT govern the laws of freelancing
    - CAUTION: perfectionism can kill you in this game. here's why "good enough" is better than perfect (plus how to know where the line is)
    - Nike was right, JUST DO THE THING (like this) & watch your career take off
    - The 3 immutable phases of client interaction (and why offering prospects "snacks" is the BEST way to take the next step)
    - Charge this amount per email - down to the dollar - based on your skill level
    - Afraid of taking on projects you can't DELIVER? We explain why it's not as scary or risky as you think
    - How my crazy fire walk with the legend David Deutsche PROVES you can turn a shit sandwich into gold

    WEEK #3: Over the Shoulder - Ning Writes an Email from Scratch PLUS How to Outline a Sales Letter
    - WATCH: we transform a student's random email idea into client-ready copy in 7 minutes
    - What you absolutely CANNOT FORGET in your first line of email copy (non-negotiable)
    - Non-intuitive tip to maximizing email conversions with 1 type of photo
    - "How HARD should I sell in my email?" <<< answered
    - 7 ways to pull great email ideas from any sales page. and pitch them to a cold client
    - The #1 question to ask before writing a single word of copy
    - Where to find your audience's deepest secrets to push their hot-buttons and make them buy (not Facebook or Amazon reviews)
    - How long to spend on research
    - LOOK PAGE-BY PAGE INSIDE THIS DOC: research document of a winning health supplement control. the exact questions Ning asked. where he found the answers. how to do this with any project
    - The 2-pronged mechanism approach to TRULY differentiate your product from everything else out there
    - Why "just sitting down to write copy" is a ROOKIE MOVE (do this instead)

    WEEK #4: How to Create & Foster Meaningful (& Profitable) Relationships in the Industry
    - The inevitable "dip" you'll roll up to in ANY phase of your freelancing & how to cruise through it intact
    - The "hockey stick" success myth
    - EASIEST way to differentiate yourself from other copywriters - this requires no skill
    - Why learning to surf is just like copy (& just as fun when you master it)
    - #1 mental mistake copywriters make & what NEVER to tie your self worth to
    - The "Squeaky wheel" technique: a simple follow-up reframe Austin used to land several clients who seemed 'dead'
    - How books, podcasts & blogs have "mileage" you can use to squeeze more money out of everything you learn (3 specific tips for how to do this)
    - The likeability dilemma: authentic way to build rapport. get clients who like you. and earn more working with people YOU actually like
    - Do you forget what you learned in that last podcast? So did we: until we started using this virtuous cycle trick

    WEEK #5: Funnel Architecture & the Key Pillar of Direct Response-Driven Businesses
    - UNDER THE HOOD OF A $20 MIL BIZ: see real conversion numbers, click thru rates, ad spend economics of a profitable publishing business - 95% of copywriters don't understand this
    - CPAs. true CPAs. AOV. ROAS. and other direct response acronyms: explained
    - Starbucks REAL success secret. why their coffee doesn't matter. and why to laser-focus your resources on building the same asset
    - What "customer acquisition" really means & why it makes or breaks a business
    - The #1 motivation behind everyone in the direct response game (besides money)
    - Little-known ways to help your client (or yourself) with optimization
    - Why NEVER to give an ounce of energy to a "MF" result when you test copy
    - 7-Phase funnel breakdown of an 8-figure financial publishing company
    - Which upsell is the most important and why to focus 80% of your energy there

    WEEK #6: Grease the Slope: Sentence Structure, Grammar & Clarity - Simplified
    - The reason Austin loves dog-shit first drafts (seriously, here's why to be "proud of poo")
    - WHEN the real magic actually happens in your copy
    - 3 key "focus zones" when you edit & the 3 most powerful verb tenses
    - Active vs. passive voice: simplified
    - The 1 scenario when you should use passive voice and how to use it right
    - Why "digestibility" is paramount to conversions

    WEEK #7: Cut Your Writing Time in HALF with These Research & Outline Hacks
    - A mushroom trip "a-ha" moment Ning had that melts away writing blocks
    - Down to the bullet how Austin structured a $1.7 Million promotion for Agora Financial
    - Why "A.V." is a better way to structure sales letters than "order of objections"
    - Copywriting is as much about VISUALS as WORDS - and we don't just mean photo / video
    - The Dig Agency's #1 Outlining Secret to Writing a Sales Letter with Maximum Profit Power
    - The reason I've not been focusing on technical copy lately & the 1 thing I AM that's doubled my skill
    - When to write freely without a destination in mind
    - Why, how & when to "Conceal your hand" and suck readers deeper into your copy
    - Line-by-line lead breakdown of a multi-million dollar control we wrote
    - Curveball Copy: the rarely understood skill of being unexpected in your copy to boost readership and conversions

    WEEK #8: Blazing Ahead: Forming High-Value Relationships by Getting Better
    - How to get into America's top internet marketing conference - FREE! All the highest-paying clients show up.
    - The simplest way to keep improving with the Swiss Army tool you just developed
    - How to identify high value people & genuinely connect with them
    - Exactly how Austin went from unknown copywriter >> to $110/hr. on Upwork >> to a key introduction from Kevin Rogers
    - When you pass this "rollercoaster threshold" - people can't wait to coach you. mentor you. and hire you instantly.
    - The question to "ask the world" (tells you if you're ready to step up to the big leagues)
    - FEAR of sharing your work slows down your progress (easy fix shuts up that voice)

    Inside every week, you'll get:
    - HD VIDEO LESSONS: full HD videos you can stream from your laptop or phone, with playback speed control so you can learn at your pace
    - WORKSHEETS, SLIDES & PDFS: if the video has slides, or discusses a certain piece of swipe, you'll get a file to follow along. Or, if there's a link to something, we'll include that inside your portal.


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    Default Julie Stoian - Funnel Gorgeous Bundle + Offer Cure, Funnel RX (Update 2)

    Julie Stoian - Funnel Gorgeous Bundle + Offer Cure, Funnel RX (Update 2) | 20.26 GB
    Creating an irresistible offer for 2020 but need help launching it to the world?
    Launch Gorgeous is a 12 Week, Step-by-Step 'Done Together' Program Helping You Create Repeatable and Profitable Launch Campaigns That Sell Your Digital Products

    This live program will help you sell, even when you aren't actually selling. using proven launch strategies. This works whether:
    - You're selling a digital course, a membership site, or a coaching program.
    - You have a tiny list or NO list (fact: our most successful students start with a zero list)
    - You use organic or paid traffic.
    - You're launching your first or 50th digital offer.

    As with all our products, during each phase you'll get an all-meat, no-fluff training, homework assignments, and our signature shortcuts that ensure by the end of the program, you are READY to open the doors and launch your offer.
    Over the last two years, we've had thousands of our students implement these doable strategies and yield profitable results, not to mention the results we've had in our own business too!
    We've tested and perfected the launch process to make sure what you're getting access to is fully optimized for your launch success.
    FACT: Our last launch yielded over $125,000 in sales in just 7 days, on a $197 product!
    Build Your
    (Hungry) Audience
    Repeat after us.
    "Never build your offer in a vacuum" - This is why 9 out of 10 launches fail.
    Build a warm (hungry) audience a.k.a an email list of primed prospects who are engaged, excited, and can't wait to devour your paid offers. instead of you launching to crickets or waking up to Zero payment notifications.
    Do this right and you can look forward to celebratory champagne clinks instead of drinking to calm the PTSDs.
    By the end of this phase, you'll be actively growing an audience.
    Lock In Your Profitable

    Launch Campaign Strategy
    Webinar? Video series? Emails? Oh My!
    Say goodbye to decision overwhelm as we help you get Swarovski clear clarity on a launch campaign strategy that works for you.
    You'll know exactly what daily step(s) to execute for your pre-launch, launch and post launch without feeling bouts of paranoia because you're afraid you've forgotten to "take care of something".
    By the end of this phase, your entire launch plan will be built in impeccable detail.
    Craft Your Profitable

    Offer Design
    Launch with uber confidence when you do one of two things in this phase:
    1. Construct an irresistible offer from scratch
    2. Improve an existing offer so compelling prospects can't say no.
    A great offer is the difference between your head hitting the pillow the night before cart opens, dreaming of a flurry of payment notifications and laying awake incessantly worrying "is my offer good enough?" (Trust us, you don't want that).
    By the end of this phase, you'll have your offer and "Minimum Viable Funnel" built and ready to go.
    Turn On The
    (Non-Fake-Urgency) Pressure
    Learn how to build viral worthy online buzz well in advance of your actual product launch. Use our anticipation and pressure building strategies so you know exactly what to say (in your sales and marketing copy) and make your launch announcement with a bang.
    The good news? You won't need boatloads of cash, an Eiffel tower photoshoot, or the personality of a slick oiled used car salesman to "pressure" your leads to buy.
    Warning: These strategies will cause mass hysteria breakouts (read: a frenzy of signups on your waitlist page followed by conversions on your sales page)
    By the end of this phase, you will be engaging with your audience, building pressure, and getting people excited to buy.

    Launch Plan Execution & Delivery
    Create a rock solid plan to deliver "the goods" in a timely (and non-overwhelming) manner.
    Here's the thing with failed launches: It's either that they're content heavy and marketing sparse or vice versa. For a successful launch, you'll need the perfect balance of both.
    In this module you'll learn exactly when and how to release each product with clockwork precision (and without losing your mind).
    By the end of this phase, you'll be prepared to handle all the details of your launch week, including onboarding and customer service questions and inquiries.
    3. 2. 1.

    Buckle your've got all the pieces of your launch together and it's time for blastoff.
    Together we'll map out exactly what will happen during launch week all the way down to frenzy generating social media posts, high converting emails, stories that are memorable and hook the readers, pull at their heartstrings, and ethically charm them to open their wallets!
    Dig into a treasure trove of highly curated swipe files, templates, checklists, and case studies to ensure there are no launch failures.
    By the end of this phase, you'll have CUSTOMERS! Your launch will be blasted off and money will be coming in.

    - "Launch Gorgeous Program (Value $3,000)
    - "Offer Cure (Value $37)
    - "Funnel Rx (Value $97)
    - " $500 to Spend in FG Store (Value $500)
    - " Bonus Funnel Gorgeous Hoodie (Value $50)
    - " One Raffle Entry to Win Grand Prize (Priceless)

    All the Swipeables you need including:
    - Trello Boards
    - Swipe Copy
    - Hook and Campaign Ideas
    - Sample Subject Lines and more!
    BONUS 1: Pop Up Facebook Group (value $1000)
    BONUS 2: The Ultimate Funnel Gorgeous Backdoor Access! (value $500)
    BONUS 3: 12 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions (value $2000)


    Link Download
    Download Via Rapidgator
    Download file JulieStoianFunnelGorgeousBundle

    Download Via UploadGig

    Download Via Nitroflare'

    Julie Stoian & Cathy - Funnel Gorgeous
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    Default Nick Ortner - 7 Weeks to Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment

    Nick Ortner - 7 Weeks to Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment | 7.11 GB
    In this program, we are not only going to transform your experience with money and success, we are also going to focus on creating more abundance and deep passionate joy.

    What You Get:
    - Module 1: Overcoming Overwhelm
    - Module 2: What Are You Really After?
    - Module 3: Quieting the Critical Voice
    - Module 4: Money & Your Past
    - Module 5: Ending Procrastination & Self-Sabotage
    - Module 6: Standing Out in the World
    - Module 7: Outrageous Dreams

    - Bonus Classes
    - Additional Resources to Dive Deeper
    - Supplemental Bonuses
    - Your Questions Answered


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    Default Mike Shreeve - 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting (Template Pack)

    Mike Shreeve - 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting (Template Pack) | 3.55 GB
    Introducing: 366 Days Of Done-For-You Client Getting
    The Complete Client-Getting Faucet "In A Box"

    What You Get:
    - 3 completely pre-built, fill-in-the-blank client getting faucets you can simply plug your own offers into and tweak for your unique personality, to start getting new clients on autopilot in 2020 . . .
    - 3 distinct, pre-written Lighthouse samples and templates (one corresponding to each client-getting faucet "path") you can use to take the guesswork out of what to offer and start building an audience full of ideal clients fast . . .
    - FB Ad sets and templates based on some of my highest performing ads and powered by 10+ years of copywriting expertise, so you never need to worry about writing high-converting copy for yourself, or hiring a copywriter to do it for you, if you don't want to . . .
    - The very same pre-designed, custom Landing Page templates I use for my clients and my own businesses to maximize opt-ins and build strong, qualified audiences-including strategic copy honed over years of client-getting faucet building . . .
    - Plug-n-play Lighthouse Download pages, completely pre-designed and matched to each distinct path to ensure your leads get a cohesive, professional experience that builds trust.
    - Complete DFY Sales Pages you can plug your packaged knowledge into to drive break-even and passive-income sales, written by a veteran copywriter, to help you create real leverage in your business and raise your effective hourly rate fast . . .
    - DFY Packaged Knowledge Checkout Pages-simply fill-in-the-blanks for the maximum, qualified conversions without the stress . . .
    - 3 completely custom Packaged Knowledge Course Starter Kits, to guide you through creating packaged knowledge products that sell - simply record the content and plug it in to leverage your time and build passive income . . .
    - Automate new discovery calls with DFY "Book A Discovery Call" Pages and never chase a client again - instead, all you need to do is show up ready to serve and on time to speak with potential clients pre-sold on what you have to offer . . .
    - Automatically pre-qualify, prepare, and pre-sell your potential clients while building trust with fill-in-the-blank Thank You Pages for after they book a discovery call with you
    - Miscellaneous templates and DFY copy assets for every part of the client-getting faucet, to ensure your never starting from a blank page or struggling to find the right words . . .
    - Access to "Shared Funnels" inside Clickfunnels, where you can swipe the exact same, proven client-getting faucet pages I use for myself and my clients and get your faucet turned on as fast as possible . . .
    - In-depth walkthrough guides for every tech aspect of the client-getting faucet, from start-to-finish, provided by my own personal funnel building team so you never feel lost or overwhelmed by the building process if you want to build your own client-getting faucet . . .

    Bonus #1 - The Email Writing Toolkit
    If you're looking to build up your passive income as fast as possible then emailing your new list is exactly what you need.

    Bonus #2 -366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting As A Service
    This is a complete guide on how to take all the pre-built, fill-in-the-blank assets you're about to get and use them to create add an in-demand, premium service in your own business.


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    Default Retouching Academy - Skin Retouching Video Course

    Retouching Academy - Skin Retouching Video Course | 3.8 GB
    Skin Retouching Video Course
    Unlike our previous courses that focused on specific retouching tools and techniques - albeit very important ones - this time we take a much more holistic approach and turn our attention to the area that beauty, portrait and fashion retouchers have to excel at the most - skin retouching.

    While it may seem like a narrow focus, the challenges faced by retouchers dealing with skin are broad and diverse, making this subject one of the most difficult to master.
    This course is developed by fashion, beauty & portrait photographer, retoucher and educator Michael Woloszynowicz (Toronto, NYC & LA) and commercial beauty photographer and retoucher Julia Kuzmenko McKim (Los Angeles, CA).
    Please note that this course is exclusively available in an online "streaming" format. Only the bonus materials and practice files are downloadable.

    Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Duration: Over 7 hours
    Videos: 39 video lessons
    Format: Streaming
    Access: Lifetime
    Practice Files: 7 Raw & PSD files photographed by Michael Woloszynowicz & Julia Kuzmenko McKim
    Additional Materials: 2 Custom Action Sets


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    Default Jumpcut - Video Ads Bootcamp

    Jumpcut - Video Ads Bootcamp | 8.64 GB
    Craft Your Own High-converting Video Ad In As Little As 30 Days Using Our Exact Step-By-Step Framework

    What You Get:
    Introduction to Video Ads
    An in-depth, valuable introduction to the little-known world of video ads. Learn some of our "trade secrets."

    The Ad Playbook
    Discover how we went from zero to millions in revenue from paid ads starting with no experience.

    The Elements of a Profitable Video Ad
    Learn the key elements of making high-converting video ads again and again.

    The 4 Foolproof Ad Formulas
    Over the years, we've tested and perfected 4 types of video ads that are proven to work again and again. You can "copy and paste" these campaigns using our templates.

    Creating Entertaining, Informational and Effective Ads
    Get trained on exactly how to structure and write your ads using the same powerful marketing strategies leveraged at Jumpcut.

    Producing Your Ad
    Here's the quickest, easiest way to get your video ad produced without breaking the bank.

    Before You Write
    What to keep in mind before you start writing to set yourself up for success.

    Writing Your Informer Ad
    A step-by-step breakdown of how to craft the perfect "Informer Ad" using our unique ad template.

    Writing your Lifelong Fan Ad
    A step-by-step breakdown of how to craft the perfect "Lifelong Fan Ad" using our unique ad template.

    Writing your Origin Story Ad
    A step-by-step breakdown of how to craft the perfect "Origin Story Ad" using our unique ad template.

    Writing your Opportunity Ad
    A step-by-step breakdown of how to craft the perfect "Opportunity Ad" using our unique ad template.

    Learn the keys to making your ads look great with these simple, but little-known, tips and tricks.

    A brief send off from Kong as you begin launching your new video ads and take your business to a whole new level.

    Bonus 1 - The Ad Playbook Walkthrough
    Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to best utilize the ad playbook templates so you can implement them with ease.

    Bonus 2 - YouTube Ad Campaign Setup
    Learn directly from Jumpcut's Director of User Acquisition how to set up your first YouTube ad campaign.

    Bonus 3 - Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
    Learn directly from Jumpcut's Director of User Acquisition how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign.

    Bonus 4 - Study These Proven Ads
    10 word-for-word ad scripts
    Get a behind-the-scenes look at our best-performing video ads of all time. Collectively, these have generated millions.


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    Default Josh Whiting - Bulletproof Mind

    Josh Whiting - Bulletproof Mind | 3.53 GB
    Eliminate Fear, Doubt & Frustration.
    For Good.

    What You Get:
    Step 1: Understand the Mind
    The Truth about the Mind.
    - The root causes of fear, doubt, frustration and depression and how to eliminate all of them
    - The anatomy of negative thoughts and how to get rid of them
    - Why "positive thinking" doesn't work and what to do instead
    - The science behind why traditional "personal development" doesn't work and continually leaves you searching for more
    - The two ways to get any result in life and which one is guaranteed to leave you feeling better (and actually achieving your goals)
    - How to make lasting changes quickly without meditation, tons of books, conditioning, massive action or forcing yourself

    Step 2: Clear Your Charges
    Eliminate Negative Emotions.
    - 10 Powerful Tools & Processes will take you step by step through eliminating what's holding you back
    - Eliminate any fear including fear of failure, judgment, success, loss, negative thoughts and leave you feeling focused & confident
    - Get rid of self doubt and any negative thought patterns using the self-doubt tool
    - Eliminate all other negative emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, fear & anxiety, self doubt, feeling judged, guilt & shame, Grief & loss, depression & infatuation.
    - Keep the tools forever and use them to keep you focused, resilient and confident as challenges in life arise

    Step 3: Create Your Future
    Get what you want in life.
    - 4 Practical Tools & Processes to help you get everything you want and more
    - Learn why traditional goal setting and "massive action" doesn't work
    - Discover your Greatness process will guide you to uncovering your life purpose
    - Goal Setting Workshop will help you set goals that you will actually achieve (you've never heard it like this)
    - Linking Process will guide you to true alignment and will link your goals to your purpose so you are pulled to achieve them
    - Chunking & Planning Process will guide you to create an actionable, practical game-plan for every area of your life
    - Daily routine & practices for maintaining a bulletproof mind

    12 Bonus Lessons
    Accelerate your progress.
    - Dealing with negative people 101
    - Your mind & time
    - Your mind & money
    - Using your mind to boost your immune system
    - Increase your value & self worth
    - How to stop any unwanted habit
    - How to start any desired habit
    - Recommended reading & programs list
    - The truth about the brain
    - How to learn things incredibly fast
    - The truth about therapists
    - The consistency tracker tool


    Link Download
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    Default Box Strategy - Blue Capital Academy

    Blue Capital Academy - The Box Strategy | 2.89 GB
    Learn how the banks trade & be consistently profitable in the forex markets!

    Blue Capital Academy was founded by traders to help traders. As full time traders, we realized what it takes to provide hands on education to help students change their lives.
    For Advanced Level Traders Only!


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    Default Ben Adkins - Pizza Money System

    Ben Adkins - Pizza Money System | 1.54 GB
    How does our team keep our local business clients happily paying us month after month for a near-effortless service?

    By delivering consistent results that they simply can't turn away.
    If you're currently managing your own digital agency with small business clients, or if you're looking for a simple and mostly 'hands off' business opportunity, then this is for you.
    In Just a Moment, I'm Going to Share Our "Secret" Technique that Offers Results So Tempting, Clients will Happily Pay You $200 per month to Do this For Them.

    Our team has been servicing small business clients for years.
    We've spent a lot of time refining key digital marketing techniques and strategically applying them to local businesses. In doing so, we're able to help our clients attract a steady stream of customers and give their bottom lines a huge boost.
    That's why our clients are so keen to pay for our service and as a result, it has been a lucrative opportunity for a long time. Especially since many local business owners either lack the time or experience to do this themselves. They need people like us!
    .And it's not just us. With so many small business clients requiring this kind assistance, we've helped people just like you find clients and build a substantial business themselves.
    Of course, all has been going well until suddenly a few months ago, the world around us was rocked.

    Due to the lockdowns and people being contained to their homes, many small businesses began to suffer. Even those that could offer delivery or takeout found themselves struggling to stay afloat.
    This is a stark difference to our Restaurant clients who were not only maintaining their sales, they were thriving!
    Though they weren't able to offer their full in-house dining, takeout orders were steadily coming in. Any fear of whether they could weather the storm soon evaporated.
    Now, you're probably wondering.
    "Why were these businesses flourishing while others struggled to cover their rent and utility bills?"
    Thanks to Our "Secret" Marketing Technique, Our Clients Have Successfully
    Attracted a consistent stream of Customers with No Signs of Slowing Down.

    The reason so many restaurants have suffered through the lockdowns is because they rely too heavily on location.
    People have been staying home and without the usual foot traffic out and about, these businesses are failing to attract customers.
    .unlike our clients.
    Here's the thing. People haven't stopped spending because of the lockdowns. But with people stuck at home, there's now a disconnect between businesses and their customer base. Consumers have a short attention span and are quick to do business with whoever grabs their attention.
    This is why it is vital that businesses, especially restaurants, stay in constant communication with their customer base. Our strategy allows them to do exactly that.
    Although our clients are thriving, there are so many businesses still out there suffering. That's where YOU come in.
    Right Now, You Have a Rare Opportunity to Provide a Critical Service to Businesses in Need and in Doing So, Build an Insanely Lucrative Business for Yourself.

    Look at it this way.
    The looming dark cloud of uncertainty will not go away any time soon. The pandemic is a highly delicate situation and at any time, we could be forced into closure. This weighs heavily on the shoulders of small business owners.
    With that in mind, this couldn't be a more perfect opportunity for you to dive in and help them.
    These businesses are desperate and frankly, your help could be the difference between whether they can keep their doors open or be forced to close permanently.
    Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of responsibility, but the truth is, you can bring a flood of customers into their business with very little work on your part!
    And best of all? Clients will gladly pay you $200/month to do this for them! No I'm not kidding. This is actually what small business clients pay for this service.


    Link Download
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    NitroFlare - Upload Files
    NitroFlare - Upload Files

    Download Via Rapidgator
    Download file BenAdkinsPizzaMoneySystem
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    Default MasterClass - Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone

    MasterClass - Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone | 1.78 GB
    Beloved style icon and Queer Eye cohost Tan France has styled thousands of people on and off camera over the past 20 years. Now he's sharing his comprehensive and transformational approach to developing your own personal style. Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe; select colors, shapes, and patterns that work for your body and your unique personality; and discover the confidence to look and feel your best, every day.

    12 video lessons (2h 19m)
    Browse Lesson Plan
    1. Meet Your Instructor
    Tan France is an internationally celebrated stylist, designer, and cohost of Queer Eye and Next in Fashion. In his MasterClass, Tan teaches you how to find your personal style and build a wardrobe that fits your life.
    2. The Rules of Great Style
    Tan reveals the simple but critical rules for great style, including why style is for everyone, why you should know your proportions, and when to let go of the rules.
    3. Capsule Wardrobe
    Tan walks you through capsule wardrobes for women, men, and nonbinary folks, showing you how to mix and match classic items.
    4. Creating Looks From Your Capsule Wardrobe
    Find out how you can get many looks from a single dress or suit.
    5. Developing Your Personal Style
    Learn where to find inspiration, why style is more important than fashion, how to use mood boards, and how to dress for work.
    6. The Right Fit
    Tan helps you understand proportions, tailoring, and how to achieve flattering cuts in pants and shirts.
    7. Incorporating Color
    Discover the colors that work for you, why some "rules" about color should be ignored, and how to power clash.
    8. Playing With Prints and Textures
    Tan discusses prints and textures, mixing and matching, and playing with the classics.
    9. How to Shop
    Tan shares how to use a mood board, how to shop in a store and online, the benefits of department stores, how to buy jeans, and how to go vintage shopping.
    10. Behind The Scenes of Queer Eye
    Tan invites you behind the scenes of Queer Eye to show you how he styles the heroes and how you can "Queer Eye" yourself.
    11. Staying Current
    Learn how to tend to your style, navigate trends, and make "mistakes."
    12. Owning It


    Link Download
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    Default MindValley - Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas

    MindValley - Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas | 9,75 GB
    How To Break Negative Relationship Patterns & Open Your Heart To Love Again
    Introducing Conscious Uncoupling to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Even After
    Conscious Uncoupling is a simple 5-step method to guide you through the process of getting through a breakup.

    Whether you're fresh off a breakup, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with past breakup wounds, Conscious Uncoupling will show you how to heal from the end of a relationship so you can move forward in peace.
    This step-by-step method empowers you - with or without the cooperation and support of your former partner - to honor the love that was shared and move on, free to love and be loved again.
    No matter how challenging the circumstances are surrounding your breakup.
    You will navigate the end of your relationship with grace, dignity and goodwill. And you'll experience profound levels of healing and heart-repair.

    What You'll Learn
    - Protect yourself (and your children if you have them) from further harm
    - Learn to navigate your breakup with dignity, honor and respect, with or without your former partner's cooperation.
    - Resolve obsessive resentment and rage
    - Use one essential tool to so you come to a place of true freedom and completion within your heart.
    - Wake up to your worthiness to love and be loved
    - Even if the person you love is not loving you back in the ways you need them to, you can still reclaim and retain your self-worth through this 5-step process.
    - Come to a place of deep inner peace
    - Resolve your unresolved grief, resentment, guilt, shame, anger or hurt.
    - Graduate from any painful, recurring relational patterns
    - Discover how to turn your heartache into your strength and seize the possibilities you hold for health, happiness and well-being in love moving forward.
    - Restore deep confidence in yourself
    - Learn to trust yourself in love and decisions again, knowing you will never, ever again make the same mistakes.
    - Awaken your power for true happiness in love
    - Discover authentic forgiveness for yourself and others so you can enter your next relationship free of past relationship hurts.


    Link Download
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    Default Bram Kanstein - No Code MVP

    Bram Kanstein - No Code MVP | 2.5 GB
    The fast and cost-effective way to build and validate your startup ideas, without any code.
    Learn the mindset, process and tools to rapidly turn your idea into a first product you can test with real customers, all without knowing or learning how to code.
    Get 8 course videos free
    Got product ideas, but not sure how to get started?

    No problem! This course will boost your idea validation skills with a practical framework to build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and teach you how to build and launch that first product yourself, without code.
    After completing this course, you'll never waste time on the wrong idea again.
    Who it's for
    This course is for anyone who's looking for a hands-on and pragmatic approach to kickstart and validate new startup ideas:
    - Startup Entrepreneurs
    - Product Managers, Marketers and their teams
    - Corporate Innovators & Intrapreneurs
    - Innovation Managers & Directors
    - Small Business Owners
    - Students
    - And yes, developers too!

    This course includes
    - Immediate access to all the content
    - Digital and printable worksheets
    - Assignments to apply your new skills
    - A reading list with in every chapter
    - An introduction to 9 easy to learn no-code tools
    - Step-by-step building guides for 6 real-life No-Code MVP's
    - Actionable and personal feedback on your idea
    - A private student community
    - 5.5 hours of curated and practical knowledge
    - 42 proactive, easy-to-digest 5-20 minute videos
    - $500+ worth of software deals to start your journey
    What you will learn to build in this course
    Not knowing how to code shouldn't stop you from investigating whether your ideas can reach their full potential. Start today.


    Link Download
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    Default Moneyberg Mentoring - Derek Moneyberg

    Derek Moneyburg - Moneyburg Mentoring | 22.4 GB

    Understand Why You Don't Have What You Want in Life: Receive an in depth assessment of your current situation and take responsibility for your outcomes.
    - Overcome The 3 Main Reason For Failure: Proactively create action plans to make sure you avoid failure along your journey and set yourself up to flourish over the next ten weeks!
    - Kill Procrastination And Kick Start Your Productivity: Outsmart your reptilian brain, overcome your procrastination addiction and finally GET SHIT DONE.
    - Maximize Your High Impact Actions: Sift through the endless checklist of tasks in front of your, hone in on the high impact actions, and start moving the needle.

    Fix Your Brain: Understand the mechanisms your brain uses to filter reality and how to hack them to make your brain work for you rather than against you.
    - Recognize The Biases: Receive a comprehensive understanding and detailed analysis of the most common biases affecting your life and costing you millions of dollars.
    - Break Free From Delusion: See past self-induced delusions and view your environment objectively to navigate your REAL (rather than perceived) obstacles to success.
    - Create Bulletproof Mental Frameworks: Receive actionable to preventing these biases from running your life and keeping you pinned to mediocrity.

    Realize You Are Affected: Recognize that your decision making is IS MASSIVELY INFLUENCED by logical issues that prevent you from making effective decisions.
    - Identify The Nine Classes: STOP CRITICAL ERRORS from repeating over and over again in your business because of your INCAPABILITY TO PROPERLY ANALYZE THE SITUATION.
    - Make Effective Decisions: Apply a methodology to make coherently make decisions with confidence knowing you will never again be the point of failure in your organization.
    - Eliminate Your Blindspots: Eliminate the blindspots pin you to a subpar income well below your worth and unleash a lifestyle of financial self-reliance and control.

    - Dominating Your Niche: Identify the nuances in your industry and tailor your plan around them to rise quickly and deliver a knockout blow to your competition.
    - Hurdle Barriers To Entry: Hurdle any and all barriers to entry that would hold your business back and prevent expansion and market domination by you and your firm.
    - Maximize Economic Expansions: MAKE THE ABSOLUTE MOST of a thriving economy instead of sitting by idly and watching others make out like bandits.
    - Become Recession Proof: Aggressively acquire marketshare during recessions while your competition is desperately treading water trying to survive.

    Maximize Your Upside: Tap into the MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL that comes with risk while simultaneously protecting yourself from the downside.
    - Shield Yourself From Systematic And Unsystematic Risk: Become the first in your industry to fully comprehend all types of risk and have ready to go action plans in place.
    - Analyze Your Opportunity Cost: Rank the many opportunities in front of you and execute violently wasting no time overthinking and letting victory slide away.
    - Fortify Your Corporate Structure: Build a structure that fills in its own cracks as it grows so that problems don't scale up with you and you business.

    Communicate REAL Value: Kill your faulty communication habits and instead leverage your skills to start getting exactly what you want in all situations.
    - Anchor Your Value High: Anchor your value high and get pulled towards your destiny and avoid the frustration that comes with making slow, menial progress.
    - Cultivate Relationship Value: Start networking effectively by building genuine connections and creating lifelong allies to that will help multiply your net worth.
    - Create Massive Consumer Surplus: Convert your intangible value into mountains of consumer surplus and become absolutely irresistible to your prospects and clients.

    Manage Your Frame: Stop leaving unanswered questions in your prospect's mind and instead ingrain a crystal clear image of exactly what you and your brand stand for.
    - Establish Unbreakable Positioning: Conquer your own space in the market instead of being a helpless victim to the ruthless forces of the business environment.
    - Dive Deep Into Human Emotions: Develop a deep cognizance of what makes us tick and develop a better solution for your prospect's problems that satisfies all their needs.
    - Skyrocket Your Sales: Better communicate the oodles of consumer surplus you are already providing to your prospect and add jet fuel to your sales cycle.

    Polish Your External Communication: Craft win/win opportunities that potential allies and mentors wouldn't think of walking away from.
    - Start From A Position Of Power: Walk into the negotiation knowing your BATNA and the exact steps you need to take to get to a winning solution.
    - Negotiate Like A Grizzled Pro: Cut years off your learning curve, eliminate beginner mistakes, and negotiate like you have decades of experience!
    - Grow The Pie: Craft value-packed offers and frame them properly so your prospect easily sees you as an avalanche of value heading right for them.

    Create Airtight Financial Accounting Processes: Proactively create systems to manage cashflow and ensure all expenses are covered in the short term to scale efficiently.
    - Diagnose Problems Early On: Find problems in your company like an experienced doctor finds disease and remove them conclusively to prevent snowballing.
    - Master Your Balance Sheet: Be able to assess your company's financial health in a matter of minutes to eliminate all doubt and anxiety you may have.
    - Leverage Intelligently: Never again take out a toxic lean that leaves you at the mercy of a creditor that inevitably stunts all your exciting and lucrative projects.

    - Become The Leader Your Team Needs: Learn how to build a team of effective executors who work together seamlessly.
    - Elicit Massive Buy-In: Create a team that holds itself accountable and works around the clock to make your vision a reality.
    - Attract And Retain Top Talent: Attract the best possible talent and train them to chase down your common goals with relentless efficiency and a positive attitude.
    - Build Strategic Alliances: Attract the key players in your industry to help you build bulletproof alliances and fortify your position at the top of your market for decades to come!


    Link Download
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    Download file DerekMoneyburgMoneyburgMentoring

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    Default Grant Baldwin - Get Inside Booked & Paid to Speak

    Grant Baldwin - Get Inside Booked & Paid to Speak | 9.42 GB
    Learn How to Consistently Find and Book Dream Speaking Engagements That Pay

    What You're Worth
    You have a message you believe in.
    You have the confidence to deliver it from stage.
    And with Booked & Paid to Speak, you'll finally have the system you need to consistently uncover profitable opportunities to share that message, even if.
    You struggle with how much to charge, where to find gigs, and who to contact You've never (or rarely) been paid to speak You don't have a large following, existing platform, or years of experience
    Our students have been booked and paid to speak by organizations like.
    If you've ever thought these 4 little words, you know exactly how it feels to be an aspiring speaker.
    You might not be proud of it.
    You might have resisted thinking it.
    You might even feel a little scared admitting that it's crossed your mind.
    I'm talking about all the times when you've sat in an audience, listened to a speaker on stage, and thought.
    "That should be me."
    (Other acceptable thoughts include,
    "I could do that," and "Is this guy for real - " )
    Listen, when you have a message you're passionate about, those kinds of thoughts don't come from ego or pride. They come from the frustration of KNOWING you have a message people need to hear, but NOT knowing exactly how to get it in front of more people.
    And every time you start gearing yourself up to finally get serious about pursuing more (or your first) paid speaking engagements, some combination of the following happens:
    - Your stomach turns at the thought of having to sell yourself
    - You're not even sure how to contact the mythic "decision makers" who book speakers in the first place
    - When you finally do fire off a few scattered emails to event organizers you hear nothing but crickets or the occasional "no thanks"
    - Your day job-the one that actually pays the bills right now-says, "Hey, remember me - "
    - Between putting together a demo video and a halfway decent website, the tech side of things feels overwhelming
    - Get paid to share a message they're passionate about all over the world
    - Transition from 9-to-5 work to a career that gives them the freedom and flexibility they crave
    - Supplement their existing business with paid speaking engagements (that also feed them a firehose of ideal clients and customers)

    I mention those numbers for two reasons:
    - You deserve to know that I've actually practiced what I preach (and that I'm not just another online "guru")
    - Since starting The Speaker Lab, I've seen over and over how attainable these kinds of career-altering numbers are for people in just about every industry imaginable-even though I never would have thought they were possible for someone like me.
    - "You've got a gift for this sort of thing!"
    - "You really should be a speaker."
    - "I really needed to hear that-thank you."

    The 3-Step Blueprint for Landing Your First (or Next) Paid Speaking Engagement
    No two speaking journeys are ever quite the same, but when you zoom out and look at successful speakers from a high level, you'll see that they consistently nailed these 3 steps.
    Step #1:
    Pinpoint the right problem
    you can solve.
    The #1 mistake I see holding most speakers back is failing to identify-and clearly communicate-the true problem they can solve.
    Whether you're still trying to figure out exactly what you want to speak about or you're an experienced speaker who's been doing it for years, getting this right can make the difference between speaking a few times per year and several times per month.
    So, how do you do it


    Link Download
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    Default Igor Ledochowski - Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending

    Igor Ledochowski - Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending
    WEBRip | English | AVI + MP3 + PDF Guides | 640 x 352 | AVC ~1750 kb/s | 29.970 fps
    MP3 | 160 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | ~21 hours | 18.80 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Self-Improvement
    Mind Bending Language System Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending Language System The Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending Language System consists of the following: Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending Language System - A 14 DVD Set

    DVD 01 - The Foundations for Successful Covert Hypnosis
    DVD 02 - Mind Bending Hypnotic Questions Revealed
    DVD 03 - How to "Spin" People's Minds Into a Deep Trance
    DVD 04 - How to Hypnotically Hijack People's Awareness
    DVD 05 - Instant Ways to Use "Hypnotic Signs" for Quick Changes
    DVD 06 - The New Advanced Covert Hypnosis System
    DVD 07 - Mind Bending Hot Words & Covert Influence
    DVD 08 - How to Use Spontaneous Mind Bending Language Anywhere Anytime with Anyone
    DVD 09 - Finally Overcome Any objection with Mind Bending Reframes
    DVD 10 - How to Be a True Master of Covert Hypnosis
    DVD 11 - How to Easily Install the Mindset of a Master Covert Hypnotist
    DVD 12 - Advanced Covert Hypnosis Strategies
    DVD 13 - Finally Revealed: The Mind Bending Covert Hypnosis Sales Technique
    DVD 14 - Uncovered: The Little Known Secrets of Covert Therapy

    1 Manual in PDF
    1 Complete Transcript in PDF

    3 Bonus DVDs
    Bonus DVD 01 - How to Tune Your Mind to Make Money
    Bonus DVD 02 - The Little Known Secrets of Group Covert Hypnosis
    Bonus DVD 03 - How to Control & Lead Groups of People Quickly & Easily

    3 Bonus CDs on Mind Bending Language & Copywriting with David Garfinkel:
    How To Use Mind Bending Language To Have Instant Irresistible Influence In Your Letters & Emails

    6 Bonus Mind Bending Language - Abundance Inductions/Meditations
    These are 6 powerful inductions with both 5 & 20 minute versions available.

    Intro/MBL - Abundance Interview
    1. Ignoring the Knock on the Door
    2. Prefer Being Right Than Rich ?
    3. Do You Refuse to Stretch Your Dreams ?
    4. Need to Enrich Your Inner Blueprint ?
    5. Walking Around With Your Eyes Shut ?
    6. Need to Take More Action ?

    Special Bonus: 2 CD Set - Special Q & A Session with Igor on Mind Bending Language
    Bonus 3 CD Set - Hypnosis Crash Course
    Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Mind Bending Language Card Decks
    16 CD Audio Set to Accompany the Mind Bending Language Card Decks


    Link Download
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    Download file IgorLedochowskiAdvancedCovertHypnosisMindBending

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    Default Ken Wilber - Evolutionary Dynamics

    Ken Wilber - Evolutionary Dynamics | 50.27 GB
    Discover How to Harness the Evolutionary Forces
    That Influence Your Growth and Potential to
    Make a Greater Impact in Our World

    Evolutionary Dynamics
    A Five-Volume Advanced Training
    Unlock the Power Of Levels/Lines/States/Types/Quadrants
    Evolutionary Dynamics is the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory ever created. This five-volume advanced program guides you, step-by-step, through each of the lenses of the Integral Framework, giving you an incredible opportunity to gain a Masters-level understanding of the evolutionary dynamics that shape your life and our whole reality.
    Once you fully understand and have deeply integrated the interplay of these dynamics in your day-to-day experience, you will no longer be at the whim and will of those forces and can instead channel them to create lasting impact in every area of your own life and in our world.
    Over the 18 months of the program, you will discover how to truly see those dynamics at work in every moment of your own life and in the lives of family, friends and colleagues, enabling you to more quickly adapt to new situations, learn new skills, and leverage new opportunities when they arise.
    The program will provide you with everything you'll need to cultivate and actualize your highest potentials and help others around you do the same.
    With this expanded awareness, that you can to call upon for the rest of your life, a whole new vistas of possibility will open up for you and you will have the capacity to truly become the architect of your own self-transformation.

    Course Information
    Master the integral framework to harness the forces
    that influence human growth and development
    In Ken's Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training Program, you will discover how to skillfully navigate the subtle currents of evolution, allowing you to then begin to work with them to truly "self transform" your life to affect real change in the domains that are most important to you.

    Here Is Everything You'll Receive When You Register
    Volume I: Levels of Development
    In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Levels, you'll dive deep into the 8 stages that are the substratum of all individual and cultural development, Archaic, Magic, Magic/Mythic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Super Integral. Under Ken's mentorship, you'll be guided, step-by-step through the remarkable terrain of each emergent level of human evolution and how they play out in your daily life. In the process you'll discover how these levels subtly operate within your awareness and how they profoundly influence the thoughts, beliefs and actions of all people and communities on our planet. Ken will then show you how to use your knowledge of those levels to help you on your journey to Self-Authorship.
    Volume II: Lines of Development
    In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Lines, you'll take what you learned in Volume One and use it to explore the 7 key lines of human development in exacting detail: Cognitive, Intrapersonal, Emotional/Irrational, Somatic, Moral, Spiritual, and Willpower. With Ken as your guide, you'll discover exactly how each of line of development behaves at each level, and how to be aware of their subtle and not so subtle effects on your behavior and experiences. When you truly understand these forces, you will be able to make a dramatic shift in your moment-to-moment engagement with your life and the world around you.
    Volume III: States of Consciousness
    The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on States is the next step on your journey to self authorship as you take a deep dive with Ken into the 5 states of consciousness: Gross (Waking), Subtle (Dreaming), Causal (Deep Dreamless Sleep), Witness, and Non Dual. Ken will give you a profound and eye-opening tour of each state and show you how each one can be effectively used to accomplish specific goals. Ken will then show you how to use your profound new clarity to further step toward self-authorship in every area of your life.
    Volume IV: Types and Drives
    In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Types, you will expand on everything you've explored so far. With Ken beside you every step of the way, you will embark on a deep exploration of the 4 core types or drives that affect individual expression of evolutionary dynamics: Eros, the upward drive toward transformation), Agape (the downward drive toward embracing love), Agency (horizontal individuation), and Communion (vertical individuation). Ken will dig deep into the intricacies of what these drives are and how they shape our lives and our cultures.
    Volume V: Evolutionary Dimension (Quadrants)
    The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Quadrants is the most profound and game-changing volume of the entire Evolutionary Dynamics Library. It pulls together everything you've learned in the first four volumes and plots the elements within the 4 dimensions or quadrants of reality. With Ken you'll explore the interconnected relationship of each level, line, state, and type within each of the quadrants. This is culmination of your Journey of Self-Authorship where you'll bring together all of the tools in one Masters toolkit you can use to shape and reshape your life, again and again.


    Link Download
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    Download file KenWilberEvolutionaryDynamics

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