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    Default Cold Email Outreach by Oren Klaff

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    Oren Klaff - Cold Email Outreach | 2.4 GB
    This is instant access to the tools to double and triple revenue and create an overflowing pipeline.

    How does it work? By showing you what experienced executives expect to see in your email, and what they will (and won't) respond to. Get 90%+ response rates. If you want a response (and a buyer) from every single email - this is what works.

    Most people think the start of an email is the most important part (it's not) and they blow the deal in the final sentence. Learn how to finish a cold outreach with the correct call to action.

    To get high response rates, you have to know how to write the way people talk, and then how nail the call-to-action.

    These email strategies also include word- for-word scripts that show you exactly what to write, to the point you can copy/paste and just change a few details.

    In just 30 words (about the length of a tweet,) you have to offer your prospect an action that demands very little of him. And it should take him less than 30 seconds to take that action. Learn how to do that now.

    Now you can reach a C-level executive any time you want to (or need to), so you can build a career, sell more product or launch new company.

    This course will rewire the way you approach investors, and show you how to offer them something they can't resist.

    What You Get:
    Module 1: Cold Sales Emails
    Module 2: Getting Attention
    Module 3: Getting Past Gatekeepers
    Module 4: Emailing Investors

    Three Places Cold Outreach Emails Fail
    Reaching C-Level Executives
    Cold email campaign case study
    The Structure of a Good Introduction Email
    The Mindset of a Gatekeeper
    How to Cold Email Investors
    Getting Past the Analyst Frame
    Emailing Potential Employers

    Emailing Hacks - How to Find Hard to Reach People

    Full Scripts Used Successfully by Real Companies
    Easy to Copy Text to Use in Your Next Campaign


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    Default Amazing - SellerCon Orlando 2018

    Amazing - SellerCon Orlando 2018 | 17.1 GB
    Take Your Amazon Business From 4 And 5 Figures To 6, 7, And Even 8 Figures. By Implementing The Strategies That Work Now. Without Having To Leave Your Home To Get Them
    Get Your SellerCon Orlando 2018 Livestreaming Pass And Watch The #1 Conference For Amazon Sellers, Live, Without Having To Reschedule Your Life

    We're just a few days away from SellerCon Orlando 2018.
    And if you want to take your business from where it is now to 6, 7, or even 8 figures and beyond, then you need to hear what our million dollar Amazon sellers and ecommerce experts have to share with you.
    The best part is: you don't have to leave your home to hear them.
    With SellerCon Orlando 2018 Livestreaming Pass:
    You Get Access To All Sessions. Live - you won't miss ANYTHING
    Get Access To All Materials Provided By Speakers - there aren't any restrictions
    There's No Need For You To Reschedule Your Life - you can watch the entire conference from your home or office.

    Some of the strategies you're going to hear are:
    The proven and tested ways to get more traffic
    How to earn even HIGHER rankings on Amazon in 2018
    How to WIN in business through product innovation
    How to automate your business by outsourcing the boring stuff, and only doing things that you love and that matter
    How to use the fastest growing trend online to drive more qualified leads into your business
    How to build a brand media LOVES
    And much more!
    And you'll hear all this and more from some of the most successful Amazon sellers and ecommerce experts today.
    This year, we're taking things to the next level.
    Here are just some of the confirmed speakers for this year's live event in Orlando:


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    Default The Ultimate DaVinci Resolve Bundle by FilmSimplified

    FilmSimplified - The Ultimate DeVinci Resolve Bundle | 20.7 GB
    Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve 14 - Simplified
    This course is the easiest and fastest way to learn color grading in DaVinci Resolve.
    For the absolute beginner. No prior knowledge of DaVinci Resolve, or color grading, is required.
    Regular price $229

    Editing in DaVinci Resolve 14 - Simplified
    Learn how to edit your footage in Resolve.
    Say goodbye to round-tripping and the monthly NLE subscription.
    Regular price $129

    DaVinci Resolve Practice
    Download raw and graded ProRes files. Your job is to try and match them. Then, watch the actual grading sessions and compare that to your approach.
    Regular price $99

    Color Matching - Simplified
    Learning to color match, opens a whole new world of possibilities for you and your clients. It gives you the ability to match the colors of your film to the colors of major Hollywood films.
    Regular price $70

    More than 200 LUTs that utilize our unique modular approach, allowing you to stack LUTs on top of each other to achieve advanced looks, in no time.
    Regular price $120

    Fusion - Simplified
    Fusion is the world's most advanced visual effects and compositing software, and it's been used in over 1000 major Hollywood blockbuster feature films!
    You can create Fusion projects, right from your Resolve timeline, without having to round-trip. Plus Fusion is free!
    Regular price $150

    Fairlight 101
    Fairlight Audio, is the latest addition to Resolve, allowing you to mix and master audio professionally, right from within Resolve.
    This course covers not only Fairlight, but also the basics of digital audio, audio effects and audio mixing.
    Regular price $69

    Link Download:
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    Default Ramit Sethi - Ready Set Evergreen

    Ramit Sethi - Ready Set Evergreen | 600 MB
    The fastest, simplest way to add $4,000/month in automatic revenue to your business
    - We built an evergreen engine that sells millions of dollars of digital courses
    - We do it without expensive software, complicated technology, or paid ads
    - We'll show you what we learned building the system - the tools, the psychology, and the mistakes to avoid - and how to build your own evergreen system

    Ready Set Evergreen is our shortcut program for building a profitable evergreen engine in your business - right now.
    We've included three powerful results from our multi-year, multimillion-dollar evergreen optimization.

    The Evergreen Shortcut
    Ready Set Evergreen gives you the 5 steps to hitting $4,000 per month in automated revenue. Just 5.
    You can - and should - ignore the overly complicated evergreen tactics and diagrams you see online. With our Evergreen Shortcut, you can build your evergreen engine today.

    Evergreen Boosters
    These are the 3 advanced evergreen strategies proven to drive real conversion wins. Once your automated evergreen funnels are driving reliable revenue, use these levers to crank up your results.

    Evergreen Dead Ends
    FACT: Most of the evergreen tactics you find online are a waste of time. After years and millions of dollars in testing, we've discovered which tactics drive evergreen revenue and which are shiny distractions.
    Ready Set Evergreen is the only place to get GrowthLab's official "skip it" list for popular but worthless evergreen tactics.

    How Ready Set Evergreen works
    This shortcut program includes four videos, all of which you get immediate access to once you join. At just 60 minutes, Ready Set Evergreen is designed to be fast and focused - the quickest way for you to set up a profitable evergreen machine in your business.
    The first two videos cover the hard lessons we learned from evergreen and how we look at evergreen funnels today. The second two videos get tactical, showing you specific steps on how to get your funnels working, along with the select few advanced conversion tactics that we always use ourselves.

    What happened when we tried to double evergreen revenue
    What you'll learn
    - The #1 lever for evergreen growth
    - The three core lessons we learned about evergreen after dedicating a full team to optimize our evergreen
    - How we increased our evergreen conversion rates by 35%

    How evergreen really works
    What you'll learn
    - The unspoken truth about "advanced" evergreen funnels
    - How many evergreen funnels you should have - and why
    - The results of our quiz that sorted leads into personalized evergreen funnels

    The Evergreen Shortcut: How to start and grow your evergreen revenue to $4,000 per month
    What you'll learn
    - Why you should never fix a broken funnel in evergreen
    - The 3 most common reasons your evergreen funnel isn't working
    - Benchmark: Conversion rate of a healthy launch funnel
    - The 4 things you need to build a successful evergreen funnel
    - How to make your sales pages open and close when you want them to (2 options)
    - How to pick the right product for your evergreen funnel (and know when you're ready to use it)
    - 5 steps to hitting $4,000/month in evergreen revenue
    - The official evergreen "skip it" list - Don't waste your time on these 5 popular tactics

    Advanced Evergreen - Where to go from here
    What you'll learn
    - 3 advanced tactics that always increase your evergreen revenue, including our top strategy, which boosts evergreen revenue by 35%
    - Discover the easy strategy for adding 10% revenue to your evergreen and launches


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    Default Gonzalo Paternoster - Stress-Free Systems

    Gonzalo Paternoster - Stress-Free Systems | 3.12 GB
    The No-Fluff, Step-By-Step Method to Put Your Business on Autopilot
    You want a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. The problem is, YOU are your company's most valuable employee. I'd be willing to bet, you can relate to at least one of these 5 scenarios:

    Exhausted from constantly putting out fires.
    Overwhelmed with all the crap that needs to get done.
    Hate hearing or saying "Oops, I Forgot!" - because things fall through the cracks.
    Stressed out. and let your personal life go to shit (Free time, vacations, exercise. etc.).
    Pissed you lose momentum. or even worse - stop making money, when you take time off.
    If any of these scenarios feel familiar to you, trust me. I get it.
    I've spoken to hundreds of business owners who feel exactly the same way.
    Not to mention, that was me 18 years ago.
    Stressed-out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. but ready for something different.
    So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.
    In fact, I specialize in helping business owners who are in this exact position, break through to the next level.

    A Business That Runs Like A Well-Oiled Machine
    Imagine what your life would be like if.
    Things run right without micromanaging.
    You're making great money.without spending every minute of every day on your business.
    You wake up well rested and confident, knowing that your business operates smoothly with the systems you have in place.
    People get shit done without needing your constant attention or approval.
    When an important employee leaves, someone else can take over the next day without missing a beat ( because everything is completely documented & systemized).
    No more chaos and stress.
    You can take time off whenever you want.
    Your business functions perfectly and efficiently without you!
    Follow My Proven Formula For Success
    Don't know where to start when it comes to creating systems that will help put your business on autopilot?
    Stress-Free Systems is a 4 week "classroom" version of my private systems coaching - designed to take you from being your company's most valuable employee (aka slave to your business), to a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.
    Inside of the Stress-Free Systems program I show you the exact path to follow to completely systemize your business in as little as 4 weeks.
    By documenting and systemizing the procedures for running your company, you can create freedom from the day-to-day grind. And the best part is you don't even have to do it yourself!

    What Will The Training Cover?
    4 weeks of kick-ass systems training to help put your business on autopilot. I'll show you the exact path to follow:
    Week 1: The Rockefeller Systems Mindset
    You can't systemize your business without a strong foundation to build upon. You'll discover what perfect systems look like and how they function.
    Week 2: The 80/20 Critical Tasks
    Identify what to systemize first so you see an immediate impact in your business. more time and more money.
    Week 3: Lightning Speed Systems
    Create systems overnight. And the best part is you don't even have to do it yourself.
    Week 4: Bullet Proof Accountability
    Now that you have systems, learn how to get people to follow them every single time. No more having things fall through that cracks. A true system that holds people accountable for you.


    Link Download:
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    Default Brian Tracy - Profit Growth Strategies

    Brian Tracy - Profit Growth Strategies | 9.56 GB
    "Any goal can be accomplished if you break it down into enough small steps."(Henry Ford)
    The business plan is as essential to business success as a blueprint would be inthe construction of a building. Each of the lessons in this course on marketing,
    selling, cost analysis, pricing, break-even analysis and budgeting are ingredients that go into the final business plan.

    The creation of a business plan, and the process of developing it, contributes to clarity
    of focus, teamwork, organized effort and profit growth.
    The failure to develop a clear, detailed business plan leads to a lack of direction,
    inaccuracies, confusion and wasted resources. The business plan is the foundation
    document for entrepreneurial success.

    In this lesson you will learn how to:
    - Develop a mission statement for your business
    - Determine the strategic objectives you must attain
    - Identify the activities necessary for business success
    - Create a blueprint for your business plan

    Developing Your Business Plan
    The business plan is the most important document inthinking throughevery single
    aspect of the business, before you commit time, money and resources to producing and selling the product or service.
    Your business plan is the critical document that a banker or lender will want to see before providing you with the money you need.
    The most important part of the business plan is that it forces you to think through all the critical ingredients that are necessary for you to achieve business success.

    1.The starting point of a business plan is for you to develop a mission statement for your business.
    a)What are your values?
    What do you stand for and believe in?
    b)What is your long-term visionfor your business? What would it look like in five years if you were successful?
    c)What is your purpose for being in business? Why are you in business at all?
    d)Based on the above, what is your mission?
    What do you want to accomplish for yourself and your customers by starting your business?

    2.Strategic objectives - these are the goals that you must achieve to build a successful business.
    a)What level of sales do you want to reach over the next 1-2-3-4-5 years?
    b)What level of profitability do you want to achieve from these sales?
    c)What kind of a reputation do you want to achieve for your company, and for your products and services?
    d)What kind of acompany do you want to build in the years head?

    3.Tactical objectives - these are the activities that you must engage in to accomplish your strategic objectives.
    a)What kind and quality ofproducts and services do you intend to produce?
    b)What are your marketing and sales plans to achieve the revenues that you desire?
    c)How will you attract the financing you need to build and run your business?
    d)How will you attract the necessary people you require for business success?
    e)How will you grow and expand with new products, into new markets, when your business is successful?

    4.There are several strategic variables that you must consider in the
    development of your business plan.
    a)Product policy- you must determine the characteristics, design and mix of products/services offered.
    b)Customer policy - you must define the specific types and characteristics of the customers to whom you intend to sell your products and services.
    c)Promotion policy- how will you market and sell your products to your customers?
    d)Distribution policy- how will you distribute and deliver your products and ser-vices to your customers?
    e)Competitive emphasis- in what areas are you going to develop superiority or excellence over your competitors?
    f)Pricing policy- how are you going to charge for your products and services?
    g)Financing policy- where and how are you going to obtain short-term and long-term capital?

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    Default Ben Adkins - The Website Subscription Model

    Ben Adkins - The Website Subscription Model | 3.02 GB
    Learn the Behind the Scenes Systems that you can use to build a Profitable Monthly Subscription Program by Creating and Hosting Special Websites for Local Clients.

    What You're Getting Inside:
    - The Full "Website Subscription Model" System
    - Part 1: How to Find the Low Hanging Fruit Fast (The ideal clients who need you now)
    - Part 2: How to Break the Ice with a Potential Client and Setup the Sale.
    - Part 3: Dr Ben Adkins website sales secrets (learn how to close the deal the right way)
    - Part 4: Full Tech Setup and Systems (including the "build anything template")
    - Part 5: How to Onboard Clients, Bill Them, and Keep Them Happy.
    - Bonus #1: The Done-for-your Chiropractic Template (first 100 only)
    - Bonus #2: The Done-for-your Dental Template (first 100 only)
    - Bonus #3: The VIP DFY Blog Content Deal (first 50 only)
    - Special Bonus: The "Makeover Machine" Funnel (first 50 only)


    Link Download:
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    Default Tim Sanders - Private Label Masters

    Tim Sanders - Private Label Masters |
    Discover The Insider Methods Used By Top Amazon Sellers
    To Build A Winning Private Label Business.

    So What Will I Learn?
    Module 1: Step-By-Step Product Research Mastery
    Do you want to know how to find the best, most profitable products?
    This module contains 20 videos with over 3 hours of content on product research alone!
    Yeah, I know, crazy.
    I just want you to get it right!
    Well look at the initial research, the tools you need (and dont need), and how to shortlist your best products down to the most likely to succeed!
    But its not just products well be looking at.
    Youll get to look over my shoulder as I give examples of niches to build an entire brand around!
    Ill deep dive into 3 niches for you, and well do a live walkthrough showing you how to shortlist the products.
    Forget spending months trying to find a great product, this module shows you how to do it fast and effectively.

    Module 2: Working With Overseas Suppliers And Negotiating Prices
    Now that youve found your product, youll need to make sure you dont get stung on price, quality or any of those other issues that come up when working with overseas suppliers.
    They can spot a newbie a mile away!
    Ill walk you through the process of navigating Alibaba and communicating with suppliers the way 7-Figure sellers do.
    Remeber, these are not just ideas.
    This is an actual step-by-step process, and it is what I do every day with my current suppliers and new ones.
    Well be going from sourcing samples right through to getting your first full shipment to FBA safe and sound.

    Module 3: Freight Forwarding & Customs Duty
    Youre all ready to ship to Amazon but how?
    Youve probably heard the horror stories of shipping costs being more than the product itself.
    So how are you going to do it without taking out a second mortgage, or going broke?

    In this module, Ill help you understand how to get accurate shipping quotes and how to choose the best method for you.
    Will it be by air or by sea?
    In this module, youll find out whats best for you!
    Ill even introduce you to my freight forwarder, who allows me to mindlessly manage over 10 shipments at once without second guessing their arrival.

    Module 4: Building A Product Listing That Sells
    How will your product stand out, or be different enough?
    Well, youll need a listing that lets shoppers know how incredible it really is.
    After all, theyre browsing your competitors too, so its our job to steal their sales!
    In this module youll meet the team of professionals I use for that important task.
    Youll meet my lifestyle photographer, who I use for every product, and my designer who I use for packaging, logos, and infographics.
    It pays to do it right because it will help you get those 5-Star Reviews!
    Youll meet my Photoshop guru, who can enhance even the ugliest pictures!
    Hes a touch up genius!
    Finally, youll meet my Copywriter who writes all my listings!
    She has doubled conversions on many, and others make over 500 profit every single day.

    Module 5: Effective PPC (Amazon Sponsored Ads)
    Youll need to know how to do PPC without burning a hole in your budget.
    So Ive got one my PPC specialist to show you exactly how to do it all step-by-step.
    Youll learn how to structure your own campaigns, optimize and manage them so they bring in quality, converting traffic.
    We are privileged to have him as a guest lecturer on this course.
    BONUS: Ill show you my exact steps to create the most successful campaign you will have in your account. Mine currently has 161.90 Spend for 7,432.32 in Sales. 2.18 ACoS!

    Module 6: Launching Your Product Right Into Page 1
    To be wildly successful at Amazon, you need your products on the front page.
    In this module, I outline the steps I used to launch all of the 60 products in my portfolio to page 1.
    Ill show you which launch service I recommend, and how to use the power of Facebook Ads for subsequent product launches.
    Youll also learn how to find the best Keywords to target and how to track them during your launch.

    Module 7: Advanced Tips, Maintaining & Scaling Your Business
    Watch a live recording of me making 1000 in just 6 hours on a lightning deal.
    Ill show you the exact steps, so you can replicate the system for your own product.
    And as for tools, the great news is you dont need them all!
    The bad news is, there are so many to choose from its hard to know which ones are right.
    So Ill outline the tools I use, and why I use them.
    We also focus on selling outside of Amazon, Dealing with Hijackers, and hiring quality VAs etc
    You name it, its there!
    Need Ongoing Support?
    You get that too.
    Ill add you to a private group along with your fellow course members so you can ask questions and grow together.
    Of course, Ill be there to help along with other advanced Sellers.
    And youll be the first to know of any new methods and updates that were using to crush it even more!
    Did I Forget Anything?
    Youll also learn about getting good reviews, how to deal with trademarks, minimum product volumes, keyword research, taxes, hijackers, brand registry
    and more!
    Like I said.
    Its EVERYTHING that I do on a daily basis.


    Link Download:
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    Default Adam Ackerman, John Galley - Crowdfunding Cash System (Update 1)

    Adam Ackerman, John Galley - Crowdfunding Cash System Full + Update 1 | 10.84 GB
    For the First Time Ever, John and I will Teach a Very Select Group of People Exactly what we do, to ABSOLUTLEY CRUSH IT Leveraging the Power of Crowdfunding.

    Because we are going to be giving each one of you everything we've got, it's critical you JOIN RIGHT NOW to secure your spot in what will be a "Life Changing Experience".
    Whats Included in the Crowdfunding Cash System?
    CFC Contains 5 Powerful Components:
    - The 8-Week Online Web Class
    - Advanced Facebook Kickstarter Ranking Strategy
    - Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Community
    - The Private Black Book of Resources
    - 8 Weekly Coaching and Accountability Calls
    Each one of these components is designed to help you build your life-changing business faster. We are here to make sure you and your business are successful with CFC. Each one of these components is critical to the process of building your business.

    Component 1 of 5
    The 8-Week Online Web Class
    The 8-Week Web Class is designed to teach people from all around the world (most with little to no prior business experience) how to build a THRIVING business launching a new brand and product using crowdfunding. Things are constantly changing and improving with crowdfunding and were always staying on top of the newest, hottest opportunities available. There are new strategies that nobody knows about that are all included in the 8-Week Web Class to get you BIGGER and FASTER results than ever before! It includes the most up-to-date strategies, tactics, and insights for building this business as quickly as possible, so youre able to achieve the level of FREEDOM in your life youve always wanted!
    Additionally, weve brought on two VERY SPECIAL people to guide you through your journey in the Online Web Class.
    We have asked both our manufacturing partner and 3rd party logistics partner to join us in our coaching and training calls to share strategic insights to help you eliminate the learning curve so you can make money faster and more efficiently than if you tried to do this on your own.
    My manufacturing partner currently supplies products to HomeGoods, HomeDepot, Multi-million dollar amazon sellers, not to mention hundreds of other sellers globally. Imagine working with someone like this who can expedite the process of sourcing and manufacturing your products all while ensuring quality control and even helping with shipping.
    Our fulfillment team has handled millions of physical product orders and specializes in crowdfunding campaigns so they know exactly how to step in and help automate your business once the campaign ends.
    You will not find this with any other system.
    Our partners are so excited to be helping you achieve true freedom with this program that theyre going to be guiding you through the 8-Week Web Class.
    You not only get access to the worlds greatest training on building a business leveraging the power of crowdfunding, you ALSO get access to the top product manufacturer and fulfillment specialists in the world to help increase your chances of being incredibly successful.
    As soon as you get inside, you get access to the Welcome Module which gives you an overview of how this program works. It outlines for you a few steps to get started building your business immediately and introduces you to the private community of members.

    Module 1 walks you through:
    - Which crowdfunding marketplace to start with
    - How to get setup to sell on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
    - The exact process we use to identify, validate and choose RED HOT product opportunities
    - Products to absolutely AVOID
    - How to create your HOT product opportunity list
    - How to make your product unique
    - And how to select your final product so that you can launch for your first crowdfunding campaign

    Next, in Module 2, youll discover:
    - Our Simple Two Step Sourcing System
    - Finding and contacting suppliers like a pro
    - How to Select the right Manufacturing Partner
    - How to create 3d renderings of your product
    - Creating your First prototype
    - What to do once your prototype arrives
    - Learn to calculate How much Profit you make from every sale

    In Module 3, youll learn:
    - How to develop a killer Brand Name
    - Trademarks and Patents - Protecting your Intellectual Property Simplified
    - Pre-launch Activities Checklist
    - Building your launch list for when your campaign goes live
    - Influencer Outreach on Auto-pilot
    - Crafting email copy that sells

    Next in Module 4:
    - Youll discover the six figure video blueprint - Deep dive
    - How to write a compelling video script - easier than you think
    - Tips and tricks for video production - low cost high quality
    - Top 5 pitfalls to avoid when making your video
    - Top 3 Video hacks every backer loves to see

    In Module 5, we show you:
    - How to create High Converting campaign pages
    - How to write a traffic-grabbing product title
    - How to properly highlight Product Benefits and Features
    - Creating stunning product images that bring your product to life
    - Pricing your products to sell for High Margins

    Next in Module 6 :
    - We review our campaign Launch Day Checklist
    - Free Traffic strategies that drive a ton of sale - like the Influencer, Public Relations, Press Release and Blogger traffic blitz system
    - Cross Promotion formula 2.0
    - Backer Groups - what they are and what they do.
    - Affiliate Programs to increase Campaign reach and pledges.
    - Our Facebook Ranking System to drive sales and traffic
    - and how to Finish strong the last 7 days of the campaign to Maximize profits

    In Module 7 we teach you all about:
    - Post Campaign activities checklist
    - Backer Care and Support Services
    - The Importance of being and remaining engaged with Backers
    - Placing your initial inventory order
    - How to create raving fans and brand ambassadors
    - How to keep pledges coming in even after the campaign ends
    - How to get accepted into the Indiegogo Indemand program
    - Lastly, in the final module of the web class, Module 8 , you learn how to:
    - Prepare for Campaign Fulfillment
    - How to properly select and choose the right fulfillment partner
    - How to select a freight forwarder
    - Handling backer expectations and timelines
    - Strategies and steps to continue to scale your business
    - Getting ready for your next campaign
    - And so much more.


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