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    Default RGGEDU - The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman

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    The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman | RGG EDU | 3.7 GB
    As photographers, we learn to craft and manipulate light. In its simplest form, color is just another way of seeing light. By taking a scientific approach to color and analyzing the theory behind it and how it affects us, we can take control of color the way we do with light.

    We can use color to create a better story utilizing emotional cues, enhance our storytelling for the viewer, and invoke emotion to manipulate our audience to feeling a certain way. An essential course for portrait photographers.

    In this tutorial Kate Woodman breaks down the science of color to it's simplest form: light. Kate introduces the basic properties of color like hue, saturation, and luminosity. She then dives into color theory discussing color balance, color harmonies, spacial relationships, and how colors interact in imagery and in the real world. After a in-depth lesson on color and the science behind it, you will see Kate photograph on location and in-studio, objectively planning and utilizing color to create specific emotions in her images. You will then see Kate take her images to post production as a final step in controlling and manipulating color effectively. By the end of the tutorial you will see and understand color like never before. As soon as you start noticing color in photography and in the world, you can take your work to the next level.

    General Overview
    - 25 Video Sections
    - Instant Digital Download
    - English Closed Captions Included On Every Video
    - HD 1080p Quality
    - Universal MP4 for PC, MAC, & Airplay
    - Includes Studio Photo Shoots
    - Includes On-Location Photo Shoots
    - Intro To Color Theory
    - Learn The Basic Properties of Color
    - Learn The Emotional Connection With Color
    - Learn To Understand Hue
    - Learn Too Utilize Saturation
    - Learn Color Balance
    - Learn Color Harmonies
    - Learn Spatial Relationships
    - Access To Private Facebook Group
    - Learn To Use Color In Styling
    - Learn To Select Models To Compliment Your Story
    - Learn Why & When To Select Colors
    - Learn How Colors Interact
    - Learn To Add Color Into Your Narrative
    - Learn Color Theory In Post-Production
    - Learn To Objectively Control Color
    - Learn To Take Colors To The Next Level
    - Learn Color Correction
    - Learn The Color Wheel In A New Way
    - Financing Available For US Residents


    Link Download:

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    Default Ray Edwards - Copy Academy

    Ray Edwards - Copy Academy | 9.07 GB
    How To Write Copy That Sells. Without Selling Your Soul
    Let's face the facts.
    You know you need to write powerful, persuasive sales copy in order to sell your products and services. You probably know that you can change no other part of your marketing, but just replace mediocre copy with great copy, and sales skyrocket.

    But there's a problem.
    The problem is most sales copy sounds sleazy and overhyped. We've all seen the crazy sales copy online that seems to scream "scam". Maybe you are afraid that when we talk about writing sales copy, that's what we're referring to. Heaven forbid!

    That style of copywriting may have worked at one time on the Internet, but its effectiveness is diminishing rapidly, and the power of that sort of marketing has already seen its day.
    To succeed in modern times, you have to understand that your audience is smarter. They demand more respect than ever before. And they have always deserved it.
    Today, the most powerful copy is heart-centered, not manipulative, yet powerfully persuasive communication.
    It represents the convergence point of the needs of your customer, their desire for a solution, and the benefits of your product or service.
    Communicating this convergence is the heart of powerful copy.
    Before you disregard that as nice-sounding poppycock, stick with me. Consider this.
    Here's the Cost of Not Solving the "Copywriting Problem".
    What's the potential cost of not solving your copywriting problem?

    That can be the cost of not solving your "copy problem."
    Is it really that important? You bet it is. The words on your site sell your products and services -whether those words are typed out, spoken in an audio file, or form the script of a sales video.
    It's easier to understand the reason a web business fails if we first understand how it got messed up to begin with. Here's how it happens for most online businesses:
    That same someone plans their businesses carefully.
    Then they slap up a website. usually a free one they got from their host, or one their nephew made them. And
    then they wait for the orders to roll in.

    Guess what happens next?
    Nothing, that's what.
    Most websites are like a Western Ghost town. You can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty streets.

    Is It Possible You Are Only One "Salesletter" Away From Freedom?
    One of my copywriting colleagues says "you're only one salesletter away from wealth".
    I happen to think that's true.
    But let's even tone it down just a bit.maybe believing you're a "salesletter away from wealth" is a little too much of a stretch for you.
    Can you get your mind around this: you very well may be one (or two or three) sales letters away from financial freedom.
    Think about that: could one salesletter give you the freedom to quit your day job?
    Could one successful sales letter pay off your debts?
    Because I believe good sales copy is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure online. I call Copywriting a "Master Skill".
    Once you can write compelling sales copy, you can create money virtually "on demand".

    Need some cash for a vacation? Come up with a promotional idea, write the copy for it, and put your copy in front of your audience!
    Tax man knocking at your door? Write some copy making a compelling offer, send the email, and watch the dollars flow into your inbox
    Want to increase your income dramatically, without increasing your ad budget? Write a new piece of copy that converts browsers into buyers.and your bank balance fattens up like magic.
    Just need cash FAST? Write copy for someone else and pocket $3,000 or more for writing a simple letter like this one! (I'll show you how to get these clients)Gary Halbert (the late copywriting great) says there is "no such thing as a starving copywriter". And when you enroll in the Copywriting Academy, you will.
    Understand why some copy works and other copy fails. Knowing this can save you the heartbreak of writing "loser copy" that doesn't make sales!
    The Mental Radar Method for learning exactly what your prospects want, and knowing exactly how to say it in words that will persuade them.
    3 rookie mistakes that turn copy into a "Prospect Repellant" that sends potential buyers running away from you as if you had the plague. Are you making these mistakes right now?
    Why some copy seems "cheesy" and "hokey" - and how you can make sure your copy never does.

    Module 1: "The Quickstart"
    Module 1 objectives
    Why Is Copywriting So Important?
    How to Structure a Sales Message
    Structure a Sales Message (EXAMPLE 2)

    Module 2: "Irresistible Offers"
    Module 2 objectives
    The 9 Kinds of Offers
    The 6-Step System for Writing an Offer
    Write Your Offer!

    Module 3: "The Persuasion Blueprint"
    The P.A.S.T.O.R. framework
    The Buyer's Journey
    Use P.A.S.T.O.R. & Buyer's Journey Together
    The Sales Copy Template
    The Sales Copy Checklist

    Module 4: "Headlines & Subheads"
    Importance of Headlines & Subheads
    Different Kinds of Headlines & Subeads
    21 Headline Templates
    Cool Tools & One Ninja Trick

    Module 5: "Fascination Factor"
    Persuasion Points
    styles of Persuasion Points
    21 Persuasion Points Templates

    Module 6: "Resistance Removal"
    Importance of Guarantees
    How To Transform A Weak Guarantee
    How to Create "Tipping Point" Bonuses

    Module 7: "Closing The Deal"
    Closing Copy: What It Is and Is Not
    "Closing Templates" That Get The Job Done

    Module 8: "Inbox Magic"
    The Power of Email Copy
    Keys To Emails That Sell
    Email Sequences For Maximum Sales
    The Six Figure Second Income
    Ultimate Copy Templates
    License To Steal
    Rapid Copywriting
    Video Sales Letters and Webinars


    Link Download:
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    Default Trent Dyrsmid - Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems (WEBS)

    Trent Dyrsmid - Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems (WEBS) | 468 MB
    Discover a Proven Business System for Dramatically Increasing Amazon Wholesale Revenue
    Over a Million Dollars In Our First Year on Amazon
    All thanks to our proven business systems

    Dear Amazon Seller,
    In the first year of my wholesale Amazon business, I did 1.1 million in revenue.
    I also made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time.
    However, I learned from those mistakes and used them to build reliable, repeatable systems. These systems save us time & energy and are the foundation of our current business. They allow us to outsource the repetitive, mundane aspects of the business.
    Whenever I speak to another Amazon seller about business systems, they say something like, thats great, I need to build that into my business. Unfortunately, most of their time is taken up in the day to day running of the business and theres not much time and energy left to build systems and hire a team to run them.
    With Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems , that is no longer an issue. When you invest in Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems , you will have an exact copy of every one of our 50+ business systems.
    These are the systems that allowed me to do over a million in my first year and they will help you, too.
    Stop getting bogged down in low-value mundane work today. Invest in your future. Invest in Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems today.

    Discover The Benefits of Using Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems
    I Am Offering You a Copy of Every One of My Business Systems
    - WEBS Professional
    (for those with more ambitious growth plans)

    - Product Sourcing Processes
    - Handling Bounced Emails
    - HubSpot Configuration
    - Price Checking a Suppliers Catalog
    - Email Sourcing: Finding Competitors
    - Email Sourcing: Product Extractions
    - Email Sourcing: Importing Leads
    - Email Sourcing: Contacting Suppliers via Email
    - Email Sourcing: Handling Replies from Potential Suppliers
    - Google Sheets Template Library
    - Telephone Sourcing : Evaluate a Brands Potential
    - Telephone Sourcing: Importing Leads to Hubspot
    - Telephone Sourcing Step 3: Initial Contact of Leads (email and calls)
    - Telephone Sourcing: Pre-Call Research Checklist
    - Telephone Sourcing: Calling a Brand Script

    - Purchasing Processes
    - Creating a Purchase Order
    - Discontinued Products SOP
    - Pre & Post Purchase Order Actions
    - New Supplier On-Boarding
    - Adding New Products to Your Catalogue SOP
    - Product Re-Orders SOP

    - Product Preparation Processes
    - Reconcile Inbound Shipping SOP
    - Signing MAP Policy SOP
    - Supplier Relations Processes
    - Reporting MAP Violations SOP
    - Managing Product Reviews
    - How to Remove Negative Feedback SOP
    - Removing Product Reviews SOP
    - Removing a Review That Breaks Amazon TOS

    - Shipping & Receiving Processes
    - Create an Inbound Shipment to Amazon SOP
    - How to Decide to Ship LTL vs SPD SOP
    - How to Get Refunds from USPS SOP
    - Supplier Inbound Shipments SOP
    - Less Than Truckload (LTL) SOP
    - 2D Barcode SOP
    - Sponsored Products (PPC) Processes
    - Create New Campaigns in Seller Central
    - Optimize Sponsored Product Campaigns: PPC Scope
    - Create a New Product Placement Ad Campaign in AMS
    - Create a New Sponsored Products Campaign in Seller Central
    - Optimize a Sponsored Products Campaign in Ignite
    - Optimize a Sponsored Products Campaign in Teikametrics
    - Tracking PPC Spend

    - Inventory Management Processes
    - Inventory Management SOP
    - Reconcile Inbound Inventory Checked In SOP
    - Inventory Management Template (includes reorder calculator)

    - Managing Finances
    - Contract Labor for Product Prep Work SOP
    - Monthly Inventory Tasks SOP
    - Profit First Activity Checklist SOP
    - Updating COGS SOP

    - Human Resources
    - Hiring a VA SOP
    - VA Holiday and Vacation Day SOP
    - VA Onboarding SOP

    - Product Listing Optimization Processes
    - How to Get Brand Registered 2.0
    - Merge Listings on Amazon SOP
    - Product Listing Optimization SOP
    - Update Product Listing (Bullets & Description) SOP
    - Update Product Listing (Images) SOP
    - Update Product Listing (Keywords) SOP
    - Addressing Amazon's "ASIN Change" Notifications SOP

    - Amazon Specific
    - Creating a Product Variation SOP
    - Amazon Daily Account Health SOP
    - Fixing Stranded Inventory SOP
    - Reimbursements and Unfulfillable Inventory From Amazon SOP
    - Removing Inventory from Amazon SOP
    - Searching for Duplicate Sellers SOP
    - Promotions on Amazon
    - How to Edit Permissions in Seller Central
    - Create an Amazon Web Address
    - Amazon's Subscribe and Save


    Link Download:

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    Default A1Revenue - VIP Program (Academy)

    A1Revenue - VIP Program (Academy) | 27.4 GB
    Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Get Access To In A1 VIP.
    - Complete Done For You $10k/ Week Weight Loss CPA Campaigns

    - Complete Done For You $300k Adult CPA Campaign
    - VIP Traffic Vault
    - Exclusive VIP Members Contests
    - A1 VIP Academy High Level Elite Secrets For Advanced Marketers Only
    - Exclusive VIP Only Events
    - .And much more!


    Link Download:
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    Default Jimmy McIntyre's Art of HDR Photogrphy

    Jimmy McIntyre's Art of HDR Photogrphy
    MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 3.5 Hours | 3.26 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English
    The Art of HDR Photography - A Beginner's Course This quality course, from HDR One magazine editor and experienced HDR photographer, is the best value in its field. High Dynamic Range processing can turn your photos into stunning images that mesmerize onlookers.

    Yet, getting that 'Wow' factor is not an easy thing to achieve when you first start out. On top of the steep learning curve involved in using HDR programs, you also have to have awareness of the myriad of pitfalls that are a side-effect of the HDR process. Jimmy McIntyre has created this course to push you through that learning curve and arm you with the necessary skills in Photomatix and Photoshop so that you too can produce stunning HDR imagery.


    Link Download:

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    Default Creative Expression in Photography with Joel Grimes

    Creative Expression in Photography with Joel Grimes
    MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 5 Hours | 1.54 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English
    Every photographer is an artist, but few consider their photographs works of art. In this one-day online workshop with iconic photographer Joel Grimes, you will learn how to ditch ratio-driven staid photography techniques - and how to embrace the artist within.

    By unlocking your true creative potential and tapping into your artistic intuition, you will radically transform the quality and range of your photography. This one-day workshop will teach you how to identify your unique way of seeing the world. Joel will walk you through every step of the creative process, starting with the human condition, how we define art and what constitutes an artist, and why chasing the unattainable is a process crucial to your success in the industry. A photograph is not a reality; it is a representation of reality.
    By the end of this workshop, you will understand how to harness the artist within, take bold risks, and make a name for your unique style.


    Link Download:

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    Default Pat Flynn : 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing

    Pat Flynn - 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing | 11.1 GB
    An Interactive Video-Based Training Program That Teaches You STEP-BY-STEP How to AUTHENTICALLY Generate More Income with Affiliate Marketing

    If you're hoping to generate an income online, and you haven't really taken the time to learn affiliate marketing, then you're absolutely leaving money on the table.

    Chances are good that you're facing an all-too common dilemma: how to "crack the code" of monetization and generate an income ethically from the audience you've been building.
    Maybe you worry that to do so you'll have to create your own products from scratch. But generating an income from your own products requires time, energy, and a clear sense of what your audience wants and needs.

    On top of that, you may fret that creating your own products will make it seem like you're "selling out" and could damage the trust you've so carefully built with your audience.
    Affiliate marketing offers a great solution to all these concerns. With affiliate marketing you can generate an income by recommending market-tested products you already trust and you know your audience will benefit from.
    Affiliate marketing is a time-tested income-generation strategy with two powerful benefits: it allows you to maintain and strengthen your audience's hard-won trust in your brand, with no need to invest time and energy creating products of your own.
    Sadly, it's easy to do affiliate marketing the wrong way-by putting money before your audience's needs and trust, and damaging that relationship in the process.

    That's why I created 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing.
    With 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing, I'll give you all the tools you need to win by promoting products that already exist in the market you're in-and I'll show you how to do it the right way, so your audience wins, too.
    1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing is your one-stop shop to become an affiliate marketing powerhouse.

    1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing is built on 23 lessons across 5 distinct modules that will guide you in how to:
    - Choose the right products to promote-the ones your audience will want and use.
    - Pick the best platform for sharing your affiliate messages with your audience.
    - "Stay legal" when you're promoting affiliate products.
    - Promote your affiliate products in any situation, at your own comfort level.
    - Get an affiliate link, and what to do with it.
    - Build "product trust" with an audience, even when it's not your own product.
    - Use the power of proof to accelerate your success.
    - Turn your affiliate relationships into true business relationships.

    .and many more rules, tools, and strategies that make the difference between affiliate marketing the right way and affiliate marketing the wrong way.
    I want you to get paid for your efforts AND be thanked by your audience for it. That's the goal, and I'm here to help you make it happen.

    1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing was built with the ambitious online business owner in mind.
    - Work at your own pace.
    - Clear action items set you up for success, teaching you how to choose the right affiliate relationships and share those recommendations with your audience effectively.
    - Gain exclusive access to a Facebook community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates.
    - Ongoing office hours with Pat each week give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice.


    Link Download:
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    Download Via Rapidgator : Smart From Scratch by Pat Flynn

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    Default Ben Settle - Email Players (Update)

    Ben Settle - Email Players (Update) | 676 MB
    How To Double Your Income In The Next 30 Days With The Email Players Advanced Email Marketing Training Letter

    Not everyone qualifies to subscribe to this prestigious newsletter, and I'm not just letting 'anyone' in. But if you have what it takes, I'll show you everything I know about using email to earn sales on demand - almost every time you push that 'send' button...
    "The Email Player's Playbook"
    This physical book is mailed to your home. It's a short (about 150 pages), easy-to-read email marketing "field manual" that is a modified version of my $795.00 "Street Smart Email" system (which is no longer for sale anywhere else for any price). And it teaches the exact system I've used to help generate millions of dollars in sales in the Internet's most competitive niches. It's also designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the "Settle way" of writing emails before you even receive your 1st issue. (It even includes two detailed appendixes on how to build a responsive email list from scratch for free)

    If you want the rare ability to make sales "at will" almost every time you send an email to your list, then this letter will show you how.
    Here's the deal:
    I've created a monthly newsletter called:"Email Players"
    However, it is very expensive.
    And, it's definitely NOT for everyone.


    Link Download:
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    Default Dan Dasilva - Dropshipping Academy (Update May.2018)

    Dan Dasilva - Dropshipping Academy (Update May.2018) | 7.14 GB
    Financial Freedom is right around the corner and you are seconds away from finally living the life you've always dreamed of.

    Here's What You'll Get:
    7 Figure Plan (DSA Core Training): My exact step by step process to launching and scaling your own 6 figure dropshipping business that will allow you to expoentially increase your income while granting you TIME freedom that you've dreamed of.

    Heart Of The Operation: Access to our personal product fulfilment center giving you that unfair advantage & giving you the ability to launch and grow multiple businesses seamlessly to help increased profits DRAMATICALLY.

    Done For You Products: Finally have a product HANDED to you that will start generating 6-7 figures in the first year to take all the guess work and grueling processes out of product research allowing you to rapdily start making sales without all the frusteration.

    6 Figure Product Vault: Shortcut your success time by over HALF the time by copying and pasting my PROVEN products that have a track record of converting with incredible ROI's.

    The Owners Club: Contacting suppliers is EXTREMELY difficult so we've created done for you, copy and paste supplier communication templates that will bypass the occasional hurdles you may face and accelerate your results.

    Profit Machine Software: Your 'Secret Weapon' to find HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of TOP SELLING products in seconds without the grunt work of sorting through thousands of products at one time. Our software HANDS you products to help you rake in thousands of dollars and saving you hundreds of wasted hours.

    The Millionaire Society: Exclusive invite only to the ONLY private facebook community for DSA members so you can connect and learn form other successful Dropshipping Academy students and be able to scale your business with their tips and techniques.

    Private 5 Figure Coaching: Work PERSONALLY with Dan Dasilva and have PERSONAL 1-1 coaching time if needed. Dan will personally create videos for you if you are having trouble or need help building your business. Never be left in the dark again because of lack of support.

    BONUS: Profit Funnel Accelerator: 1 year of full unrestricted access to a software that will single handedly create $100,000 product funnels right inside of your storefront without ever needing to know how to code or design.

    BONUS: Mailer Profits Software: Ever wonder how you can turn 1 single customer into a repeat customer over and over again? I've set up a special, 90 day access to a secret software to allow you to double or triple your customer value in under 14 days.

    BONUS: Private Live Intensive Workshops: You're personally invited to come and learn how to scale your new dropshipping business and have all your questions answered LIVE.


    Link Download:

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    Default Motionworks: Making It Look Great Vol.01-11 - After Effects and Cinema 4D

    Motionworks: Making It Look Great Vol.01-11 - After Effects and Cinema 4D | 27.22 GB
    10 DVD - TRAINING : After Effects and Cinema 4D
    Ever wonder how the pros get their work looking so sharp? The popular and proven Making It Look Great video workshop series has been designed to answer that question. Throughout these in-depth video workshops, professional motion graphics designers including John ****inson, Harry J Frank, Alan Shisko and Maltaannon, demonstrate techniques essential to their daily work and give the design decisions and rationale that support them. The featured projects are demonstrated stepbystep from start to finish, giving priceless insight into what it takes to design and produce professional broadcast motion graphics.

    The featured projects are demonstrated stepbystep from start to finish, giving priceless insight into what it takes to design and produce professional broadcast motion graphics and visual effects.

    The popular and proven Making It Look Great video workshop series has been designed to answer that question. Throughout these in-depth After Effects video workshops, professional motion graphics designers from around the world demonstrate techniques essential to their daily work and give the design decisions and rationale that support them.

    The featured projects are demonstrated stepbystep from start to finish, giving priceless insight into what it takes to design and produce professional broadcast motion graphics and visual effects.

    Making It Look Great 1 - After Effects.iso
    Making It Look Great 2 - After Effects.iso
    Making It Look Great 3 - After Effects.iso
    Making It Look Great 4 - After Effects.iso
    Making It Look Great 5 - After Effects.iso
    Making It Look Great 6 - After Effects and Cinema 4D.iso
    Making It Look Great 7 - After Effects and Cinema 4D.iso
    Making It Look Great 8 - After Effects and Cinema 4D.iso
    Making It Look Great 9 - After Effects and Cinema 4D.iso
    Making It Look Great 10 - After Effects and Cinema 4D.iso
    Making It Look Great 11 - Hard Surface Modelling Tactics For Cinema 4D

    1. Adobe After Effects with Zaxwerks ProAnimator
    In this 2 hour video workshop, senior broadcast designer and After Effects expert John ****inson guides you through the techniques for creating an impactful broadcast promotion.

    2. After Effects and Zaxwerks look great!
    Sit with freelance artist and After Effects expert Alan Shisko as he walks you through his favourite techniques, tips and tricks for creating a stunning broadcast news animation sequence.

    3. After Effects, 3D Invigorator Pro and Trapcode mastery
    Look over the shoulder of motion graphic designer and After Effects expert Harry Frank as he shares prolevel techniques for creating a beautiful, organic broadcast promotion.

    4. Strap on your motion graphics black belt
    Work sidebyside with senior broadcast designer, After Effects expert and Zaxwerks demo artist John ****inson, to create the powerful Northstar Martial Arts animation from start to finish.

    5. Kick-ass design and production technique for After Effects
    Work along with After Effects expert Jerzy Drozda Jr. (aka. Maltaannon) as he guides you step-by-step through a range of motion graphics and visual effects looks and techniques.

    6. The ultimate workshop for Cinema 4D and After Effects
    Work sidebyside with designer and Cinema 4D expert Tim Clapham as you create a stunning, multi-layered news opener from start to finish.

    7. Cinema 4D MoGraph Unleashed
    MILG6 host, Cinema 4D expert and Mograph master Tim Clapham is back to guide you step-by-step through 6 stunning, 3D motion graphics projects.

    8. Modelling, Texturing and Rendering for Cinema 4D
    Hosted by 3D artist, Cinema 4D expert and trainer Rob Redman, Making It Look Great 8: The Complete Robot is step-by-step instruction for modelling, rigging, texturing and rendering a unique robot character using Maxon Cinema 4D.

    9. Animation, Camera & Staging Techniques for Cinema 4D
    Rob Redman is back with part 2 of Making It Look Great 8: The Complete Robot, this time focusing on animation, camera and staging techniques, bringing the robot character to life using Maxon Cinema 4D.

    10.Making It Look Great 10 : Modelling Essentials for Cinema 4D
    Follow along with Cinema 4D expert and master modeller Rob Redman as he presents 16 step-by-step lessons, designed to teach you the key modelling tools and workflows for creating a variety of everyday objects from scratch.

    11.Making It Look Great 11 - Hard Surface Modelling Tactics For Cinema 4D
    Of all the areas a 3D artist can learn, modelling is arguably the most difficult to master. It takes hours, weeks, months and years of practice and mistake making to reach the stage where you can decipher a mesh just by looking at it. Also, finding thorough training that focusses on more than just a few techniques and tools isn't easy, especially if you're a Cinema 4D artist. Mastering modelling in Cinema 4D has generally relied on finding what tutorials you can for Cinema 4D, then moving on to Maya and Max tutorials to fill the void. With MILG11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D this is no longer the case. MILG11 is the missing link in Cinema 4D modelling, developed specifically for Cinema 4D artists and covering everything you need to know from fundamental modelling concepts to hidden features of key modelling tools. If you're serious about learning modelling in Cinema 4D, MILG 11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D is the ideal place to start.


    Link Download:
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    Default Adam Thomas - Dropshipping Accelerator 2018

    Adam Thomas - Dropshipping Accelerator 2018 | 2.73 GB
    Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful Dropshipping Business in 2018 Using Virtually Untapped Traffic Sources and Genius Marketing

    This course has been designed mainly to do 2 things:
    1.) Speed up your learning process - I don't want you to have to waste months or up to years of your life trying to figure this stuff out by yourself, I want to lay everything out from A-Z and give you on-going support to get the results you want as fast as possible.
    The main goal of this course is to help you get everything right from day one.

    2.) Save you money - The course is designed to be mutually beneficial, I want this course to be an investment and pay for itself.

    Here is what we will go through in the course (please note there may be very slight changes as this is still in beta, although the majority of the course and the bulk of information will stay the same):

    Module 1: Complete Store Set-up Guide + Hands-on Walkthrough
    This module is all about setting up your store, people often go through 3 or 4 failed stores before making a sale. Why waste so much of your time and money when you can just set everything up right the first time?
    - Ultimate Finding a Niche Guide
    - Advanced Competitor Research/Spying Guide
    - Complete Set-up Store From Scratch Walkthrough - Hands On
    - How To Optimize Your Store For Conversions
    - Ultimate Blueprint For Picking Winning Products

    Module 2: Getting Started With Free Traffic
    - Building Your Instagram Page + Content Marketing Strategy
    - Building Your Facebook + Content Marketing Strategy
    - How To Run Your Social Media on Autopilot For Free!
    - How To Drive VIRAL Traffic For Free Using Reddit
    - The Most Untapped Social Media Platform in 2018
    - Ultimate Guide To Recruiting Affiliates For Your Store

    Module 3: Get Profitable From Day 1 With Google AdWords
    Google AdWords is what changed my life, that's why I'm such a big advocate of it. If I didn't stumble across Google AdWords then you probably wouldn't be reading this right now, I'd be in university studying for a psychology degree I didn't really want to do.
    - Setting Up Your AdWords + Conversion Tracking
    - Full Guide on Finding Profitable Keywords
    - The Key To Profitable AdWords Campaigns
    - Watch Me Set-up A Profitable Campaign Live
    - How To Use A Product Page As A Landing Page To Test Products
    - How To Properly Analyse Keyword Performance To Optimize Your Ads

    Module 4: Instagram Influencers In-Depth
    Instagram Influencers are still untapped even with all the exposure they've had in 2018. Why? Because for the prices they charge, if you know what you're doing then you can drive shit loads of targeted traffic to your site for literally next to nothing.
    - How to Find Instagram Influencers
    - How to Contact Influencers
    - Finding The Perfect Instagram Influencers For Your Store
    - What Offers Sell Best on Instagram?
    - How to Create Your Ads for Instagram
    - How to Scale With Instagram Influencers
    BONUS: Complete Guide on YouTube Influencers

    Module 5: Beginner to Expert at Facebook Ads
    Go and join some Shopify Facebook groups, you will notice one thing, 99% of the people using Facebook ads are spending hundreds, even up to thousands and not making one sale.
    - What To Do Before Any Facebook Advertising (or you'll waste money)
    - Complete Guide To Testing Products With Facebook Ads
    - My Advanced 3-Day High Converting Retargeting Funnel
    - How To Create High Converting Lookalike Audiences
    - How To Get Insane Social Proof on Ads For Almost Free
    - How To Breakdown & Analyse Data To Optimize Your Campaigns

    Module 6: Email Marketing Automation & Domination
    Email marketing is essential. It helps convert visitors into customers by warming them up through automatic email sequences, and it also helps get existing customers to keep returning to your store completely for free!
    - Best Methods In 2018 To Capture Email Addresses Using Free & Paid Traffic
    - How To Build Trust With Customers by Welcoming New Subscribers
    - How To Completely Automate Your Abandoned Cart Email + My Email Template
    - Best Converting Emails (How to Captivate on Seasonal Promotions)
    - How To Send Weekly/Monthly Email Campaigns (Best Content Strategy)
    - Combining Email Marketing with Retargeting Ads For A Better ROI

    BONUS - My 2018 Messenger Marketing Strategy


    Link Download:

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    Default James Van Elswyk - Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event

    James Van Elswyk - Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event | 4.86 GB
    Don't even think of spending another dollar on Facebook until you learn how to go from guessing to knowing by accessing the "inner Circle" Info of how to get the big money

    - Facebook and Instagram : Lead Gen to Ecom at the highest levels
    - Ad Copy : Persuasion Copy for ads, advertorials and "video advertorials"
    - Natives : Long Term / Stable Profit Center Necessity for Media Buyers
    - Influencers : Using the Power of celebrity for Huge ROI

    There's nothing worse than grinding on your FB campaigns all day and feeling like you're just missing something.

    All day your campaigns haven't worked and you don't know if it is audience overlap, a pixel thing or maybe just Facebook is being Facebook. You end your night reading through all your Facebook groups and Skype chats and you keep reading the SAME two things.
    - 1. They know something you don't
    - 2. They are making lots of money

    Bottom line is - Lots of answers out there but not one stable idea or method
    As you go to sleep you're making a plan for tomorrow but realize you have no idea what you should do. Keep Adsets? Kill Adsets? You go to sleep confused.
    You Wake up and feel good. Cup of coffee in hand you sit down and go to check how the stats are performing, you're feeling real hopeful things optimized down while you were asleep.
    You login and BOOM.a red box from Facebook that you were suspicious or violated something.

    The Geekout Event was DESIGNED in the way I want to learn. NO BS, NO FLUFF, Just learning built for learners and earners. My Plan is simple..
    Put 4 really smart "top of the food chain" thought leaders in a mansion for 2 days and just let them talk about the techniques and nuggets they use to "make the magic" a.k.a. make lots of money.
    1 The experts will just "go deep" on their passion and areas of expertise
    2 They will GeekOut on what they Love and share all the hidden tips and tricks things you can use TODAY
    3 They need to Back it up with screenshots and data Most importantly
    4 They ANSWER any DAMN question you have
    This is where the hacks, loopholes and tactics get turned in to knowledge Bombs. We want to put you in this room with the experts and the "game changing" methods they have. We want you to sit on in a room of 20 people and give you instant personal access to speakers and network with other people like you.
    Or ..
    You can learn from home on your computer watching it all unfold on a live stream. Let's do this! Come learn with us. Let's get smarter together.


    Link Download:
    Native Ads Master Class - iStack Training

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    Default Anton Kraly - Facebook Warrior

    Anton Kraly - FB Warriors | 3.92 GB
    Become a Facebook Warrior
    .and learn the step-by-step systems to create and launch profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.

    What is FB Warriors?
    FB Warriors is an in-depth course that teachers members, step-by-step how to create and launch PROFITABLE Facebook campaigns, but also walks members through growing their campaigns and therefore growing their businesses.

    What You'll Master In This Course
    Build A Successful Advertising Campaign
    Watch our step-by-step instructional videos on how to build a successful ad campaigns on Facebook that convert into leads and sales.
    - The Complete Facebook Marketing Funnel
    From start to finish, you will discover the complete Facebook marketing funnel. You will see how to turn a completely cold audience into a buying audience with our watch and implement style training.
    - How To Leverage Your Easiest Offer To Maximize Profits
    You'll discover how to quickly make a return on every marketing campaign with one easy offer.
    - How To Scale Successful Campaigns
    Learn how to efficiently scale your campaign once you have built a winning system all while avoiding ad fatigue.

    Become a Facebook Warrior
    In this 8-hour course you'll learn everything you need to know about how to generate quality & profitable leads with Facebook.
    Facebook Overview
    Learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing in the Facebook Overview module. This module covers everything from how to use the Facebook Ad Manager, how to understand your customer analytics, and more.
    Module 1: In Module 1, we deep dive into how to build customer awareness the right way inside Facebook Ad Manager.
    Module 2: Module 2 shows you the exact strategies you need to turn your barely aware audience into HOT leads.
    Module 3: In Module 3 you'll learn the path of least resistance to turn your hot leads into "instant" customers.
    Module 4: Module 4 shows you the step-by-step systems we use to Become The Only Authority and how you can set YOUR brand apart from the rest.
    Module 5: In Module 5 you will discover how to ascend your audience into CORE offer buyers.
    Module 6: Module 6 dives into how to maximize the value of your customers with upsells & cross sells.
    Module 7: In Module 7 you will uncover the goals of building a cost effective community with educational and event retargeting.
    Module 8: Module 8 will show you the step-by-step system we use to generate thousands of testimonials and reviews
    Module 9: In Module 9 you will learn the strategies we use to generate affiliates that help promote our products and content.


    Link Download:

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    Default Soundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films and Video Games

    Soundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films and Video Games
    .MP4, AVC, 1500 kbps, 1280x720 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 4 hrs 12 mins | 4.11 GB
    Instructor: Chester Sky
    Compose Epic Music Soundtracks Scores For Film, TV, & Video Games. Master Orchestration With Software. Be A Composer.

    Do you want to score epic soundtrack music for films and video games? Compose finished, polished, triumphant orchestral compositions that sweep emotions to new heights?

    From the best selling instructor on music producing, comes a new course: THE SOUNDTRACK COMPOSER MASTERCLASS

    Use a digital audio workstation to score soundtracks for films and video games
    Apply music theory (the practical stuff you can actually use. With a focus on how to use it rather than memorizing).


    Develop musical ideas from out of thin air. No more music writers block
    How to make scary music
    Orchestrate using software
    Arrange for string instruments
    Create realistic orchestral strings using software
    Create realistic orchestral piano using software
    Create realistic orchestral percussion using software
    Improvise bass guitar melodies
    Score trailers
    Export music from software for musicians to understand and play
    The basics of reading and writing music (only what you need)
    Prepare for working with the film director and game designer
    And much much more

    For the first time, you can harness the full power of an orchestra at your fingertips with the push of a few buttons.

    What do you need to get started?
    No prior music background is required for this course. This course will cover from complete beginner all the way to advanced techniques.
    You dont need to know how to make music or play an instrument (although it helps)
    You just need a desire to create, experiment, and find joy in making music. Its now possible to learn all the tricks and tools to become a soundtrack composer from the comfort of your own home. You dont need to shell out thousands of dollars for a professional studio or degree to learn to score soundtracks. Everything you need can be done from home on your computer and this course will show you how.
    Have fun, experiment, and make lots of music. See you inside!


    Link Download:

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    Default Beast Den Membership Site (2018)

    Beast Mode - Your True Authentic Reality Experience (2018) | 11.5 GB
    Discovery Of True Authentic Self
    Hidden potential can only be determined from unlearning what you 'THINK' you know and Discover your Inner Masculine Potential

    Beast Den Membership Site
    Ultimate Access to Unlocking Your True Masculine Potential and Becoming A Lead To Lead Others.

    Weekly success coaching from Leigh
    Access to private support and coaching group
    Ability to request personal coaching topics
    Cancel at any time


    Link Download:
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    Default Ben Adkins - Advertorial Master Class

    Ben Adkins - Advertorial Master Class | 2.94 GB
    Read Below For More on What You'll Master in Course.

    Section 1: The Ideal Products to Promote with Advertorials.
    - How to Quickly Find The Best Affiliate Promotions
    - Not all affiliate promotions are created equal. We'll walk you through exactly what to look for and where to look for affiliate promotions that are ideally suited for long term sales and conversion using advertorials.
    - The Best Local Business Types to Promote With Advertorials
    - Advertorials are extremely powerful when it comes to promoting local businesses. We'll walk you through the best type of local businesses to promote and why.
    - The Math Behind a Great Advertorial Promotion
    - Before you create anything you need to make sure that you can make the kind of money that you need to in order to be profitable and for it to be worth your time. We'll walk through how to map out your numbers so you can plan for success with your advertorial campaigns.
    - FAST START: 3 Already Mapped Out Affiliate Promotions
    - To Get You Going Fast, We'll give you 3 affiliate promotions that are perfectly suited for Advertorial Campaigns and the research behind them. This will allow you to get started right away (even if you want to skip doing the research yourself at first)

    Section 2: How to Write the Perfect Advertorial for Conversions
    - The 2 Perfect Presell Content Formulas
    - The Key to the Entire System is knowing how to create the kind of content that doesn't seem like its trying to sell the reader something. while still setting the stage for your sale. We'll go through the 2 content formulas that make this possible and show you the subtle art of making it work. When you Master this skill you can literally sell anything Online.
    - Software we Use to Cheat When it Comes to Advertorial Creation.
    - I confess. we don't just write all of our advertorials from scratch. I use a few tools to give myself a leg up. I'll show you exactly what they are and how to use them to get and advantage and do less work in prepping your advertorial campaign.
    - The Services We Use to Help With Writing Content (Scaling)
    - We'll walk you through the service providers that we use to help with content creation once we start scaling our earnings up. Just knowing about these services is enough to change your business in the next 60 days.

    Section 3: How to Setup the Perfect Advertorial Website
    - Perfect Advertorial Site Structure
    - The Best way to strengthen a good Advertorial is to have a website that supports what its trying to do around it. I'll walk you through the exact way to setup the page that will house your advertorial. This helps up your short term and long term conversions.
    - Setting it All Up in WordPress
    - Wordpress is how I recommend you setup your advertorial sites and I'll show you all of the theme setup and plugin setups that you're going to need to maximize your results. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
    - Setting it All Up in a Page Builder
    - Don't want to use WordPress? I Understand. Sometimes I just want to get a campaign up quickly to test everything in a new niche. In that scenario, I don't like setting up and entire site. I'll show you how to setup an advertorial in a Page Builder to make money without Using WordPress Builds.
    - Traffic Recycling Techniques
    - This is one of the Most Important Things that I do when running advertorials. If you miss these, you'll end up losing traffic that you paid for and missing out on a ton of extra profit. I'll walk you through my Power Traffic Saving Methods inside so you don't leave anything on the Table.

    Section 4: How to Run Traffic That Converts to your Advertorial
    - How to Use Facebook Ads for Short Term Income
    - I'll show you how to setup, target, and scale your Facebook Ads so that you can get super cheap traffic to your Advertorial Pages (and even how to get people to share your Advertorial for free).
    - How to Use Twitter Ads For Short Term Income
    - Twitter Ads don't get a lot of attention these days, but they are an absolute goldmine if you understand how to use them. I'll walk you through the process of setting them up and how to get cheap targeted traffic to your advertorial with them.
    - How to Plan For Long Term Income with all of Your Advertorials.
    - If you setup everything correctly, you're setting up your site to send a ton of organic traffic in the longterm (traffic that is hyper targeted that you don't have to pay for). I'll show you exactly how to plan for this so you can build a true Long Term Asset that pays you monthly.

    - The Local Business Advertorial [Case Study #1]
    - We'll show you a real world case study of how to use Advertorials to Power a Local Gyms Subscription Program.
    - The Physical Product Advertorial [Case Study #2]
    - We'll show you the full process of how one Business is using an Advertorial to power an Online Physical Product Ecom Business.
    - The Digital Software Advertorial [Case Study #3]
    - We'll Walk you through the real world case study of how one Business is Selling their Software using a very clever Advertorial Campaign.

    Advertorial Master Class Platinum
    - Everything From the Basic Package.
    - [Case Study #1]
    - The Local Business Advertorial
    - [Case Study #2]
    - The Physical Product Advertorial
    - Case Study #3
    - The Network Marketing Advertorial
    - Case Study #4
    - The Digital Software Advertorial


    Link Download:
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    Default Danny Johnson - Seller Lead Hacks

    Danny Johnson - Seller Lead Hacks | 8.85 GB
    "Want to Generate Motivated Seller Leads Online?"
    Danny, the founder of Lead Propeller and the "Flipping Junkie Podcast", is hand selecting just 25 investors to join the initial training group for this course because he wants real estate investors that have shown that they are doers. The purpose of this beta group is to get results for each and every person in the group.

    Danny wants the success of this group to be the source of case studies and testimonials for the training. If you are willing to commit and follow the instruction given in this training, please apply. If you tend to purchase training but don't take action, we'd rather you saved your money.

    What You'll Learn In This 6 Week Training:
    Week 1: Dialing In Your Website For Maximum Conversion
    What to expect from this training. An in-depth explanation of the proper website setup so that you convert as much traffic as possible into leads!

    Week 2: Dominating Your Local Market Online
    How to completely dominate your local market online so that you get the lion's share of the motivated seller leads.

    Week 3: FREE Traffic
    FREE hacks to get motivated sellers to your website quickly and consistently.

    Week 4: Pay Per Click
    How to leverage paid traffic to crank up your lead generation immediately.

    Week 5: Retargeting
    Massively improve your conversion rates by retargeting visitors to your website when they visit other popular websites.

    Week 6: Long-Term SEO
    Discover the exact strategy to get your site to rank for the long-haul so that you can start generating very-inexpensive leads by ranking at the top of the search results for the absolute best keywords.


    Link Download:
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    Default Ben Oberg - Millionaire Mafia Crypto Mastery

    Ben Oberg - Millionaire Mafia Crypto Mastery | 5.22 GB
    This Guy Makes 0.21 Bitcoin Per Day
    While Taking A Shower!
    Learn How You Can Earn Crypto Currency While Showering!

    Everyone wants to promise you that their bot, their "system," their MLM, or company is going to make you "mass amounts of money" and "you will be living the dream, you don't have to put in effort," and all this other bullshit.

    I'm not going to promise you any of that.
    - I don't have a system to offer you,
    - I don't have an MLM for you to join,
    - I don't have a magic crypto machine that you can put money into and will spit out Bitcoin or Litecoin or any other coin.

    I can only teach you to create massive returns while you take a bubble bath, shower, wash your dishes, or go about your daily lives.
    Heck, I Made 8.3 Bitcoin At A G-Eazy Concert In San Diego At 2 AM!
    Then I made 11 Ethereum 3 days before that while
    sitting in an Audi RS5 at the SD Auto Show!
    My concept is simple; I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone.
    How much did I spend?
    Well, I took $3,500 and turned it into over $1.2M. So it's up to you, I don't care if you use $5,000, $500, $50, or $5.
    So here it is;
    When you invest in a stock you don't invest in just any stock, right?
    You invest in one that people have had success with, or that your accountant says is good.
    You invest in one that experts say is good. You essentially trust the "expert opinion" of another person to tell you what to do.

    Well, What If You Were "THE EXPERT?"
    You would know exactly:
    - What to invest in
    - When to invest,
    - How to invest,
    - When to sell and trade out,
    - And most importantly.

    You Would Spend No More Time Doing This Than You Would Taking A Shower
    It's not that hard to be an expert. The average person spends
    8.2 minutes taking a shower.
    Well, once again, I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone;
    That's 0.21 Bitcoin per day;
    That's 4-figures per day.
    With 7.6 billion people on Earth, the average person makes $10,000 per do the math.
    Make sense?

    Be the expert, make the money, and you don't have to trust anyone.
    Are you familiar with the book "The 4 Hour Work Week?"..
    Well..this is "The Two Hour Work Week."

    Course Curriculum
    - Intro To Bitcoin & Application Of Crypto Currency
    - Setting Up Your Wallet & Securing Your Bitcoin
    - Earning Crypto Currency On Exchanges
    - How To Create 200%+ Return On Investment Weekly
    - Satoshi Value & Candlestick Science
    - Basic Trading Strategies
    - Short Term/Long Term Profit Strategies
    - Trade Entrance & Exit Indicators
    - Advanced Trading Patterns
    - Predicting Markets For Profit
    - Stop Losses & Notifications For Increased Profits
    - Coin Research
    - ICO Fundamentals & Science
    - Converting Crypto To Cash
    - Bitcoin Visa Cards
    - Bonus Training With Crypto Millionaires
    - Coins To Invest In
    - Ben's Personal Crypto Accumulation Strategy
    - Fibonacci Retracement/Extension Tools For Predictive Analysis
    - Earning During Progressions (bull markets)
    - Earning During Recessions (bear markets)
    - Market Analysis
    - Blockchain Investments
    - Blockchain data
    - Blockchain and Proof Of Stake Investments
    - POS vs. POW
    - How To Stake Coins & Earn Instantly
    - GPU Mining vs. ASIC Mining


    Link Download:
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    Default MindValley - 12 Dimensions of Mastery (LifeBook Challenge)

    MindValley - 12 Dimensions of Mastery (LifeBook Challenge) | 8.39 GB
    This Is How We Structured The Lifebook Challenge So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

    In The Lifebook Challenge - 12 Dimensions Of Mastery, one of our main objectives is to help you figure out your own, personal ideal life vision - complete with goals and values in all 12 categories of your life - so you can starting realizing that vision, step-by-step.
    For this, well be dedicating two days per category to forge a life vision thats uniquely yours. A single, clear and compelling life vision that is based on your values and standards. So you can start living a life thats authentically yours. Heres how the course is structured to deliver this:

    00 Foundation: What Is An Extraordinary Life? (Two days, from January 10th - 11th)
    The first thing we do is explore what an extraordinary life means. Well ask questions like What does having it all mean? and Is it possible for you? and come up with a strong WHY for creating an extraordinary life.

    01 Category 1: Health & Fitness (Two days, from January 12th to 13th)
    Theres a lot of noise out there in this category - and much of it is contradictory information that can make it difficult for you to navigate. Well identify and present the right strategies that can help you achieve your ideal body in the shortest time possible.

    02 Category 2: Intellectual Life (Two days, from January 14th to 15th)
    Your intellectual life consists of two parts - input and output. The input is the information thats coming into your head. The output is the thinking and processing you do to come up with a decision. Well learn more about how our intellect works and then explore ways to nourish it.

    03 Category 3: Emotional Lifem(Two days, from January 16th to 17th)
    If you want a great life, you have to experience quality emotions on an ongoing basis. One of the big concepts youll learn here is that we can exercise a tremendous amount of consciousness and control over our emotions. The trick is to find the recipe for every emotion youll experience in your life and set goals for those emotions that you want to consistently experience in your life.

    04 Category 4: Character (Two days, from January 18th to 19th)
    Well look at setting goals for your character - setting goals for self-discipline, goals for staying true to your word, goals for overcoming procrastination and so on. Well literally have you choose the character you want to bring into your life.

    05 Category 5: Spirituality (Two days, from January 20th to 21th)
    Almost all of what we believe about spirituality comes from what we were told as a kid, by our parents, our church or religious institution or by any other member of our family. But this may not necessarily describe your unique truth. And so in the Lifebook Challenge, we take a deep look at your own beliefs and document them. This will definitely be an eye-opening experience.

    06 Category 6: Love Relationshipv(Two days, from January 22nd to 23rd)
    Your love relationship is a subject that, perhaps more than any other, directly affects your level of happiness. Here, youll examine your deepest held beliefs about love (which control your behavior in this area or your life). Youll define your values and expectations about love and achieve clarity on what you want and need from your love relationship. Youll discover that extraordinary relationships can be achieved if both people want it badly enough to truly commit. And youll emerge with specific strategies you can use to create the Love Relationship youve always dreamed of.

    07 Category 7: Parenting (Two days, from January 24th to 25th)
    Raising a child is one of the richest, deepest experiences life has to offer. Here, youll examine your deepest beliefs about what defines a good parent. Youll reflect on who your children are as individuals, and how you can help them better succeed - both in the short term and long term. Youll consider the key values of your home and create a clearer vision for parenting your children. Youll define the kind of relationship you want to have with your children, and youll create a clear strategy that will make that relationship blossom. And perhaps most importantly, youll realize what an incredibly important example you set by the way you live in every category of your life.

    08 Category 8: Social Life (Two days, from January 26th to 27th)
    Here, well do a deep dive into your social life - and this is an important part of your life, way more important than most people realize. So well be exploring some profound principles and life-changing content that will reveal just how high the stakes are in this category - and then well share some powerful strategies for taking your social life to the next level.

    09 Category 9: Finances (Two days, from January 28th to 29th)
    Here were going to focus on true financial abundance. The financial advice and guidance well deliver will be worth much more than the cost of this program. If you apply the resources available to you and implement the strategies well share with you, you will create a quantifiable surge in your financial life. But were going to give you something even more valuable than that. Because you can learn financial strategies just about anywhere. Were going to help you bring an immense amount of consciousness to this category, by sharing a unique and powerful perspective that will give you a much deeper understanding of the role money plays in your life. Infinitely more control of your financial world. And a sure-fire formula for creating financial abundance that will work. Thats a big promise - and we will deliver.

    10 Category 10: Career (Two days, from January 30th to 31st)
    When it comes to career, we have a wider range of choice than ever before in human history. There are hundreds of professions that didnt even exist a few years ago. So whats the result of all this wonderful opportunity? Information overload. Many of us are just overwhelmed. There are too many choices. Its bewildering and confusing. With all the possibilities - how do we choose? In this category of the Lifebook Challenge, youll learn the three pillars upon which a successful, fulfilling career is based, and discover the strategies you need to take your career to a higher level (and make more money in the process!)

    11 Category 11: Quality of Life (Two days, from February 1st to 2nd)
    This category is about your happiness and fulfillment - its about living joyfully and fully every day. Living a life of abundance. Having leisure time to enjoy with loved ones. Its about having fun, having great stuff, and having good times. Its about enjoying yourself! This is where you define the lifestyle you want to live. If youre a car person this is where your cars live. If youre a boat person, this is where you create and manifest that vision. This is where your dream house lives. Its where exotic travel, and helicopter rides, and white sand beaches live. This is where all the material rewards for doing all this work can be found.

    12 Category 12: Life Vision (Two days, from February 3rd to 4th)
    Your Life Vision - this is where all the thinking youve done so far will really start to come together. Its here that youll realize that the Lifebook Challenge isnt about 12 things - its about one thing. you. Well focus on the most important single aspect of the Lifebook program - a singular, compelling vision for the person you want to become and the life you want to live.

    13 Integration: Goal Setting (Two day, from February 5th to 6th)
    So far, youve clarified what you want out of life. And in this part of the Lifebook Challenge, well look into the causes you need to put in motion to create the effect youre after. And well develop a plan that outlines exactly what it will take to achieve your vision.

    14 Integration: Taking Action (Two days, from February 7th to 8th)
    This part of the Lifebook Challenge is simple but powerful. Well take a look at one of the most important goals in your life and take one powerful action toward the accomplishment of that goal. Preferably - a big, bold, powerful action that will really surge your goal forward. The main objective is for you to feel your life move in the direction you want it to - and action is the active ingredient!


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    Default Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit (2018)

    Attraction Marketing Summit (MLSP)(2018) | 7.54 GB
    Attraction Marketing is the art of attracting clients for your business by creating valuable & educational content that addresses a particular audiences pains, problems, and challenges.

    Attraction Marketing is about serving your prospect up-front by giving them answers to their problems, which in turn gives you what you want (a customer, client, or new business partner).
    When you execute MLSPs proprietary Attraction Marketing Formula in your business, you magically start to create and build relationships with potential clients as you build that know, like, and trust factor? which can make the selling process much easier and much more enjoyable.
    The Vision & Goal with the Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit?
    To teach home business owners how top earners are effectively combining attraction marketing principles with online marketing best practices (social media prospecting & recruiting, content marketing, blogging, video, webinars and other modern technologies) to grow their audience, influence, and income... and get more customers and recruit more reps for their businesses.
    Our desire with the Virtual Summit is to prove once and for all that top producers today are combining proven offline marketing techniques with the power and leverage of the internet and attraction marketing to create the life (and business) of their dreams.
    Through the Summit interviews we will level-up the profession, reveal the truth, and show home business owners step-by-step what is possible when you increase your value, knowledge, and skill-sets, embrace attraction marketing, and become a professional marketer!

    Your 40 Summit Speakers include Top 10 income earners in network marketing companies, prospecting & recruiting experts, the best home business professionals & online marketers, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, 6- 7- and 8-Figure Earners who ALL leverage the internet, and Attraction Marketing pioneers who changed the industry forever...
    Below you will find interviews with the following:
    Toby and Layla Black, Tanya Aliza, Ray Higdon, April Marie Tucker, Amber Voight, Sherri Brown, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Bob Heilig, Matt Morris, Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz


    Link Download:
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