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    Smile REVIEW: Star Trek is must watch !!!

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    If you're a fan, there's no way you're going to be disappointed !!!

    It's a great thing to have lived through the '80s and one of the best things about it were the movies and TV shows about 'Space: Final Frontier'.

    From George Luca's Star Wars saga to TV's Star Trek I've loved every minute of it. But I have to say things are looking so much better with today's technology.

    To watch Star Trek with these kinds of effects and this kind of a story was thrill.

    I'm no hardcore Trekkie, let me just say that, but I am a Sci-fi fanatic and was quite the fan of the original series, didn't care much for the ones in between, the next generation etc. etc. They were good, to an extent, in their own right, and I mean the series NOT the movies.

    JJ Abrams director of Mission Impossible III and producer for the hit TV show Lost has done a brilliant job with the direction. He's managed to give an old time TV show a new spin with the latest of technology and effects. What will really make a huge impact on audiences is the cast. Every one of them has been perfectly played as younger versions of the original crew.

    The arrogant and fool hardy captain of Legendary Star Ship USS Enterprise, James T Kirk is brilliantly portrayed by Chris Pine, who hasn't really been too much into the mainstream movie scene but you might remember him for movies like Blind Dating and Just My Luck that have been on the cable movie channels for a while now.

    Zachary Quinto, who you'll know as Syler from TV's Heroes, plays the ever cool and logical thinking Spock. The original character played by the legendary Leonard Nimoy also makes an appearance and that is one of the better parts of the film.

    Eric Bana is cast as the Romulan captain Nero with Karl Urban (Doom, LOTR) as Dr McCoy or Bones, Simon Peg (Hot Fuzz, Run Fat Boy Run) as Montgomery Scott, John Cho (Harold and Kumar) as Sulu and Zoe Saldana Uhura. These actors look and will make you believe that they are every bit the younger versions of the original crew of the TV series and that's what makes this movie so much fun to watch.

    One of the main characters in the film that is sure to pick at those old fan feelings as deeply buried under machismo and denial of having been a geek at some point of time, is the USS Enterprise itself.

    We may have seen it many times over, but not like this. From the time you see it in the trailer, under construction to the spanking new vessel in space and the closing sequence nostalgia will flood in. As crude as this may sound, I love watching that baby leave a room I mean galaxy.

    The story is well laid out and is shrouded in a veil of mystery. There's nothing I can say to you other than what you may have seen in the trailer, that wouldn't give away the story.

    Sure some of the stuff is a little out there, but it's Star Trek. It's supposed to be!

    Some of the technology displayed on future earth like Kirk's bike, is absolutely ridiculous. As a wild child renegade, that the character is supposed to be, that's one thing you don't expect.

    But the rest of the tech has all the hints of the original sets and look quite authentic but obviously new. But they look so much better on big screen with the special effects that are two decades newer. Watching the ships go into wrap speed is something I particularly enjoyed, especially with the graphics and sound engineering that today's movie technology allow.

    The mannerisms of each character as they make, either their initial appearance onscreen or when a particular dialogue is spoken will have to momentarily drifting back to those good old days of pre-cable, Doordarshan moments when, as kids we'd rush to get back home to watch the series. You'll very easily be able to identify with the characters as you reminisce.

    The bottom line is, the cast and crew of the film have succeeded in doing exactly what they set out to do, re-device an original and legendary show and make it better than all the other that came in between.

    Star Trek is a quick, action-packed movie that wastes no time with too much chitchat, no more than the show did anyway. But someone only recently told me, it's suddenly cool to be a Trekkie and I do believe, he just may be right.

    Verdict: Star Trek is a MUST watch of you're a fan and if you've seen just a few of the old episodes, you're going to want to go back and watch the reruns.

    Rating: 4.5/5
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