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    Post REVIEW: Sanjay Suri's Anubhav !!!

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    Let's just say watching this one's not a particularly good 'anubhav'

    Good intentions don't always make for good movies. The list of films that fall under this category is perhaps endless. But every once in a while we are reminded of this trite and oft-repeated adage.

    This week's release Anubhav is one such movie. Starring Sanjay Suri and Gul Panag Anubhav is the story of an aspiring actor who has to sell his morals and body to make ends meet.

    Anyone who has been part of the film industry and a certain section of Mumbai's society will tell you that the male casting couch is not new. And young men awaiting rich lonely women are a common sight in certain parts of the city.

    It's a pity that not many films have been made on this subject.

    Anubhav unfortunately is one of those movies that shouldn't have been made in the first place.

    Anubhav Malhotra (Sanjay Suri) is one such dude. And much like many other men (and women) in this profession he too has a sob story to narrate.

    You see Anubhav was once a budding actor who dreamt of making it big in Bollywood. After turning down indecent proposals from his seniors at work he hits the jackpot when his friend signs him up to play the lead in his film. But as luck has it, the movie ends up getting stuck thanks to the death of his producer.

    Meanwhile, our man has not only managed to woo but also marry the pretty Meera (Gul Panag), daughter of some big shot we only hear of but never see.

    Things go terribly wrong when complications arise in Meera's pregnancy. The penniless Anubhav's only hope of saving the child is an expensive surgery. Not left with much choice, Anubhav becomes a gigolo.

    The meaningless sex for money begins to affect his self and the marriage too, till one day when he has to answer some very difficult questions.

    While the movie bases itself on a perfectly plausible premise, it goes haywire because you simply cannot associate with the situations in it and neither can you relate to the people in those situations.

    For instance, Anubhav decides to hide the truth about their newborn's illness from his wife fearing she won't be able to take the shock.

    So, all along the fellow lets his wife think that her daughter is dead till such a day when he hopes to bring her back hale and hearty! Whew, beats my logic!

    Anubhav also loses points on acting Suri manages to put up a less-than-convincing act of a loving husband-turned gigolo. Gul Panag does a fairly good job though Jackie Shroff in his cameo is totally wasted.

    Perhaps the biggest issue with this movie however is that it carries a diary writer's approach.

    That the film is inspired from real life incidents is very evident. But the (story and screenplay) writer Anoop Menon never really manages to distance himself from the real life story/stories he has drawn upon. As a result Anubhav never rises beyond the ordinary.

    And that is probably the reason why some of the portions in the movie sound so crass. Like that part where Suri describes the travails of being a sex worker when each word of every sentence makes you cringe.

    Then there is the music. I seriously doubt Aadesh Srivastava, who has composed the score, would want to associate himself with it. Below average and almost a half-hearted effort, the songs could have well been done away with.

    Verdict: Let's just say watching Sanjay Suri's latest film is not a particularly good anubhav.

    Rating : 1/5.
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    R.I.P Hash We'll Always Remember You.....

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    lol will v remember u hash



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