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    Smile REVIEW: Daddy Cool is uncool !!!

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    What works as a sex comedy in one languge, needn't be equally funny in another !!!

    Rumour has it that a number of studios are pitching for the desi adaptation of 2009's cult comedy The Hangover. I sincerely hope it never happens. The reason is simple. Since we Indians are still a bit too guarded about sex-talk - the delightfully, naughty American one-liners will be replaced with crude, lowbrow, crass humour.

    And that's exactly the problem with the Hindi remake of Death At A Funeral. Titled Daddy Cool, the movie is a frame-by-frame rehash of the critically acclaimed British comedy. Now the original wasn't an exceptionally funny film. And doesn't merit a must watch rating. But it managed to keep you grinning through its short running time.

    Daddy Cool unfortunately grosses you out by the time the end credits roll. Now it might be argued that the original was also high on toilet humour. But in their desi avatar the sequences are presented in a very tasteless manner. Imagine doing an Amercian Pie in Hindi. It's just not the same.

    Starring some of Bollywood's most reliable funny men, Daddy Cool is endurable upto the interval. Half way through the film you feel it's like any other mundane comedy that's okay while it lasts. But the quality of houmour goes horribly down hill with every passing minute in the second half.

    Of the cast, it's only Suniel Shetty and Aatab Shivdasani who manage to raise some laughs. The rest of the actors just screech double entendres in the name of humour. And like most Bollywood comedies, the emotional moments in the climax are excessively melodramatic. It's sad how the writers completely mess up a decent premise.

    Verdict: What works as a sex comedy in one languge, needn't be equally funny in another. This movie is totally uncool.

    Rating: 1/5
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