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    Default Movie review: Runway

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    Cast: Amarjeet Shukla, Tulip Joshi, Lucky Ali, Deepal Shaw, Shahwar Ali, Sharat Saxena, Vida Samadzai; Director: Suniel-Praful

    Rating: *

    When a filmmaker doesn't have any story to tell, he tries to perk up the narrative by using jump cuts, freeze frames and other technical wizardry - last year it was seen in "Woodstock Villa", this year it's in "Runway".

    "Runway" sets the message right at the very beginning that it is an exercise in futility.

    Amarjeet Shukla, the lead protagonist in the film, becomes a contract killer to save the life of his lady love Deepal Shaw, who is dying due to drug usage. He comes in touch with people like Sharat Saxena who plays underworld English speaking kingpin who wears dark shades, is surrounded by those 80s style left over blue-n-white drums and announces - 'I am not interested in your love story; I want brave people'.

    Amarjeet's friend, who introduces him to the Don also warns him - 'He is a man of commitment, so be careful.'

    It's just that the 'man of commitment' himself is nowhere to be seen in the entire second half as his henchman pairs up with Amarjeet to do rest of the killing. Worse, one doesn't quite understand who is killing whom and what's the purpose behind that?

    So Amarjeet presses the trigger for the first time and just when he gets hold on a fake passport to fly back into India, courtesy Tulip, he decides to skip his flight and return to the mean streets.

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