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    Smile Agyaat 2009 | Promo HQ* a must watch

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    ~* Agyaat Promo/Teaser *~

    A Ram Gopal Verma film

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    Poster :- Click here

    Cast n Crew: - Click here

    ~*~ Synopsis ~*~

    This film is a thriller and revolves around the realm of fear. A film unit goes for a shoot at a location deep in the forest of Sri Lanka. Each character in this film exhibits their own quirkiness, their arrogance and their mixed feelings for each other.

    The shoot is put on hold when a camera malfunctions and they have to wait for a replacement. To kill time they decide to go on a trek into the jungle with the caretaker of the jungle. When the caretaker is found mauled one night the panic and fear of the darkness of the unknown world sets in and the movie take a 360 degree turn as each one present there is fighting for their lives from something they have not seen. This unseen is faster, smarter and is out to kill them.

    We see change in their attitude, their beliefs and the film is poised to judge whether mankindís survival instinct can prevail over darkness of a world they cannot imagine.

    ~* If YoU LyK ThE PoSt ThEn HiT THANKS *~

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