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    shawn rebecca

    Default UFC on Fuel TV 1 Newcomers Introduction Pack shawnrebecca

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    UFC on Fuel TV 1 Newcomers Introduction Pack shawnrebecca

    Anton Kuivanen
    2009-10-17 Anton Kuivanen vs Erikas Petraitis (Fight Festival 26)
    2010-05-08 Anton Kuivanen vs Raymond Jarman (Cage 13 - Spring Break)
    2010-11-20 Anton Kuivanen vs Tim Radcliffe (Cage 14 - All Stars)
    2011-01-31 Anton Kuivanen vs Ryan Bixler (Fight Festival 29)
    2011-04-29 Anton Kuivanen vs Ivan Buchinger (Cage 15 - Powered by Reezig)
    2011-10-08 Anton Kuivanen vs Thiago Meller (Cage 16 - 1st Defense)

    Bernando ''Trekko'' Magalhaes
    2008-02-15 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Gustavo Falciroli (CFC 3 - Cage Fighting Championships 3)
    2008-11-07 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Adrian Pang I (CFC 6 - Eliminator)
    2009-02-20 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Rob Hill I (CFC 7 - Battle at the Big Top)
    2009-07-04 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Dennis Kelly II (Proud Warriors Productions - Into The Future)
    2009-08-21 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Rob Hill II (CFC 10 - Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals)
    2010-11-13 Bernardo ''Trekko'' Magalhaes vs Johnavan Vistante Jr. (PWP 2 - Proud Warriors Productions 2)

    Buddy Roberts
    2009-12-11 Buddy Roberts vs Alijah Reni (LGIO - Let's Get It On)
    2010-05-22 Buddy Roberts vs Rick Randolph (RXF - Reno Xtreme Fights 4)
    2010-08-28 Buddy Roberts vs B.J. Lacy (RR - Rural Rumble 3)

    Justin Salas
    2006-11-18 Justin Salas vs Corey Lieberth II (Midwest Championship Fighting - Genesis)
    2010-01-30 Justin Salas vs Robert Simmons (Fight To Win - Phenoms)
    2010-07-24 Justin Salas vs Matt Simms (Fight To Win - Worlds Collide)
    2011-01-29 Justin Salas vs Robert Emerson (FFFC - Full Force Fighting 1)
    2011-10-14 Justin Salas vs Joe Ellenberger (VFC - Victory Fighting Championship 36)

    Sean Loeffler
    2009-06-26 Sean Loeffler vs Christian Fulgium (CFC - Cajun Fighting Championships)
    2010-04-29 Sean Loeffler vs Bryan Baker (Bellator FC 16)
    2011-08-06 Sean Loeffler vs Brandon Gaines (Xplode Fight Series - Rumble off the Reservation)

    Tim ''The Dirty Bird'' Means
    2004-06-05 Tim ''The Dirty Bird'' Means vs Noah Thomas (Fight World 1 - Let's Roll) [am.]
    2010-03-26 Tim ''The Dirty Bird'' Means vs Jaime Jara (KOTC - Legacy)
    2010-07-30 Tim ''The Dirty Bird'' Means vs Dom O'Grady I (KOTC - Lock Down)

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    Code: ''The Dirty Bird'' Means shawnrebecca.rar.html Loeffler shawnrebecca.rar.html Salas shawnrebecca.rar.html ''Trekko'' Magalhaes.part1.rar.html ''Trekko'' Magalhaes.part2.rar.html Kuivanen shawnrebecca.rar.html Roberts shawnrebecca.rar.html
    Code: Salas shawnrebecca.rar.htm Roberts shawnrebecca.rar.htm Kuivanen shawnrebecca.rar.htm
    Code: ''The Dirty Bird'' Means shawnrebecca.rar Loeffler shawnrebecca.rar Salas shawnrebecca.rar ''Trekko'' Magalhaes.part2.rar ''Trekko'' Magalhaes.part1.rar Roberts shawnrebecca.rar Kuivanen shawnrebecca.rar



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