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    Default UFC 143 Newcomers Introduction Pack

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    UFC 143 Newcomers Introduction Pack

    Daniel ''The Anvil'' Stittgen
    2009-01-23 Daniel ''The Anvil'' Stittgen vs Greg Killian (Extreme Challenge - The War at the Shore)
    2011-05-13 Daniel ''The Anvil'' Stittgen vs Jason Graves (XFO - Xtreme Fighting Organization 39)
    Daniel ''The Anvil'' Stittgen Highlights
    Henry Martinez
    2009-04-10 Henry Martinez vs Wilson Reis (Bellator FC II)
    Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway
    2008-05-03 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Mana Woosley (Hawaii Fight League Event 3) [am. Mixed Rules]
    2008-07-12 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Julio Moreno (X1 - MMAC)
    2008-09-27 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Evan Quezon (X-1 World Events - Temple of Boom) [am. Kickboxing]
    2009 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Chad Zurfluh [am.]
    2009 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Corey Mcdonald [am.]
    2009-12-19 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Mateo Gurney (MMA Fight Night Live 12.19.09 at Level 4) [am.]
    2010-01-30 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Travis Beyer (Destiny - Fireworks) [am.]
    2010-02-19 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Andrew Costellano (808 Battleground - Dropping Jaws) [am.]
    2010-03-27 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Cory Rosa (Destiny - No Ka 'Oi 2) [am.]
    2010-04-16 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Paul Lopez (808 Battleground - Challenge) [am.]
    2010-06-19 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Hollaway vs Toby Misech (Just Scrap) [am.]
    2010-11-06 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Bryson Kamaka (X-1 - Island Pride)
    2011-07-01 Max ''Lil' Evil'' Holloway vs Eddie Rincon (UIC 4 - War on the Valley Isle)
    Michael ''Judo'' Kuiper2009-01-17 Michael ''Judo'' Kuiper vs Nico Cochet [am.]
    2009-10-03 Michael ''Judo'' Kuiper vs Patrice Wagemans (Strength and Honour 5)
    2011-05-07 Michael ''Judo'' Kuiper vs Morris Cilfoni (MitC - Milano in the Cage)
    Stephen ''Wonderboy'' Thompson
    2005-10-08 Stephen ''Wonderboy'' Thompson vs James DeCore (World Combat League) [Kickboxing]
    2005-10-08 Stephen ''Wonderboy'' Thompson vs Tim Williams (World Combat League) [Kickboxing]
    2005-12-04 Stephen ''Wonderboy'' Thompson vs Sergey Bodgan (W.A.K.O. World Championships 2005) [LQ]
    Stephen ''Wonderboy'' Thompson - History in the Making
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