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    shawn rebecca

    Default UFC 143 Diaz vs Condit 720p 3DTV x264 RUDOS

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    UFC 143 Diaz vs Condit 720p 3DTV x264 RUDOS

    [EVENT]: UFC.143.Diaz.vs.Condit.720p.3DTV.x264-RUDOS
    [RELEASED]: 02.05.2012
    [AIRED]: 02.04.2012
    [SIZE]: 6.07 GB
    [SOURCE]: 3D PPV
    [CONTAINER]: mp4
    [RESOLUTION]: 1280 x 720 (16:9) @ 29.970 FPS
    [VIDEO]: x264 @ 4684 kbps
    [AUDIO]: AAC @ 192 kbps
    [LENGTH]: 178 Mins
    ** Use Stereoscopic Player for Red/Blue Glasses
    For those of you who DO NOT have a 3D Kit + 3D Monitor or a 3DTV do not worry you can
    still watch in 3D with red/blue glasses in full 3D however its not full color like by
    default, but take our word for it, its still a hell of a viewing experience compared
    to the standard red/blue material you have been subjected to in the past, because
    your using a legit digital 3d version as your source to watch.
    Please follow these directions carefully, these are intended to get you Anaglyph:
    1.) Open Stereoscopic Player and a make sure you have already gone to Help at
    the top, and Enter Product Key and use the provided serial in the mediafire link
    we provided in the nfo
    2.) Now Load your Video with File, Open File if your asked what type of source video,

    choose Side by Side Left Image First. then continue.
    3.) Then Click File, Aspect Ratio, 16:9
    4.) Also, View at the top, Viewing Method, Anaglyph, Color Anaglyph Red - Cyan
    5.) Finally, View at the top, Aspect Ratio, Full Size




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