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    KOTC Wet n Wild

    This event was titled "Wet N' Wild" when KOTC ran into the most obivous problem of holding an outdoor event......the weather! It's so bad the referee's were wearing rain jackets. Watching people try to strike with absolutely no traction is quite comical.

    Also an interesting sidenote that some people may not know. This event marked the "return" of "Rafiel Torre", who came out of "retirement" to put his "undefeated" streak on the line. It later would come out that "Rafiel Torre" was actually Ralph Bartel and his whole persona and MMA history was a farce. This is the only record of a fight featuring this man. It was billed as former training partners settling bad blood, but it looked more like training partners in a worked match. So many people bought his lies he was even invited to the first annual ADCC, where he was promptly subbed and eliminated in less then a minute. Bartel would be found guilty of murder a few years later when he killed his girlfriends husband with a Rear Naked Choke in a coup for him and his girlfriend to live off the life insurance money. Gerald Strebednt, Chris Brennon, and Eddie Bravo would testify in the trial. The Lengend of Rafiel Torre got him up to #2 on
    7 Fighters Who Lied Their Way to Legendary

    Fight Card:
    Tony Huecias vs. Alex Richard
    Kevin Hogan vs. Victor Hunsaker
    Mike Bourke vs. Shungo Oyama
    Marvin Eastman vs. Floyd Sword
    Alex Andrade vs. Yusuke Imamura
    Rafiel Torre vs. Ioka "Big Joe" Tianuu
    Guy Mezger vs. Alexander Otsuka
    Joe Hurley vs. Charlie Kohler
    Rick Mathis vs. Pete Williams
    Paul Buentello vs. Ricco Rodriguez



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