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    Transformers :: Galaxy Force

    Transformers: Galaxy Force: The story

    Forced to abandon their home planet of Seibertron due to the threat of the Grand Blackhole, Galaxy Convoy prepares to lead his Cybertron warriors to Earth. Just as they are leaving they are confronted by Vector Prime who warns Galaxy Convoy of the threat to the galaxy if the four Planet Force are not gathered. However, Master Megatron has plans of his own for the Planet Force.
    Upon the destruction caused by the Grand Black Hole, the cybertron warriors from Planet Seibetron flee to earth in search of the way to stop the Grand Black Hole. They were joined by Vector Prime, an ancient Transformer that were sent by the past to aid and warn them on the dangers of the Grand Black Hole. They were told to gather the legendary planet forces in order to stop the chaos but Master Megatron has his own plans for the planet forces. As they embark on the search, they land on new planets which are inhabited by different Transformer races as well as the Convoys who lead these planets.

    Chronological List of Episodes :-

    01) Sacred Birthplace, Planet Seibertron Destroyed!?
    02) Encounter with the Transformers
    03) Protect the Secret Base!
    04) Lessons for Living on Earth
    05) Find the Chip Square!
    06) Wondrous Planet Speedia
    07) The Fastest Hero, Nitro Convoy
    08) Fierce Fighting! Starscream
    09) Save the Human City!
    10) Vector Prime's Decision
    11) Demon Beast Planet Animatros
    12) Mystical Dragon King Flame Convoy
    13) Atlantis's Offense and Defense
    14) The Great Race Starts!
    15) Bud and Hop's Trip to the City
    16) Wild Beast Reincarnation! Ligerjack
    17) Link Up! Liger Convoy
    18) Scorching Dead Heat
    19) The Glorious Planet Cup
    20) Deadly Battle at the Edge of Aurora
    21) Fight! Ligerjack
    22) Lori Goes to the Planet of Demon Beasts
    23) Climactic Battle! Animatros
    24) Revival of the Monsters
    25) Guardian of the Earth, Live Convoy
    26) The Third Planet Force
    27) Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy
    28) Reincarnation! Vanguard Team
    29) The Amazing Guy from Outer Space
    30) King of Treachery, Evil Completely Unleashed
    31) High Speed Fusion! Sonic Convoy
    32) Transcendental Transformation! The Released Power
    33) The Revived Giant God
    34) Counterattack from the Darkness
    35) Atlantis' Labyrinth
    36) Go! The Big Escape Plan
    37) And So, It Is Time To Go On A Journey
    38) Clash! The Crushed Ambition
    39) Breaking Through the Super Space-Time Tunnel
    40) Megalo Convoy of Gigalonia
    41) Enter Master Galvatron
    42) To the Underworld, GO!!
    43) Showdown! Lori vs Chromia
    44) The Secret of Planet X
    45) The Large Planet's Little City
    46) The Final Planet Force
    47) The Extremities of a Great Ambition
    48) Forever the Watcher Over Space-Time
    49) Big Cybertron Gathering
    50) The Final Moments, Light of Hope
    51) Galaxy Convoy vs Master Galvatron - The Final Battle!
    52) A New Journey

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