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    Default Devotional Bhajans | Sanskrit | OS Arun - Satsang Bhajans | 320 kbps

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    OS Arun - Satsang Bhajans
    Artist: OS Arun
    Album: Satsang Bhajans
    Bhajans - The simplest way to Godhead
    Label: Charsur
    Rip Info: 320 kbps

    Bhajans The simplest way to Godhead
    O one of the foolish mind, chant the name of Govinda! When the time for departure nears, rules of prosody and grammar will not be of help! Thus says Adi Sankara in his bhaja govindam. Simply chanting the name of God in complete abandon, without bothering about the niceties of address, prosody or metre is the easiest form of propitiation. The learned may sneer at the artless method of the simpleton, but bhajans is in effect what the most profound philosophical tenets speak with reverence about. Tyagaraja extols the virtues of bhajana in several kritis. In his bhajan seyave he entreats his mind not to get into vain discussions and disputes. He states that Rama Bhajana is highly prized by the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. In many kritis of Muttuswami Dikshitar which are in the second or accusative mode of address, the composer states that he does the chanting or bhajan of the deity's name. Such was the respect in which he held the act of bhajan.

    Bhajan starts with the singing aloud of the Lord. The act singing aloud obviates other thoughts as the mind concentrates on the sound. Continuous singing focuses the heart too on the act of singing. The eyelids close in ecstasy. The singing in a group fills the ears with nothing else but the sonorous name of the Lord and all other earthly noises are shut out. Singing in harmony the devotee forgets the body, the mind and all the earthly nonds that they connote. Rising higher and higher the devotee is firmly established in bliss, uniting permanently with the Supreme. Being an integral part of the bhakti movement, bhajans has been the mode of worship of all its principal saints such as Kabir, Surdas, Meerabai and the saints of Maharashtra. All of them composed songs that were to be sung by Haridasas, who would congregate in a place of worship or simply take to the streets in abandon. The joys witnessing a procession of such klrtankars is described by Tyagaraja in his haridasulu vedaie. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita states that He is present wherever the singing of His name is done. This one testimony from the Lord establishes the superiority of bhajans over any other form of worship. A direct link with God is established by a simple act, whose monumental impact cannot be imagined or described.

    01 - Sharanam Siddhi Vinayaka.mp3
    02 - Sheetala Charanam.mp3
    03 - Aao Guru Deva.mp3
    04 - Bhaja Mana Ram.mp3
    05 - Chanchala Mana.mp3
    06 - Devaki Tanaya.mp3
    07 - Hey Madhava.mp3
    08 - Khelati Mama.mp3
    09 - Sri Raghunandana.mp3
    10 - Govinda Madhava.mp3

    OS Arun - Satsang Bhajans.rar

    -- VG
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