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    Default ten things not to say on your Anniversary

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    10. I stopped caring about anniversaries when you stopped caring about cooking.

    9. Today is our what?

    8. Okay, letís celebrate, but do we have to celebrate together?

    7. I thought we only celebrated important events?

    6. You can celebrate anniversaries with your next husband.

    5. You donít like what I pick out, so I thought why bother.

    4. I got you a present worth a dollar for every time you were nice to me this year. Hereís a $5 gift certificate for McDonaldís.

    3. If you want me to pretend like I care about our anniversary, I will.

    2. You want to go out to dinner? Okay, okay, Iíll take you to Pizza Hut if itíll shut ya up.

    1. I thought you only had to celebrate anniversaries while you were still in love.

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    hahahha lol woow harshness!TFS

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!



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