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    Question How politics works

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    A young boy asks his father...

    ‘‘Dad, how does politics actually work?“

    The father tells his son..

    • Well you see, it‘s like this, I make the money and bring it home, so therefore I am the Capitalist

    • Your mother manages and administers the money, so she is like the Government

    • Your grandfather monitors and oversees things to make sure that everything is in order and running smoothly, so therefore he is like the Trade Union

    • Our maid does all the manual labour around the house, so she is like the Working Class

    • We all have a common purpose, namely your well being; consequently you are like the People and your little brother in diapers represents the Future

    Do you understand my son?

    The little boy thinks about it and tells his father that he‘ll sleep on it and think about it some more...

    During the night the little boy wakes up because his little brother has filled his diapers and is crying terrribly…

    Because the little boy isn‘t sure what to do, he goes to his parents bedroom...

    He finds his mother lying in bed but because she is sleeping so soundly, he can‘t seem to wake her up...

    So the boy proceeds to the maid‘s room for assistance, where he finds his father in bed with the maid, while his grandfather is inconspicuously watching the action through a bedroom window….

    Everyone is so occupied with what they are doing that they don‘t even notice the little boy standing in front of them...

    So because no one comes to his aid, the young lad decides to go back to bed again...

    The next morning the father asks his son if he‘d given more thought to the question of politics and if so, to explain in his own words how it works...

    ‘‘Yes“ answers the boy...

    The Capitalist screws the Working Class. The Unions stand idly by and watch, While the Government sleeps. The People are completely ignored and the Future lies in Shit.

    That‘s how Politics works...

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    lol thats a good one. thanks for sharing

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    thanks for sharing yaar

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    fantastic!!! nice one!



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