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    With us being right in the middle of the barbecue season, I thought we
    should review some of the rules:

    1. The woman goes to the store to buy the food.

    2. The woman makes the salad, vegetables and dessert.

    3. The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along
    with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man, who is
    lounging beside the grill, beer in hand.

    4. The man places the meat on the grill.

    5. The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.

    6. The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He
    thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer whilst he deals with the

    7. The man takes the meat off the grill and hands it to the woman.

    8. The woman prepares the plates and brings them to the table.

    9. After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.

    10. Everyone praises man and thanks him for his cooking efforts.

    11. The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off." And, upon
    seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing
    some women!
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.



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