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    Default Lets Make Up A Movie Script

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    As the title sayz, we are gonna make up a movie script.

    You can have ONLY ONE dialogue or ONE action in a post you make.

    When writing a dialogue, you will need to put ur username n then the dialogue. An example is given below:

    charmer08: I think this gamez gonna be fun

    When writing an action, you will need to have it in brackets. An example is given below:

    (charmer08 opens the door)

    You can also have an action with your dialogue, like:

    charmer08: (shouts) hello

    It would be nice if the next person can copy the movie script from the last post n then add his post. That way a new person who wants to play the game can read it n can understand what is happening in the movie.

    So I'll start,

    (charmer08 opens his eyes and his head hurts)

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    (a girl comes to charmer and just slaps charmer on his face)



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