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    1) When there is a sale on toilet papers, you buy 100 rolls.
    2) You use dishwasher as a dish rack.
    3) You save grocery bags, mostly to hold garbage.
    4) You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
    5) You majored in Engineering, Computer Science, or Medicine.
    6) No one you're related to is a music major.
    7) When you go to a dance party, you stand close to the wall surrounding the dance floor trying to look cool.
    Cool You feel like you got a good deal if you didn't pay tax.
    9) You always look phone numbers up the Yellow/White page rather than making a 411 call.
    10) You only make long distance calls after 11 pm.
    11) You like the meat well done.
    12) You've joined a CD club at least once.
    13) You avoid motels especially if there is an acquaintance within 250-mile radius of your destination.
    14) You have a box of tissue or a towel in your car.
    15) The car you own is most likely a Camry , Accord or dodge caravan.
    16) When you dine out (very rarely) you think that $1 is a good tip.
    17) You head towards the clearance section as soon as you walk into a store.
    1Cool Your favorite brandname is "IRREGULAR".
    19) A pungent odor of spices hits as soon as someone enters your home.
    20) You call fluoroscent lights "tube lights" and a flashlight a "torch".
    21) When you travel to your country you tie up your luggage with a rope to keep it from opening apart.
    22) You get very upset when the airline agent refuse to accept ur luggage which is just 60 pounds overweight.
    23) You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you a story of how he had to walk two miles barefoot just to get to school.
    24) You call an older person you never met before "uncle".
    25) When your parents meet a stranger and talk for a few minutes, you discover he is your distant cousin



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