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    Cool costumes

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    A black guy and his wife are invited to a fancy dress party. He tells
    wife to go and look for the costumes. That night, when he gets back from
    work, he finds on the bed a SUPERMAN costume. Shouting, he says to his
    wife:"What the HELL is this? When have you ever seen a black
    SUPERMAN ?" The wife is upset and goes back to the shop to exchange it.
    When the husband arrives, on the bed he sees a BATMAN costume and he
    shouts: "You are FLIPPIN mad woman. When have you seen a black
    BATMAN? Go and change it for something better." The wife is now very
    annoyed, she returns the costume and buys various things. On the bed she
    places 3 white buttons, a white belt and a wooden pole. When the
    husband returns and finds the objects on the bed, he says to his wife:
    "Whats this ?"

    The wife responds: " Its so that you can choose your costume: If you
    take off your clothes and stick the buttons to your body you can go as a
    Domino. If you don't like that, you can wear the white belt and go as
    Oreo biscuit. If your still not happy, you can stick the pole up you're
    ass and go as a MAGNUM."



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