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    Default Unplanned Development in Delhi

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    We all would agree that India is still a developing nation with a lot of work needed at the grass root level. A lot is expected from a state, especially if it is the capital of the nation. But, is it so? The ancient city of Delhi where in many emperors and conquerors have written and rewritten history…today, it seems a mishmash of everything! Neither there is a restoration of the old nor does it have the face of the modern India.

    There is one part of the city which is host to all the nation’s bureaucratic houses. This could be considered as one of the most beautiful keeping the serenity of the state alive. But this could be simply considered as dust in the eyes. Known for its wide roads with vegetation all over, it seems as if nothing could be better than Lutyens’ Delhi. We all know that Edwin Lutyens was a genius for creating the Delhi that we know today. Thanks to him, the Indian government has a seat to sit on. After all, the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the famous India Gate are a piece of his imagination.

    No doubt these masterpieces form such a mist in the eyes that the real Delhi is lost in some corner never to be found. For those who have seen the other side of Delhi, they known what I am talking about. The messy roads and streets, people thronging the markets, commercial enterprises in residential areas, illegal constructions – this is one face of the modern India. There are very few areas in this other Delhi where construction has been catered to in a planned manner.

    Having the second largest population in the world, it definitely poses a threat especially when major part of it is illiterate. With such unplanned development on a high in the national capital of India, the nation is attired with major risks that have to be identified and catered to instantly.

    With crowds everywhere, it forms the perfect place for bomb blasts and thus, the loss of lives. This is the biggest threat that the city is facing. Next is the lack of space which obviously leads to illegal construction both for residential as well as commercial purposes. The recent curbs on this issue offer the perfect example of how crowded the city is! With this is the increased number of vehicles. Delhi is supposed to have the highest number of private vehicles in the nation. This makes it for the loss of space for parking. With each house owning a minimum of two cars, jams are not hard to imagine even right outside the house in a residential area.

    And since the clutter of people is everywhere…illegal construction is definitely not out of question. Especially common with the lower sections of the society who do not have any space to live in…and so, comes the concept of illegal electricity as well! Since, these people do not have the means to pay for electricity legally…stealing is the only option.

    On the other hand, there is the upcoming of the high rise residential complexes catering to as many people as possible from the elite. The question is how many of such buildings are actually built keeping in mind the natural calamities which arrive without any prior notice? Even if calamities are kept aside, is it catered to the basic precautions such as pesticide control?

    Another issue of concern is the excessive use of resources as a result of all of the above. These include fuels which is a highly non – renewable source of energy, the consumption of which is slowly increasing. Water is another important source; however, renewable in nature, it might disappear because of the increased pollution that has led to the constant addition of toxins and carbon dioxide leading to ecological imbalance.



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