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    Default True Story of an Indian Expatriate!!

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    As an expatriate I was planning my vacation to India with my family. At the same time one of my friend’s family was coming back from India to renew visa and go back within 2 months. For this short period my friend was searching a family flat.
    I agreed to let him stay with his family, in my flat, as I would be on vacation.
    But due to some company reasons, I couldn’t go on the said date. The next day his family was coming. and I was too much worried about my promise. A matter of Ten days… What should I do?

    My wife said we should go to a rented apartment for 10 days, starting from tomorrow and let them stay in our flat to keep up our promise!! Knowing my situation, even my friend refused, but I told him forcefully that he has to stay at my house.
    At night I got a call from my boss saying that he wants to send a document to India very urgently. The next second my friend called me to inform that he has found a flat for 10 days. The Guy is going tonight for exactly 10 days vacation.
    Thank God…! I replied. Suddenly I remembered about my Boss call. When I checked with my friend…. we found that the Guy is going to the same village that my boss wants to send the document.

    Oh..My..God…! I sent the document with this guy at the same night. My friend stayed 10 days in his flat. After 10 days that Guy came back.
    When the guy came back, I was flying to India. My friend was on the way to my flat….It is an exact true story happened in my life.


    If you break your promise, you will lose Trust, Friendship and God’s support. So keep up your promise, whatever situation it may be and in the end it will be for your benefit.
    ...being a human...



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