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    Default Table-tops, bird hits: Many tricky runways in India

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    Air India Express, Boeing, which not working in Mangalore Saturday swung off the runway after landing miss threshold - a mistake, rarely lead to a crash. In this container, because of runway unusual pattern. Airstrip is located on a flat terrain make a landing test of the pilot's skill. But Mangalore's Bajpe airport is not the only easier said than done one in the country, and experts warn that more such disaster waiting to occur if the booming aviation sector is not keeping up with safety principles.

    Especially the Kozhikode International Airport in Kerala, with its table-top landing strip, and came under the scanner. A flight exceeds the runway of late, but the pilot managed to stop the plane to stop a tragedy.

    The Kozhikode Airport has a 2860 m long landing strip bounded by a heap. It is a valley at the end of the runway in Mangalore. Experts have long demand a 12,000 ft additional room beyond a second ILS. But this has not materialize. "A table-top slot is the only option, given the terrain," says airport G Chandramouli.

    Up north in Bihar, the Mangalore to come to come about in Patna with only 6330 ft by 7500 ft landing strip for hallway. Because of this, airlines are not in service at full load, in particular in summer. Bigger planes just cannot work here. One disaster here would be far worse than Mangalore, since if a plane shoots the runway, it will go down in the settlement. Moreover, the Patna-Delhi rail track parallel to the airport border partition.

    A decade and half after the first international flight took off from Jaipur, the city continue Song Anene airport in service on International Civil Aviation Organization is a provisional license because of failure to meet the standards. The organization is concerned about the airport's nearness to residential area.

    Chandigarh International Airport lacks the necessary facilities and does not meet security requirements without night landing facility. Ahmedabad is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport with 80 aircraft and an average of 5475 passengers a day, is one of the busiest in the country. It reported the highest bird hits in the country mainly due to the slums and vegetation around it, forcing the authorities to install laser guns to fright away the birds.

    In 2009 it reported 24 bird hits. Along with bird hits Nagpur airport has often be in the news for "animals results" because of its nearness to cattle and deer home.



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