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    Default The Story of the London Boy!

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    A boy in London made his living as a sales clerk in a goods store. Everyday he would get up at 5 in the morning to face the same 14 hours of work. He would have to sweep, clean, and work for those 14 hours, all while simultaneously hating it. But one morning he woke and decided he could not take it anymore. He walked 15 miles to his mother’s workplace that morning.

    In his plea to hismother to end his work at the goods store he stated he would kill himself if he had to work any longer. He knew it wasn’t for him, and he hated the work.Following the plea to his mother, he wrote to his old schoolmaster notifying himof his loss of a desire to live. But his schoolmaster did not accept it.

    He gave the boy a little praise, and also notified him that he was surely destined for better things. Not only did he praise him, but he also offered him a job as a teacher. The schoolmaster knew the intelligence of the boy.The praise changed the future of the boy and the future of English Literature.

    That same boy went onto sell innumerable best selling books and made millions of dollars all with his pen.

    That boy’s name was H.G. Wells. (famous writer)


    See how far a little praise can go? How would this story be changed if instead the schoolmaster criticized H.G.Wells? If he verbally attacked the boy for wanting to kill himself?
    Don’t underestimate the power of praise. Even a little praise will surely change someone’s day, but it could also change someone’s life.

    The best way motivate anyone to do the work, is to prais
    ...being a human...

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    u r right............

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    totally agree



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