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    Default Stealing From Dead!!!!!!!!

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    As I was browsing Indian news website , a news titled 'he stole from those who died' garbed my attention. I clicked on the link. It was regarding arrest of a man called Sattar. He was among 12 odd man who had reached the spot where ill fate Air India Express IX-812 had crashed. Hundred and sixty lives were lost in the crash. Before authorities came these 12 odd people under took volunteered rescue act , trying to get bodies out. One of them was Sattar who stole from those who were dead.

    He is accused of stealing jewelery , rings worth of $10,000 (4 Lakh Rupees). Working as bus driver Sattar then tried to sell this jewelery to local jeweler. Local jeweler doubted the source and tipped off the police. Sattar was arrested.

    This news made me remember another similar incident which had happened when my building came down due to earthquake. While many people came to help us out , few got indulged in stealing too. Ironically a person living in opposite building was caught red handed stealing gold from unconscious lady of my building. The person who caught him red handed was laborer who worked for Rs 1500 a month!!!!!!!. Now laborer was stranger while this man knew the lady. Strange and ironical things happen in times of calamities.

    Not only ornaments and cash , things like sarees , gas cylinders , utensils had gone missing.They were not gone missing because of earth quake. We had collected these things and kept on side while we were busy taking dead bodies out and looking for people who were trapped. There were so many people around , shocked , crying , helping that few people stealing went un noticed. Wonder at that point of time money and things were important for people like us. We were in state of shock , grief . Shocked by the earthquake , grieved by loose of life .

    But it did teach us few things.Natural disaster or man made accident have some strange things which happen. Strangers whom one does not know rush in to help while some try to steal , rob and take advantage of the situation.

    It is not just about the people , quiet often in many parts of the world , the authorities and people in government have been accused of mis using relief funds , rehabilitation funds and things which pour in from all across the globe for purpose of helping the victims. It too is form of stealing. Stealing from dead and victims.

    What makes people steal from dead?.Greed takes over?.What is use of money for dead, feel takes over?.May be sattar went to help genuinely but jewelery made his greed take over and he stole? or may be sattar went with that purpose at first place?.

    During riots of any form , there are always people who participate with goal of looting.

    It is shocking to hear that such things happen but in this world there are all types of people. People who care , people who loot , people who help , people who steal , people who love , people who use. Isn't it?.

    Now since sattar has got arrested , kins of those who died would received their belongings back. It won't fill the vacuum created by loose of loved one but at least it might serve some purpose.
    ...being a human...



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