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    What makes life exciting is that one never knows what might come next. The essence of life is that it moves on but what makes journey beautiful is people one comes across. Some stay , some move on while some remain in touch irrespective of city , state or country.

    Before mobile phone became part of almost every life and internet bridged the distance between cities and countries , communication was not easy. People who once part found difficulty to keep in touch. Some did while for most life got busier and people though remembered went out of touch.

    Similar thing happened to me with my friends of school. After finishing my school , I went to another state for completing graduation. I remained in touch with few but some of my female friends got married , went to other states and some how i got out of touch with them.

    Slowly life got busy and friends became part of album. Album which made me smile when I saw pics of my past. The memories remained fresh , the joy , the laughter , the fun all remained intact but people in pic were somehow lost.

    One of my friend came on vacation from usa. He somehow managed to get my email id and contacted me. He came up with idea of having get together of school fellows. I excitedly agreed since I was in touch with hardly 4-5 people from school. I got in touch with most of college guys due to facebook and orkut but school people were still not in touch.

    One after another we started establishing contact with school guys and finally managed to have get together. What a evening

    that was , one of most memorable , one of most exciting and one of most refreshing in so many years.

    Most people had got married and had come with their husbands/wives as well as children. Some were working as entrepreneurs, some doing job , some were looking older than their age , some younger than their age. It was back to school days and life is always fun in school.

    The evening was going on nicely when I saw a strikingly beautiful lady entering the party with her man. Well I used to have crush on her during my school days. Beautiful , elegant and among rankers. I never had guts to approach her during those days and when I had developed enough confidence , I could not find her!!!!!!

    I approached the couple with smile and said courteous hello to the couple. The lady did recognized me immediately (had to , after all i did spent most of time in my school ,trying to capture her glimpse) , she then introduced me to her husband . The introduction line was that he was my classmate and used to like me. I was surprised by the introduction and asked her that she knew it?. She replied all girls knew it and we were waiting to see whether you would approach me or not. I joked that it is better late than never. We chatted for few minutes before I excused myself.

    Oh boy, I should have approached her , may be she would have refused me but at least I should have had that guts. But that was 16 years back and I used to be shy person at that time. I wondered how would she have had reacted to my approach then?. If she would have refused me then , how would have she introduced me now to her husband. 'He was my classmate and had proposed me but I rejected him' .Well doesn't sound too bad because possibility of accepting proposal was 50% , same as rejecting!!!!!

    Anyways then I met few more people , exchanged cards , had dinner and bid good bye to all. I specifically said good bye to the lady and her husband.

    Going back to home was like traveling to memory lane in my brain. The laughter , the school teacher , the mischief all memories were coming back to mind. While I was in my thoughts, my mobile started ringing , it was my client who had called to postpone meeting by an hour ,meeting which was scheduled for next day. I came back to present with that call and wondered why did we leave school at first place!!!!!!

    Life moves on but I am glad to have got back in touch with people with whom I shared some of most wonderful days of my life. We formed school group on social networking site , collected money for the group and pledged to have such get togethers every quarter. I am looking forward to another outing in couple of months.



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