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    Default Who Should Pay For University -- Parents Or Kids?

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    Imagine this: you are finishing high school and looking foward to a bright future. You've done everything you should: maintained good grades, volunteered in the community, worked during summers to get job experience. You have no doubts that you will get into the university or college of your choice and may even receive a scholarship. question remains--who is going to pay for your tuition and living expenses, you or your parents?

    The average cost of a university undergraduate education for students living away from home ranges from between $50 000 and $76 000. If you are lucky enough to live rent-free with your parents or family during those years, it will cost significantly less; however, one way or another, if post-secondary studies are what you're going for, you will be shelling out some serious coin.

    Student loans and scholarships help, but only so much. Even if they cover your tuition costs, you are still going to need to find a way to cover your living expenses while at school. Which brings us back to the question at hand: assuming that your parents can afford to help you, should they? Or is it better for you to pay your own way, even if it takes a lot of struggle to get there?

    Supporters of the "pay your own way" approach, both parents and kids, say that making kids pay for university themselves teaches them self-reliance and helps ensure that they will appreciate their education all the more. It also forces kids to learn how to budget their money, increases their confidence levels and helps them mature into responsible adults.

    Supporters of the "parents should pay" approach often see providing children with an education as part of responsible parenting, one of the obligations a person takes when they decide to become a parent. As a parent, they believe, your job is to prepare your child to succeed in the world, and providing a good education is part of that. In fact, the assumption in our society that parents should help pay is so strong that if a student applies for a student loan, the loan people look at how much their parents make when deciding whether or not to approve the loan. If your parents make a lot of money, you don't get a loan--whether they are helping you out or not.

    So what do you think? Should students pay their own way, even at the risk of not being able to finish their studies? Or should parents give them a hand if they can afford to, to help smooth their childrens' transition into the 'real' world, at the risk of making kids 'soft'?

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    Well I mean there is something called financial aid which some people get but as for the pay I guess you can divide that between parents and children if needed to do so. The children get a sense of responsibility but with the sense there is someone to depend on. I mean will they be worrying about thei studies or how they are going to pay for them? As long as dedication in studies is there both parents and child can work out the money problem.
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